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Sorin, a small fragile boy who has been through the worst of the worst. He has never been loved by his family, neglecting him throughout his life. Sorin only wanted noth...
gay oneshot's  by gothbat27
gay oneshot's by gothbat27
This book may be shit but it's gay shit so read if you like that🏳️‍🌈
With Out Him(BxB) by dansomniac
With Out Him(BxB)by 💖CAT QUEEN💖
Brothers Felix and Avery haven't been together for 4 years. When they were 13 and 15 their parent divorced,Avery going with his mom while Feilx with his farther. When Av...
A Twisted Kind Of Love  by moviestarplanetgirl1
A Twisted Kind Of Love by moviestarplanetgirl1
Sequel to A Different Kind Of Love "This is wrong Lucien..." I moaned as he kissed my neck gently nipping at it. I tried to push him away but that only added...
Boyxboy Smut Oneshots  by Princess45795
Boyxboy Smut Oneshots by Kathleen
These are oneshots between two boys. Some will be incest. Incest: ❤️😎
Brothers? Or Lovers? Incest by YouTubergirllol
Brothers? Or Lovers? Incestby XxRainXD
So I decided to do a brother x brother relationship.I hope you enjoy it!
Together again  by QueenbeeZ02
Together again by QueenbeeZ
I've been waiting for this moment from 14 years old when my brother left. He was the only one i could talk to he is only 2 years older than me. I am now 18. I packed my...
Corey and Capron funk one-shots by TaeHall950
Corey and Capron funk one-shotsby Tae Hall
its what the title says XXXXX if you don't like gay or brotherxbrother then don't read
Savanah (A Highschool Drama/Romance) by MissAshleighDre
Savanah (A Highschool Drama/ MissAshleighDre
Meet Savanah! Her life is pretty simple, or so that's how it looks from an outside point of View. Go to school, Hang out with friends, You know your everyday life of a...
Bullied By My Brother And His Friends (Hayes Grier Story) (COMPLETED) by _Magcon1DPlz
Bullied By My Brother And His Bottom Louis
Nash and his friends (Carter Cameron Shawn Aron Matt Taylor Jack And Jack) Bully Hayes. But at home Nash ignores Hayes and beats him up when his parents are not home an...
Intoxicating by TheAlaskanHybrid
Intoxicatingby TheAlaskanHybrid
High school is rough enough for Keith but after grabbing the attention of a certain pretty boy, Lance, things start getting weirder. What's Lance's obsession with Keith...
Ducktales:Dewey vs Evil Louie  by KimberlyVz2448
Ducktales:Dewey vs Evil Louie by KimberlyVz
This is the sequel to Ducktales:Dewey vs Louie so if you haven't read that book please go read it right now this book have spoilers plus you won't really understand the...
Seven Seater Car by aStawbebe
Seven Seater Carby lytheation
I've got five brothers. That's nothing, in my opinion. I mean, lets be logical, if a woman in Malaysia had sixty- nine children, six kids must be heaven for them. But we...
Hey Kiddo (yandere papyrus x sans Sequel) by diannaafton
Hey Kiddo (yandere papyrus x DiannaKuolematon
hey the original story is by BubblyShip here is link: 16 years after the disappearanc...
Only time will tell (FutureShipping) by SilverDraconequus
Only time will tell ( Golden Honey
"You are my brother. My twin. Its hard to bear this Creature. Seeing you grow like this. Im happy. But it also hurts. I'm sorry." ~Krux walk onto the journey o...
Ducktales:Dewey vs Louie  by KimberlyVz2448
Ducktales:Dewey vs Louie by KimberlyVz
both Dewey and Louie have a crash on Webby,they will have to figth for her love. who will win Webby heart? read this book to find out.
He Belongs To Me~! by Kanade213
He Belongs To Me~!by Kanade213
Everyone knows, that Yandere-kun/Ayato Aishi, is the male version of Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi; and that they are obsessed over Senpai. What happens, if Ayato Aishi has a...
Ninjas and Devils by davis8318
Ninjas and Devilsby The evil Saiyan! Cumber!
2 boys. Found and raised together. Though not connected by blood, they are the closest thing they have to the family for each other. They were trained by a faction calle...