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Pierce by MadelaineKimberly27
Pierceby Madelaine Kimberly
She's been in love with him since middle school. He's been in love with her since high school. But they would never do anything about their feelings for each other and...
Wait forever by Courtenay314
Wait foreverby Cortlk
"Tate, you know the things I would do to you if your brother wasn't sitting right there?" I ask Tate with a smirk growing on my lips as I watch her start to fi...
Brothers best friend by jaylor_cornelia
Brothers best friendby cornellia street
Taylor Torres comes back to her hometown, Arlington, Virgina, after a year in a program in florida. Junior year is starting, and she has a hard time adjusting back to li...
Unexpected Love  by sexylifestyle
Unexpected Love by Ky
Melanie Ramon is all done with school and ready to be out for summer. The only problem is her older brother's coming home from college. Which could make doing whatever...
Anger Issues-Gareth Emerson  by HannahAllen873
Anger Issues-Gareth Emerson by 86’baby!!
I'm Evelyn Munson! 10th grader at Hawkins's High and the freak of my grade. Eddie Munson, my brother is my best friend and a senior here(he's got held back a few times)...
Cowboy Take Me Away by jadensangels
Cowboy Take Me Awayby Madison Paige
Kennedy Rollins returns home after being gone for 2 years years. Her twin brother, Jackson, has been home for a year after being stepped on by a bull. They traveled ever...
Brothers bestfriend \ bryce Parker  by lexisthebest50
Brothers bestfriend \ bryce Parker by Lexi
Anna day, Jacob days twin sister meets his friends and just read what happens;)
instagram//NSB Regie by AnnaBroome91
instagram//NSB Regieby AnnaBroome91
in which a girl gets hurt by her boyfriend and she falls in love with a guy who just so happens to be famous........
He by Pizzalugimario
Heby Pizzalugimario
After leaving her past life behind, it seems as though Summer can't quite shake it. And as the very past she ran from turns up at her doorstep, she is forced to make a c...
PULSE by ShantoyaBrown0
PULSEby Shantoya Brown
When Ivy lost her twin brother, she thought that she would never get the opportunity to be alone but she was wrong. Her friends didn't even notice, though that's not wha...
If That's All There Is by Yiolaur
If That's All There Isby Yiolaur
When Audra Wilkes returns to her childhood home after ten years, she doesn't expect to wake up next to Jamie 'Jay' Halston. Five years younger than her and her little b...
Fall Is Beautiful  by MsUlian
Fall Is Beautiful by Ulian
My parents were stationed up at the Partevia base, or P1 base, where I had been born and raised. Father was a high ranking officer, once. He was greatly respected among...
Him and I | Bakugou Katsuki by gguk_ana
Him and I | Bakugou Katsukiby Ana
!! My Hero Academia character x oc (modern world au). The art (book cover) belongs to bnha.mhaships on Instagram. I took the photo from Pinterest from navrozavr After...
little mccall || stiles stilinski by hezzyturner
little mccall || stiles stilinskiby heather
(This story follows the Teen Wolf plotline. Starts season 3A) Bella McCall has always been close with her brother, Scott. When Scott turns into a werewolf, he avoids his...
The first sneeze of the season by Duckqueen77
The first sneeze of the seasonby Emily Doofenshmirtz
Darwin wakes up with a cold and misses school, but eventually, Gumball catches it.
IF ONLY by cuminmoi
IF ONLYby Delle
IN WHICH ➝ her older brother's bestfriend can't leave her alone. Vinnie Hacker x OC
rishtey  by tammana25
rishtey by Urvashi Unadkat
story about family which broken deu to conservative mind set of elders year after elders wanted to mend things for love and affection will they able to do this will the...
If only he loved me back  by perfxctxrichxrds
If only he loved me back by perfxct.richxrds
In which Y/n goes to stay with her older brother Bryce and falls in love with one of his best friends
J.D Sister | Y/n Dean | by Venom_2022
J.D Sister | Y/n Dean |by Venom_2022
Your Jason Dean little sister only by a year and you just moved to Westerburg high in Ohio. He is very overprotective of you and will stand up for you and fight for you...