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Can Beauty Come Out Of Ashes by WrittenAddiction
Can Beauty Come Out Of Ashesby WrittenAddiction
What made Captain America one of the greatest soldiers? A secret ingredient. When that secret comes to stand beside him and Sgt. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes...
Out of the Dark by InfernalPanda
Out of the Darkby Infernal-panda
After breaking an unlikely ally from prison on a SHIELD mission, Bucky Barnes finds himself on babysitting duty for a mutate with a spotty past and snarky attitude. Both...
The One That Got Away by likeahorribledream
The One That Got Awayby likeahorribledream
Steve Rogers was not the type to walk away from a fight. He took every hit, got knocked down more times than he cared to count but he always got back up. What he lacked...
Wild Minds ~ Foolish Hearts   || Bucky Barnes by abbystender
Wild Minds ~ Foolish Hearts || B...by abbystender
Who is Olivia Miner? That's the question bugging Bucky Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier and now returned to normal society as a tenant of Avengers Tower. His aqua-hai...