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Transformers 2007: Sam's strange sister by PreciousPie1999
Transformers 2007: Sam's strange s...by Lee
What if Optimus had a daughter, who disappeared while on a mission never to be seen again. Until she was adopted by the Witwicky family and ran into an old friend.
a beast and a beauty (rewrite) by Idkhowtolife345
a beast and a beauty (rewrite)by Idkhowtolife
based off of my last book, a beast and a beauty, but better, I've improved my skills a bit, and feel like I can do much better
RP w/ my Sister by Cosmos_IDW
RP w/ my Sisterby Cosmos
this is super stupid and i'm only posting this because my sister is making me. Spike valve & overload mention but nothing nasty.
Rwby FanFic(My Purrfect Love) by DarkenWafflez
Rwby FanFic(My Purrfect Love)by Dead Account
see what i did there on the Title When Yang has feeling for her teammates blake who has Bad iusse with the White Fangs Will the sun help the cat or let fall to darkness...
Cartoon high school  by Nuddy03
Cartoon high school by Nuddy03
Welcome to cartoon high. A high school consisting of all your favourite and beloved cartoon characters from all your favourite shows. From She-ra to the owl house, amaz...
 Story of us (on Hold)  by SirenWH
Story of us (on Hold) by Silkyv
REWRITING Once upon a time In a far away world called Remnant lived a girl named Ruby Rose. Locked away by the father of the girl she loved so dearly . Being trapped for...
Confused Love by SilverbeePax
Confused Loveby Alexis Myers
Read to find out Still deciding if bumblebee X reader or Jazz X reader or Sunny and Sides X reader Also if you have any ideas for the story please le6 me know!!!!!