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Violet Shadows (FFVII) by Mrs_Strife
Violet Shadows (FFVII)by FF Fanatic
What if Lucrecia Crescent had a sister who would've given anything to keep her son, Sephiroth, safe from Hojo's experiments? Violet Crescent wanted nothing to do with th...
Duo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔   by Fanatic_308
Duo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Sword Art Online is finished. Lives were lost, but in the real world, the survivors must pretend nothing wrong ever happened. They must pretend the game hadn't affected...
Victoria Strife by Raccoonemery2001
Victoria Strifeby Raccoonemery2001
I'm just here to ramble. I don't know what will happen to this document. I'm really just going to be going in to my own world and pretend to be this made up character so...
Lean On Me (FF7) by Mrs_Strife
Lean On Me (FF7)by FF Fanatic
Violet Shadows (FF7) by Mrs_Strife
Violet Shadows (FF7)by FF Fanatic
REWRITE POSTED NOW! What if Lucrecia had a sister? What if that sister would've given anything to keep her unborn nephew Sephiroth and her sibling safe? Violet Crescent...
Leaning on You(FF7) by Mrs_Strife
Leaning on You(FF7)by FF Fanatic
COMPLETED First book: Lean on Me Life's looking up for the members of Avalanche. They're starting families, getting jobs, and just enjoying life for once. The world mig...
FFVII: A New Beginning Remake by SotoroBotoro12369
FFVII: A New Beginning Remakeby SotoroBotoro12369
A rewrite of Final Fantasy VII: A New Beginning, which is the first fanfiction I published here on Wattpad. After almost two years, I've decided to finally rewrite this...
FFVII | Project: SOLDIER  by andyx3xo
FFVII | Project: SOLDIER by annieangel
Following the events of "The Return of Sephiroth", one of Avalanche's own becomes what they feared the most. She was already the most dangerous member of the f...
The Cat Freak is Reincarnated as a Cait Sith by lazykunx
The Cat Freak is Reincarnated as Lazy Kun
Victor dies after killing the murderers of his beloved pet cat Fluffy, John Wick style. Little did he know that Fluffy was a follower of a god. Now, Fluffy decides to se...
Just Final Fantasy Things by Swallowtail13
Just Final Fantasy Thingsby Swallowtail13
Do you love Final Fantasy? You know you do. Well, what if Final Fantasy was a Disney movie? Or zodiac signs? Or Marvel characters? Or maybe you have an awesome sugg...
Final Fantasy VII: Reflections - Book 1: Descent by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Reflections - Jairus
Badly hurt while defending the Sector 7 pillar, Jessie Rasberry reflects upon the decisions and events that brought her there. The daughter of one of Shinra's most power...
A World Adrift by MyNameIsNoOne46
A World Adriftby Xael L'kroa
Heroes come and go, stumbling here as their place of restoration. But something has arrived here. Something... evil. That day, beasts of Nirvana and Corruption rose from...
Hidden Identity (Book Two)-Complete by RinSilverstar223
Hidden Identity (Book Two)-Completeby RinSilverstar223
Sequel to 'Those Eyes'. Takes place five years later during the timeline of the original Final Fantasy 7. This'll be based around a mix of the events of FF7 and the FF7...
Outcast by W_Cantril
Outcastby W. Cantril
This is a fan-fic of ALO and SAO combined. I've felt like a total outcast ever since mom died. Everyone around me seemed... normal. Except for my best friend, Shinji. He...
A New Beginning: A Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction by SotoroBotoro12369
A New Beginning: A Final Fantasy SotoroBotoro12369
This is a fanfiction based off the ending of FFVII. In this story, the events of FFVII: Advent Children didn't happen. Also this will switch perspectives from certain ch...
Her Demon, His Demon, and the Story of Us - A Black Butler Fanfic by Arikushikafutoka
Her Demon, His Demon, and the Arikushikafutoka
Evelyn is your run-of-the-mill thief in 19th century London, England. She snatches, takes, and stalks according to her own whims and desires, all whilst avoiding the Yar...
Final Fantasy VII: The Bond Between Us by CloudyFair
Final Fantasy VII: The Bond FinalHearts
The world all begins with the life stream. It circulates us with it's mystical beauty. Until, the beings of Shinra took hold of it, changing the stream into a substance...
Albus Rosis by Thewiltedflower
Albus Rosisby Thewiltedflower
The two very different stories of two sisters both searching for answers to their confusing pasts. One driven mad with sorrow, while the other is forced to live a life w...