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The Plague Doctor's Daughter | WATTYS 2021 winner by rskovach
The Plague Doctor's Daughter | WAT...by RS Kovach
Commoner Giovanna teams up with nobleman Matteo to save a friend from an arranged marriage, but they stumble into a sinister plot that could have victims of Venice's Bla...
The Black Death: Dairy of Arabella Tybalt by Novelist
The Black Death: Dairy of Arabella...by GG
As many of you know the black death also known as the black plague was a horrible disease going around in the 1340s. The diary of Arabella Tybalt takes you through the e...
The Dragon Wars (Book 1) by CamSchells
The Dragon Wars (Book 1)by Cam Schells
This book was set in the late 1300, back then humans knew that dragons were real, they just rarely saw them and they didn't get attacked by them. there were 2 main group...
Sherlock: Carpe Diem by lies4theliars
Sherlock: Carpe Diemby lies4theliars
Everything was quiet at 221B Baker Street until a family friend of John's comes to stay, a 15 year old girl who has decided to bring 2 friends along with her. Of course...
Warm Blood by ShadieTree
Warm Bloodby Lara
In her 700 years of life, Chloe has only fallen in love once. After her first love dies mysteriously, Chloe vows to spend the rest of her vampire life in isolation...
Male tenebris  by PlagueDochtor
Male tenebris by TarotCrow
The plague is ravishing the land. A hound cultist is sacrificed in body and mind.
Life on the edge by Spinx2
Life on the edgeby Spinx
The diary of a 21 year old woman named Penelope grey living life on the outskirts of London in her small village known as castle Combe in 1347-1352's horrific Bubonic p...
The Plague by DinosaurJammin
The Plagueby Jas
A tale of romance, religion and remedies. As The Black Death strikes England, both higher and lower class are thrown into panic as the plague hits their towns. Both Elv...
The broken hearts of one by Sgtwhisker26
The broken hearts of oneby Sgtwhisker26
I am not plagiarizing in anyway shape or form. I own the story completely and if you find this story with a different name and writer. That is just me because my accoun...
Bubonic! by SilverMoon1944
Bubonic!by SilverMoon1944
A look into the daily lives of Dr. Plauge, Nurse Daisy, Nurse Joy (nothing to do with Pokémon I swear), Doctor Raven, and more! The only question is...who gave them a me...
This is My Plague by DrPesuto
This is My Plagueby DrPesuto
This "book" is about a little boy who grew up in Europe around 1336, 11 years before the Bubonic Plague hits Europe. Based on true events that have taken place...
When Tragedy Strikes by CircleBirds13
When Tragedy Strikesby Bailz
In 14th century Venice Guinevere has a shocking wake up call to the harsh reality that is her world. Faced with the challenge of staying alive Guinevere meets Asher, Wil...
A Deadly Cure by Thermodynamix
A Deadly Cureby Thermo
Take a look into the twisted past. A local plague doctor by the name of Stella Flagellare is about to delve into the darkest parts of her family. Some aspects of her kin...
His own leech by Seilalite
His own leechby Fandomalite
A plague doctor in 1350's Europe lives in a world filled with plague, now having to jump through hoops just to live his daily life. If that wasn't bad enough, living in...
Fall of Vladimir by Authorchase
Fall of Vladimirby Authorchase
Moscow 1751 - The bubonic plague wreaks havoc throughout the streets. Over 200,000 bodies flood the streets. One man struggles to keep his family and his faith together...
Mirage by animegirlforever2651
Mirageby Little Flower
In the deserts of Africa, in a small town called Haven, there was a young widow and her two daughters who lived secretly as fairies. Set in the 18th century, young Ingri...
"The Rosies Have Thorns" Hannelore's Account of the Black Death by violapyxi51
"The Rosies Have Thorns" Hannelore...by Felicity Robins
Hannelore (pronounced like Hannah-Laura) is a five year old German girl from the Bubonic Plague era. Her family, and most recently her mother have fallen victim to the d...
Dragon Wars: Flames Of Pain (Book 3) by CamSchells
Dragon Wars: Flames Of Pain (Book...by Cam Schells
Joseph, has finally reached the places that he had been told about... The Legion has now began to form together again, for the first time since the death of his uncle. A...