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Husband ✅ by kim0986
Husband ✅by Kim
Marriage Isn't a word its a responsibility . When two man got married without knowing eachother. Lets see how they walk together in the road of love, pain, argument...
Professor jeon• KV by kookv_bear_
Professor jeon• KVby daddykoo
"do you love me or your wife?"-taehyung - Topkook Bottomtae - Slow updates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Read if you want and leave if you don't wanna but i suggest you to leave...
Confession|Taekook by LoveAnnie_7
Confession|Taekookby Annie
A Taekook canon au, where: A fan sees a twitter thread on taekook and comments, "I wish I had what they have, whatever it is, they just look so happy together.&quo...
TAEKOOK ONESHORTS by taekook12098
TAEKOOK ONESHORTSby purple butterfly
some Taekook one shorts. Little bit smut angust lots of love Switch top Mostly bottom taehyung top kook
Hurt | Taekook✅ by taekook_unmyeong
Hurt | Taekook✅by Jeonconda loves taebooty
"I miss you,kook" "I hate you,Kim Taehyung In which Taehyung left his boyfriend Jungkook but what will happen when they meet after two years? mafia au top...
bodyguard's obsession by taekooksim
bodyguard's obsessionby addicted
hyung-g please let me go......what you're doing is not right" "no I can't you'll go back to your so called boyfriend.....I don't want him to take you away fr...
My Father's secretary by PraveenMishra0
My Father's secretaryby ...
Jeon Jaehyung, The South Korean business tycoon and CEO of Jeon Aperal, a famous name in the industry known for introducing new trends and best designs.Jeon Jaehyung who...
The Fault In Romance by godchimi
The Fault In Romanceby ♡˗ˏ ⊱
a dating app. where taehyung has never had luck when it comes to any relationships in his life. so he leads towards a dating app, mine. he never told anyone about him be...
CEO & SPY by taekook12098
CEO & SPYby purple butterfly
the cold hearted ceo fall in love with his spy. Journalist taehyung and ceo jungkook
Ceo Jeon's Little by CammyLub
Ceo Jeon's Littleby Cammy
Ceo Jeon being a single dad who is not interested in a relationship meets the cute little..... It's a vkook ff *completed* The story contains: 🤬 swearing 🏳️‍🌈 boy×...
Just Fall In Love With Little Things by thepinkpanther5522
Just Fall In Love With Little Devilsdelight2255
Kim Taehyung - a simple, cute and shy boy. Very understanding and mature for his age Jeon Jungkook - a little (mental age- 6years) . Bratty , cute and stubborn. So Jungk...
SINNERS by taekook12098
SINNERSby purple butterfly
killer of night - the ruler who killed filthy persons who tried to rape taehyung a fragile boy. no one know who is the killer of night. taehyung have a best friend named...
The opera Phantom (VHope) ~Hiatus~  by Vone_Vi
The opera Phantom (VHope) ~Hiatus~ by Yona
Taehyung is the "Princess" of Seoul who is interested in art and theater. When attending a show, he felt like he was being watched and he was by Phantom. One t...
the way to your heart by tataloveskooky
the way to your heartby jannat
Let's see in the story. Taekook version of "dyar e dil" by "farhat ishtiaq". You are gonna love it.
The boy made with petal (TAEKOOK X VGUKK) by RulipenwiththeBieber
The boy made with petal (TAEKOOK Rulipen- with the Bieber Hd.
bxb fluf smat strong languages THIS IS A IMAGINARY STORY. carecter is if you are uncomfortable then leave #bottomtae #bottomv #topkook #topgukk also taex...
instagram | taekook [on hold]  by yhggukie
instagram | taekook [on hold] by jj [hiatus]
[ Read "Introduction" carefully. ] › Short chapters ★ "How come we have the exact same friends but never knew each other?" Taehyung turns around as...
The Crazy Mafia Queen by sweety597
The Crazy Mafia Queenby broken Cinderella
Mad love were everyone are behind the queen of mafia
my professor husband (top kook) by amourtaekook
my professor husband (top kook)by Taekook is love! ( ◜‿◝ )
Hi Guys.. i am a new author and its my first time writing any fanfiction.🥺 so maybe there some mistakes as english is not my first please co-operate!🙏 Dis...
taekook | boy in luv by babybearkth
taekook | boy in luvby 💗💫
Jungkook works in a ice cream shop. A new boy in town makes a stop at the shop to purchase ice cream for a little boy that he was baby sitting. Jungkook never really bel...