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↳ ffvii (final fantasy seven) one shots || vol. 1 by elysiumdreamsssss
↳ ffvii (final fantasy seven) Ellu
ffvii oneshots/headcanons/alphabets etc! PLEASE LEAVE REQUESTS ON THE "WELCOME - REQUESTS PAGE" OR ON MY TUMBLR: ELLUWRITES. enjoy!
Jaden hossler smuts  by cooperhossler
Jaden hossler smuts by Paige<3
Just some dirty shit about Jaden is all😘🤭
A King and His Queen (Tifa x Male Reader) by Megoz7
A King and His Queen (Tifa x Megoz
It has been years since Y/n had last seen his childhood friends. Now as an adult, he returns to his homeland, only to find that his friends are tangled with megacorpatio...
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Truth (Male Reader) by StardustMaster
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Truth ( StardustMaster
Y/n L/n, a mercenary whose discovered some of his roots and allowed him to use amazing abilities. There seems to be more than meets the eye with him, like he's... hiding...
(Cloud Strife x Reader) The Tainted Past...(COMPLETED) by Senpai025
(Cloud Strife x Reader) The Osamu☆Tooru
Cloud and the rest of avalanche go on a mission in Sector 8. While there they meet a girl named (Y/N) who saves Clouds life. The group then decide to take her back to b...
The Bombing of Emotions//Cloud Strife x Teen! Reader by DeathPuppies12
The Bombing of Emotions//Cloud DeathPuppies12
*Platonic* You wake up in a strange place, with no memories. Lucky for you, a nice merc happens to bump into you. Go on a Journey with a quiet merc and crazy group of fr...
(Tifa Lockhart x Reader) The Light Of My life...(COMPLETED) by Senpai025
(Tifa Lockhart x Reader) The Osamu☆Tooru
Tifa Lockhart, a normal girl who lost the man she loved, Cloud Strife, 5 years ago has started working for Avalanche to destroy and ruin Shinra. But when she meets a Tur...
Final Fantasy VII / To Be A Hero by Lockustories
Final Fantasy VII / To Be A Heroby V. Parmentier
What would happen if Zack didn't die ? A retake of Final Fantasy VII. *NEW CHAPTER EVERY TWO WEEKS*
My twin sisters ex  by vodka_flavor_juulpod
My twin sisters ex by Bitch
Nessa Barrett is your twin and you always had a crush on her boyfriend you always see nessa and jaden together one day josh tells you he lost feelings for nessa when you...
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Universe by Fireheartsage
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Fireheartsage
Sora didn't know how it happened... but he was sealed away and many years had passed. Riku and Kairi had died... his friends were gone when he awoke... the universe was...
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Book 3: Pursuit by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Jairus
With Midgar now behind them, Cloud and his friends set out on the long, dangerous hunt for Sephiroth, unaware that he plans to use one of their own to change his fated d...
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Book 1: Arrival by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Jairus
A novelization of Final Fantasy VII, based on the original but with elements of the remake added in as well as new content not seen in either to create another version o...
United as One (Cloud Strife x Clarice Ng) by Dragon-Pheonix123
United as One (Cloud Strife x Dragon-Phoenix
Cloud became friends with Zack, but things got bad because there was some betrayals in there, but Zack didn't give up on Clarice and Cloud because he made sure that the...
Daggers and Flowers by ErinKtheWriter
Daggers and Flowersby Erin the Fandom Writer
Six months after DeepGround, a disturbance is reported in the Northern Cave Crater. A young woman with no memory but her name wakes in the cave systems. After being brou...
palaye royale imagines book two(requests open) by JaselynnSanchez
palaye royale imagines book two( Jaselynn Sanchez
Same people. just New stories. requests are open. be prepared for slow updates
The eternal flame in a final fantasy. by King-of-Bel
The eternal flame in a final king of bel
"Farewell Yamamoto genryuusai, the reason you lost to me was because you became soft." those were the last word the head captain of the twelve squad heard befo...
 Rockstar Dad? by Escaped_dreams
Rockstar Dad?by Isabella
Tony Desimone a 16 year old girls whole life as she knows it changes when she finds out the man she thought was her father truly isn't.But her real father is an idol o...
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Beginning by MonarchChaos
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The MonarchChaos
Jason Kurenai, a young merc who travels around and makes some profit from doing work time to time. However, this time, he is hired to do a mission for a group called Ava...
Final Fantasy 7 remake Fanfiction: Luna Havillande x Cloud Strife by Vanitaswife20
Final Fantasy 7 remake Vanitaswife🌙✨
As the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake progresses, Luna Havillande emerges as an outstanding fighter and ally. She stands out with her striking blue hair and brown eyes...