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The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader) by Fera_The_Fae111
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader)by Fera
You, (y/n), are the younger sister of the Mario Brothers. The one who's never remembered. The one that has their good deeds taken by your brothers because they're the fa...
The Dryad's Loyalty by imagobin
The Dryad's Loyaltyby Just a being
Bowser x OC fanfiction. Hazel is a lone dryad who's lived in complete isolation their entire life... what happens then, when a Koopa King comes crashing down in their fo...
When you find the love - Bowser x OC princess by FearsomeSamurai45657
When you find the love - Bowser FearsomeSamurai45657
Ruling alongside her twin Peach and father. Rubina was very different with her ruby red hair and teal eyes said so. Rubina isn't so loved like her twin and she mostly ha...
The Queen of the Dark Lands by unseasonedcat
The Queen of the Dark Landsby Iron Cheeks
Bowser The King over the Dark Lands, leader of the Koopa, and sworn enemy of the Mario brothers. Bellflower The clever younger sister of the Mario brothers. Both are ver...
My prisoner (A bowuigi fanfic) by Petite_Writee
My prisoner (A bowuigi fanfic)by Petite_Writee
Writer note: I just had to join into the bowuigi hype. I may or may not love it. ;) #bowuigi #luigi #bowser I'm really busy so I'll have to delay a lot of my writing. S...
My King~ A Bowser x Male Reader FanFic by lemonboy99
My King~ A Bowser x Male Reader Ash Nozeda
This is basically a Beauty and the Beast AU, Quick Rundown your the second in line for the throne of Mushroom Kingdom and then you get kidnapped by bowser by accident wh...
Loved by the Koopa King [BowserXReader] by TurdNugget5000
Loved by the Koopa King [ Cacahead555
Princess peach has ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom for many years. Occasionally Mario and Luigi would have to step in to clean up a few mishaps, but in general, it was a...
The One and Only Me {On Hold} by Mystic_Ocean_09
The One and Only Me {On Hold}by Dani Dorito
All his life, Luigi knew he was different from his brother. What he wasn't actually a he? What if he was actually a 'SHE'? How will 'her' brother and friends feel? What'...
Let's-A-Go!! (Super Mario Bros Movie Luigi x Gender Neutral Reader) by Psycho_Bacon31
Let's-A-Go!! (Super Mario Bros Psycho_Bacon31
Like all the other times, I'm gonna warn you all. I am very dyslexic so words our bound to be messy or misplaced. So I'm sorry I'm advance!! Updates will be whenever I d...
The Koopa King and His Baker by dragonlady405
The Koopa King and His Bakerby The lady of the dragons
A young girl by the name of Jacklynn opens a bakery and on the opening day runs into trouble with the Koopa King. Read more to find out what happens. This is completely...
Fake-Out • A Bowuigi Fanfiction • by literally_bored
Fake-Out • A Bowuigi Fanfiction •by homo
Luigi has a secret. A big secret. He's in love with a guy. Even worse, it's his brothers arch-enemy. But, he has a plan. A stupid one, but still a plan. And who better t...
ꀤꈤꎇꍏ꓄ꀎꍏ꓄ꀤꂦꈤ by Zayn_6776
ꀤꈤꎇꍏ꓄ꀎꍏ꓄ꀤꂦꈤby Montimer
Infatuation: A feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for, admiration for, or interest in someone or something. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°...
Not What I Expected (Bowser x reader) by ShadeHall3
Not What I Expected (Bowser x Shade
After being exiled from the mushroom kingdom after a failed assassination attempt on princess peach, y/n travels over to Bowser castle seeking asylum, expecting to be ei...
Bowser's brother Male Reader X super mario bros by nightmarebon
Bowser's brother Male Reader X Zorin_Saiyan3
what would had happen if Bowser had a brother but he was different than his being much more smarter and trains his army's let's ring out. (p.s this has nothing gay in it...
Movie bowser x reader  by hannathecartoonlover
Movie bowser x reader by hannathecartoonlover
Sooooo I watched the new Mario movie was actually good * SPOILER if you haven't watched it PLEASE DO anyways this is basically the movie but with a reader insert
Hot Sauce and Green Beans by 0ThatGayFriend0
Hot Sauce and Green Beansby That Gay Friend
MANY spelling mistakes, god awful writing, and gayness. Everything you could want in a fanfic! Please enjoy this goofy story that I usually write at like 12am
"I did it for you....Y/N" - Movie! Luigi x Reader by xiaoxshyla
"I did it for you....Y/N" - Xiao x Shyla
Y/N had just moved to Brooklyn and was struggling to adjust to her new life. She had always been a fan of the Super Mario Bros, so when she stumbled upon their plumbing...
Duality (Luigi x Reader) by MaraCringe
Duality (Luigi x Reader)by MaraCringe
What if Bowser adopted a human child? What if that human was you? You desperately try to become experienced enough to help with your fathers cause against the Mushroom K...
A strange Love [Bowuigi Fanfiction] by Ink_Is_Everywhere
A strange Love [Bowuigi Fanfiction]by Kinky Inky
Art not by me Made by: @Jaess_jinx on twitter (All characters that belong to Super Mario/ Nitendo are not mine and are created by them.) A love story between a monster a...
Firestarter (SMBmovie! Bowser x fem!reader) by lgperkins2
Firestarter (SMBmovie! Bowser x HAPPY PRIDE 🎉
Y/n L/n, or better known as Princess L/n, was Princess Peach's sister, living and ruling alongside her in the Mushroom Kingdom. But one day an evil force threatens the K...