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I Dream of You | ✔️ by Lauren_Chow
I Dream of You | ✔️by Lauren
HIGHEST RANK: #18 in Adventure (5/23/17) Rochelle Smith is trapped. Kidnapped and forced to be with the person she despises, she wishes to be free from him and find her...
Kidnapped by LazerSky
Kidnappedby LazerSky
Leila, A 16 year old girl has a struggling life as it is and she thinks it can't be any worse, but all things turn when her family goes missing and she gets kidnapped by...
Bound by FireWoman74
Boundby FireWoman74
He's searched for the right one for years...his patience growing thinner as each passing day goes by...the right one, the one he can sell the lie to, until it is too lat...
The game by Fortnit3Fan
The gameby Fortnit3Fan
Hana and Natalie enjoy some bondage games
Blood-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book I ] by MinaParkes
Blood-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
A LINE UNBROKEN. A TRUTH UNSPOKEN. Born into wealth and privilege as the niece of an emperor, Starborn Lady Mhera never dreamt that tragedy would shatter her world. But...
Roll into a complex story of Love, hate, fear, ego, unwantedness, possessiveness, lack of interest, and trust. Wassal Ali Kadar. With a gaze that commands attention and...
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book II ] by MinaParkes
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
THE STARS HAVE FALLEN. Return to the Holy City in the sequel to Blood-Bound. **Warning** Spoilers follow for those who have not read Blood-Bound! Check out the first boo...
Lucius by ChastityKarma
Luciusby Chastity Karma
Delythena is an alpha's daughter. She's a great warrior and also very stubborn. She's not one to run down a mate [cause let's be honest, women don't really need men]. An...
The Blood Bracelets #1: Blood Bound by SJ_Holder
The Blood Bracelets #1: Blood Boundby Stephanie Holder
Taryn Nyte has always walked the streets without a worry, and she has always slept through the worst of nightmares - until now. Kidnapped in the City of Melbourne by d...
/*From this life to the next*/ Isekai fem reader x Yandere tbhk by 11kitsune11demon11
/*From this life to the next*/ 11kitsune11demon11
(Y/n) (l/n) was a normal (y/a) girl. Obsessed with mangas' , invested in 'toilet bound hanako kun'. But it all ended the day she died. And woke up again , in the world o...
Honor-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book III ] by MinaParkes
Honor-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
BLOOD IS POWER. The Blood-Bound Sovereigns, Matei and Mhera, have been leading the Penruan Empire as best as they can since the Arcborn Rebellion shattered it half a dec...
Crimson Threads [Sephiroth X Reader] by Asimpatheart
Crimson Threads [Sephiroth X ❣️
. . A story about how you met Sephiroth and how you get to know him🪷 I hope you enjoy! <3 #Nr.1 in Sephirothxreader Art by: iacediai
Bound By The Heart Scooby Doo And Kiss Rock N Roll Mystery Spaceman X OC Alexis by destinycopley134
Bound By The Heart Scooby Doo Destinycopley123
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
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✦✰Connected Stars✰✦ (Yugi Amane X Reader)  by fantasy_harrypotter
✦✰Connected Stars✰✦ (Yugi Amane Rachel•Yugi
Amane Yugi and y/n Hiroshima. Y/n became friends with Yugi and ever since she friended him. He fell head over heals for her. And so did she. Y/n LOVED astronomy like Ama...
Twisted Fate by LunaSeer
Twisted Fateby Dani B
Seraphina, a Half-Fae raised by humans is hunted to the border of Lyaria, the realm of Fae and their rulers, the Five Fae Lord's. In her escape, she stumbles into one o...
Hey Baby by giveme1hug
Hey Babyby Yourlocalidiot
"I'm not psycho, you're just sane" *HIGHEST RANKINGS* #1 in benkrotv #1 in damiar #1 in benkro #1 in psycho #1 in insane #1 in calebfinn • • • • • • Damiar swe...
[🦑] '' found the place '' || tsukasa y. by sikeeynowrite
[🦑] '' found the place '' || 🌿 lucas 🌸 (hiatus)
:-- COMPLETED: found the place :-- Project 527 :-- Broken Machine // BATCH 2 ▾ // 143/381: VOLUME 5 ▾ // FANFICITION: VOLUME 3 ▾ // FOUND THE PLACE: VOLUME 1 ><>...
Trapped in a Spider's Web (Naraku x Reader) by Flakes1215
Trapped in a Spider's Web ( barrelracer 1215
Naraku x Reader ~ (Y/n) was a somewhat mysterious character.. She's a pure blood spider demon. One that started out pure somehow. She once acted as a priestess until her...
Isabella's Mistake by ScottGrisham
Isabella's Mistakeby Scott Grisham
Isabella Rodriguez makes a naive decision in letting her students do whatever they want.
Ash's lost father by Fortnit3Fan
Ash's lost fatherby Fortnit3Fan
Ash finally meets his father. Set during Journeys. Features Ash x Goh shipping.