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[ LIFE IS ECSTASY ] + m.yg by TheNiorun
[ LIFE IS ECSTASY ] + m.ygby Niorun🌙
❝ Life is a daily oscillation between revolt and submission. ❞ In a society where Hybrids were still rejected and discriminated, a young male Hybrid was on the run to h...
tasteful by JillHigdon
tastefulby Jill Higdon
In a world not like ours, vampires, half breeds and other magical beings roam the surface. they all co existence with humans has been established by the purity of strict...
Horse Breeds by bunnysarecute09
Horse Breedsby please leave
This is a book about Horse Breeds, feel free to comment about any horse breed :)
Dog Facts |completed| by PunkEmoKitten
Dog Facts |completed|by Kyara
This book is for the lovely dog lovers and for People who want to read some Facts about dogs. ! I Found these Facts on the internet so if one is not right, comment and...
Dog rp by Valdaysha12
Dog rpby Daysha
If there is no picture for the cover it's because I could not find one
Horse breeds by kenzie_mds
Horse breedsby Kenzie
This book has some but not all of the horse breeds in it.(my fav horse breeds) Please vote if you love horses to!!
Vampire Skittles by Kinzin12
Vampire Skittlesby Kierra 1st
(This is how you say her name)=L-e-ze-v-ya, Eleezeeva is a half vampire torn between the choice of being a human or vampire her insticnts telling her to kill while her...
DOG BREEDS by cottoncandy1738
Find out what breed you dog is. Also find out information that you never knew about your lovable pooch.
Dragonvale Guide by tinyfox14
Dragonvale Guideby tinyfox14
This is an UNOFFICIAL guide to dragonvale. All rights reserved to the company of dragonvale, any images used, and websites I used.
Dog breeds [Finished] by Puppyest
Dog breeds [Finished]by Puppyest
....thanks Lily :D also, I know a bit more, I just don't feel like it.
forbidden colors ✦ jimin by guccicarat
forbidden colors ✦ jiminby nellz
A legend said that a prince and princess of the two breeds of angels will meet and make their kingdoms one. But Jasmine did not think out of all the princesses in the pa...
.All Types Of Cat Breeds, Big And Small. by X2Nathan2X
.All Types Of Cat Breeds, Big John Volkov.
This isn't exactly a story, but a fact book! So if you're ever wondering about what type of breed of cat to get, this book will have it all! (Well..Maybe not all) Possib...
Top 8 Dog Breeds for  Families and Kids by Petcareclub
Top 8 Dog Breeds for Families Petcareclub
Dogs are more than pets; they are family. A dog teaches us so many things - loyalty, compassion, forgiveness and most important of all, unconditional love
All Started With 50 Dollars by TheWriterWhoWanted
All Started With 50 Dollarsby nopw
Kassigo is a realm, where animals and humans live more collectively, people can make there own space, travel there train there and live there. Wome people live they're...
A Book of Chickens by -causewhynot-
A Book of Chickensby -
This book is a chicken lovers dream, every update a breed profile, or quiz, a joke, or helpful information. If you have any questions, just Ask! I'll try to put it in...
Dogs 101 by Wolfspirit04
Dogs 101by Alyssa
Almost all of us wanted a dog at one point in our life. Sometimes you know exactly what breed you want! Sometimes you don't. This book will talk about all different type...