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My First Love [COMPLETED] by anjanadstifler
My First Love [COMPLETED]by anju d high flier
If I am willing to get the love and care which I never got in my life I do not mind waiting endlessly. I love him, for he was the only one who cared for me after my dad...
Alpha of Doom by QueenKeely
Alpha of Doomby QueenKeely
"In the end, the guy doesn't change for the girl, the girl is still broken and they don't end up together." He was cold He was tormented He was cruel He was ru...
Noor e Mehtab ||MOONLIGHT|| by zephyra_9
Noor e Mehtab ||MOONLIGHT||by Zephyra
Title : °{Noor e Mehtab} ° Translation : ||MOONLIGHT|| 🥀🥀🥀 •"If she knew fate would take such turn of events, she would have never stepped in the land where he...
A ROSE FOR THE DEVIL🌹 by loveeangell25
Arabella is a kind and caring girl who has loved her dad's friend's son since she was little. Jacob on the other hand,does not care about love! All he wants is to be t...
Prisoner of the Governor's daughter's heart - Freenbecky  by KIMCHAZER
Prisoner of the Governor's daughte...by KIMCHAZER
She is the darkness of your life and the light at the same time, she's the goddess, she's different, she's the Governor's daughter.
Sold To Him by enchantor123
Sold To Himby Creative Imaginator💫✍️
"Please no... I am sorry... please I beg.... Dont leave me here please... I promise not to do anything wrong ever again...." She wailed begging for his mercy j...
Heartless- Oscar Piastri by IzaVb36
Heartless- Oscar Piastriby ElizaVB36
Dominance. Power. Fame. Izabella Rossi. The only girl on the Formula 1 grid. Its her second year in formula 1. Her rivality with Oscar Piastri the Australian now Red Bul...
The Dark Secret by desi_kudi_writs_
The Dark Secretby Bhumika Chouhan
Isha Aradhya A girl of age 23. She is a most beautiful girl in the world yet heartless, merciless and dangerous. She never shows her emotions towards other except for h...
Reckless Hearts by ellzallea
Reckless Heartsby ellyaze
Casa Royale Alcanzar #1 Reivien Anderson was sent to the other country for a private mission, she wants to disapprove but her mission is able to save her love ones, her...
Heartfelt - sequel to Heartless by qn1la08
Heartfelt - sequel to Heartlessby .
'Nothing ever really stays dead, Catherine.' After a year of dullness, the Queen of Hearts finds entertainment in a peculiar blonde girl. However, the only way to fin...
Physio Mafia's Doll by sleepwalker009
Physio Mafia's Dollby it's_iris-chan
A physio Mafia who never cared about others. A mafia who killed his own parents for nothing, never regrets killing anyone but one person who made him regret his every ac...
The Quadro Herederos y Heredera  by Helizemonnarialle
The Quadro Herederos y Heredera by BjournNavarro
The Harrelson Siblings Series #1: COMING SOON.
Stalker Series 1:His Dangerous Obsession  by Miss_Ali_darkness
Stalker Series 1:His Dangerous Obs...by Miss_Ali
Zynthia Serenity Morozova. One of the most famous model in the whole planet. She's nice, soft-hearted, lovely, and clingy. She's quite frail. She was so innocent not unt...
The Night Sky's Moonlight by miraeth_sa
The Night Sky's Moonlightby miraeth_sa
"I am a monster sweetheart but you are a princess. Princesses don't belong with demons like me. I am the darkness while you are the light. I will do nothing but sta...
UNWANTED BRIDES by novelnest28
UNWANTED BRIDESby vanshika purohit
'' THE GREAT SINGHANIAS '' Second most powerful and richest family of Asia , Three Heirs of SINGHANIAS Elder one Ruthless , Heartless , Arrogant , Cold are the words b...
Ashley Gayle was a typical and a transparent girl who had encounter her happy crush; Cleo Maverick. He's an SSG president and a cold-hearted man. But when Ashley saw the...
 HEARTLESS/K.TH by vx_mina000
HEARTLESS/K.THby vx_mina000
نەمزانی کەی و چۆن ئەوە ڕوویدا بەڵام لە کۆتایدا خۆمم دۆزیەوە کە کەوتبوومە داوی خۆشەویستیەوە لەگەڵ کەسێکدا کە هیچ هەستێکی بۆ من نەبوو ئەوە تەنها ڕێکەوتنێک بوو بەڵام کۆتایی...
his heartless bride  by kim_snowflake
his heartless bride by kim_snowflake
"you are just a replacement, don't except anything from me" he said "agreed" she said not even bothering him with a glance "you will be my wife...
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Another World by GreenWarrior291
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Ano...by Ronaldo A Amaya
After having defeated Xehanort and managed to have saved Kairi from her fate, Sora disappears into a dark abyss of Darkness. Just as it seems like it'll be an endless sl...
The Keyblade Duo by Swiftdragoon
The Keyblade Duoby Swiftdragoon
Izuku Yagi was abused and neglected by his parents and bullied by his sister and friends every day until one day, they went too far. They try to apologize to him, but Iz...