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𝐒𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐒|| 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐀 𝐃𝐄 𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐕𝐀 by Leigh-Anne_Roses
𝐒𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐒- For as long as she could remember Delilah Manchester knew for a fact love most definitely wasn't her thing and she vowed to never fall in love, until she m...
REFLECTIONS | danger force { kels.
" WE WERE TOO CLOSE TO THE STARS, I NEVER KNEW SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, SOMEBODY. " in which veronica page joins the danger force after the whole drex drama, and she...
Danger Force with my OC by Wewantthecake
Danger Force with my OCby Chocolate Cake
Alanna is Chapa's little sister. this is basically Danger Force but with my OC... I also might make another story about oneshots with her... enjoy! I do not own any char...
Bapa Book 1 (Danger Force FanFic) by Danger2019
Bapa Book 1 (Danger Force FanFic)by Danger Nerd
Chapa has an alcoholic evil father that abuses her and goes through depression. Bose catches feelings for Chapa then ask Mika & Miles to help him. (Children are 13) Star...
Bapa Oneshots by Luvmylipgloss719
Bapa Oneshotsby Audrey Van-pelt
Rules-Bapa only!!!(Luhavan too💅✨) Bomika makes me cringe( Sorry if this offends you 😭😭) Description-The title says it all(Just cute oneshots of Bapa because I got inf...
Bapa Book 2 (Danger Force FanFic) by Danger2019
Bapa Book 2 (Danger Force FanFic)by Danger Nerd
It's been 3 years since Chapa's father was taken to prison, and she's still recovering from her tragic past, but she has friends and her boyfriend to help. But a certain...
Chapa's Danger  by RiiLynnn
Chapa's Danger by
Chapa's mom died in a car accident when she was 8 years old, around 2 years or so later, her dad remarried. Chapa didn't really care or think much of it until her dad we...
Bapa Book 3 (Danger Force FanFic) by Danger2019
Bapa Book 3 (Danger Force FanFic)by Danger Nerd
Chapa is getting better physically and mentally, but her abusive father is still on the streets of Swellview, so Danger Force must find a way to stop him once & for all...
bapa: indefatigable love  by bellaastori3s
bapa: indefatigable love by Bella <3
Bose and Chapa just met each other, and Bose already caught feelings for her. When Bose finds out the truth about Chapa, they'll only become closer. How will their love...
1,000 Riddles ✔️ by bostonterrier007
1,000 Riddles ✔️by A. Chase
Ready to think hard? These riddles (and an occasional joke) will test your logic skills. *Disclaimer: these riddles are not mine (except #200) [ 06.19.2018 #1 in brainst...
Bapa oneshots :) by Ladysmashbug
Bapa oneshots :)by Fart
Okay maybe some will end up being like a 2 or 3 part but am not sure yet- ill do my best to update as much as i can! English is NOT my first language, please dont mind s...
A collection of mini Bapa fanfics (And One-shots) by NaniNossi
A collection of mini Bapa Nani Nossi
This is a collection of mini Bapa fanfics, not mini moments. There will be a lot of funny and cute stuff, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!)
Double-Chapa (Danger Force) by DangerForceChapa123
Double-Chapa (Danger Force)by Danger Force Chapa
What if Chapa has a twin. I only own Other Chapa. I changed the Chapa age to 8 for no reason. 2024.2.1 #3 in Chapa 2024.2.29 #3 in Volt
Nickelodeon and Disney Channel One Shots by dancergirl83
Nickelodeon and Disney Channel dancergirl83
A collection of one shots from Henry Danger, Danger Force, The Thundermans, and The Villains of Valley View. These focus on Henry Hart, Bose O'Brien, Max Thunderman, and...
Brainstorm x y/n (pt2) by HDFismylife
Brainstorm x y/n (pt2)by Amanda Costa
This is a part 2 of the other story!! Go see part 1 for the details.
Bapa Incorrect Quotes ♡ by bananapeel67
Bapa Incorrect Quotes ♡by ●.●
i hope you'll enjoy it :)
What Is This Feeling? (Chapa X Reader) (DISCONTINUED) by itiskatiehenza
What Is This Feeling? (Chapa X KatieHenza
Y/n is Chapas best friend (@TropicAl_Essy had the idea before me so the credit goes to her) and her power is singing. She has had this feeling about liking her best fri...
Thoughts of you. by localredhairedone
Thoughts of Miss Manchester
¨Schwoz we have a little problem dude...¨ These words were spoken, And it changed everything... I own no characters except Athena!!!