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The Dryad's Loyalty by imagobin
The Dryad's Loyaltyby Spade
Bowser x OC fanfiction. Hazel is a lone dryad who's lived in complete isolation their entire life... what happens then, when a Koopa King comes crashing down in their fo...
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader) by Strawberry_Crush514
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader)by Sierra
You, (y/n), are the younger sister of the Mario Brothers. The one who's never remembered. The one that has their good deeds taken by your brothers because they're the fa...
Bowser's Wife| Bowser x Reader Love Story by thriller5
Bowser's Wife| Bowser x Reader ⭐🌈⭐𝙽𝚒𝚗𝚊⭐🌈⭐
Mario and Luigi are starting a business called "The Plumber Brothers." They even had a little sister name Y/N that dreams of becoming a dancer, but things go d...
The Super Mario Bros. Movie:Bowser love story  by StephanieNolmans
The Super Mario Bros. Stephanie Nolmans
Lilly is the adopted little sister of Mario and Luigi.
Sing for me {SMB BowserxOC} by VendettaPrimus-EN
Sing for me {SMB BowserxOC}by VendettaPrimus-EN
After his defeat, Bowser ponders the meaning of his existence. Until he hears this voice... That will change his outlook on life. True love is not always what you think...
Loved by the Koopa King [BowserXReader] by TurdNugget5000
Loved by the Koopa King [ Cacahead555
Princess peach has ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom for many years. Occasionally Mario and Luigi would have to step in to clean up a few mishaps, but in general, it was a...
Green isn't Always Good by Night1718
Green isn't Always Goodby Night
Luigi has slowly started to get fed up with everyone treating him like shit or acting like he doesn't exist. Though the last straw is finally pulled when his brother dec...
Fake-Out • A Bowuigi Fanfiction • by literally_bored
Fake-Out • A Bowuigi Fanfiction •by
Luigi has a secret. A big secret. He's in love with a guy. Even worse, it's his brothers arch-enemy. But, he has a plan. A stupid one, but still a plan. And who better t...
The New Monarch (Human! Bowser X Reader) by Aninayrt2
The New Monarch (Human! Bowser X Aninayrt2
(F/n) leads a peaceful and calm life in the Mushroom Kingdom and shares a strong bond of friendship with the noble Princess Peach. Though, (F/n) has a unique fascination...
Never mess with a mother. (Bowser x oc) by AnimeNekoGirl13
Never mess with a mother. ( Neko-chan.
Moving away from her ex girlfriend Karen Nightwing with her 7 year old daughter Suzu. End up in Brooklyn. When Karen's ex comes to Brooklyn to do harm the mother and dau...
Mario Characters X Reader One Shots by Pikminfan
Mario Characters X Reader One Shotsby Megan
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the story ideas!! Basically it's one shots of the Mario Characters and the Reader AKA You!!
Promises of Love || (Bowuigi) by SuperGamerGirl_
Promises of Love || (Bowuigi)by Super Gamer Girl
When Luigi is stranded on an adventure, he is taken in by none other than Bowser, who treats him with love and respect. Over time, their relationship grows into somethin...
The Queen of the Dark Lands by unseasonedcat
The Queen of the Dark Landsby Iron Cheeks
Bowser The King over the Dark Lands, leader of the Koopa, and sworn enemy of the Mario brothers. Bellflower The clever younger sister of the Mario brothers. Both are ver...
Top Secret Operation: Get Bowser A Husband! by ithaspotential
Top Secret Operation: Get Bowser Ithaspotential
Finding it pathetic his dad keeps kidnapping Peach, Junior decides to take matters into his own hands. That Luigi is perfect for.
I will be noticed. ( a Bowser x Luigi story) by kaydentik
I will be noticed. ( a Bowser x Kayden
this is about a person, Luigi that's in his own brothers shadow most of the time. he's usually scared or at home so nobody notices him. watch as the story unrolls into a...
The King's Flower (Bowser X Female!Reader) by Derpy_Toon_Girl
The King's Flower (Bowser X DerpyTheFanfictionGirl
After 3 months of being imprisoned in Princess Peach's Kingdom, Bowser's love for her was growing thin and he wanted out of his confinement. With the help from his hench...
Fruits of Labor (Mario Movie x Male Reader) by DarkRaptor2006_YT
Fruits of Labor (Mario Movie x Raptor
Hope you enjoy my spin on the Super Mario Movie
🍄Is It Too Late To Say Goodbye...?🍄 by SuperDanielaSisters
🍄Is It Too Late To Say Super Daniela Sisters
(Yandere! Various! The Super Mario Bros. Movie x Female! Human! Reader) Y/N is a fan of Super Mario. Until she found a DVD of Super Mario. After putting the DVD in, she...
Y/N and the Koopalings! by alecloveshimself
Y/N and the Koopalings!by alecloveshimself
[Y/N] was a teenager whose parents didn't care about them, and their siblings often blamed him/her for their misbehaviour; nonetheless, their parents always stepped in a...