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Chasity and her Alphas by KarinaDoodhnath
Chasity and her Alphasby Karina Doodhnath
Double the Trouble, and Maybe the Fun by drunkteddybear
Double the Trouble, and Maybe drunkteddybear
Haven was an alphas daughter. Although she thought she was just an ordinary girl, her father always told her she was destined for greatness. When news of a great pack i...
Alpha's mute ♡Jikook♡ by IworshipJikook97
Alpha's mute ♡Jikook♡by Monica Feletopia Cortessa
The lovely cover done by TaeTae600 HumanxWerewolf mute jimin alpha jungkook all muh shit are top jungkook so..." I fucking hate doing descriptions and shit I suck...
The Alphas' Little Luna by Jane-Edwinstowe
The Alphas' Little Lunaby Jane-Edwinstowe
He pushed me up against the locker, holding me close so I could not get away. He pressed his face into the crook of my neck and licked me. A breathy moan escaped my mou...
Our Luna by deemery
Our Lunaby D.
"We have agreed. You are our Luna, our mate." Xavier leaves a little kiss on my head. "Our happiness doesn't matter as much as yours. We onl...
The Alpha's Mistress by burningflamez
The Alpha's Mistressby Tiffany
What matters more; money, power, or love? Of course you'd say love, right? Love couldn't buy me 10 million dollars, but pretending could. In the human world, 10 million...
I'm [Not] An Alpha!  by Ggukie_Tokki
I'm [Not] An Alpha! by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook presents as an omega, but his family are all alpha? So, the only way he had thought is... Act like an alpha... Meaning he also have to lie to his family, not...
Kidnapped By My MATES by JaydeAnthony
Kidnapped By My MATESby TEEN WOLF FL
"OOHH, Kitten you know what we want to do to you." Take you up against the tree and...... DEREK & SCOTT-Possessive, muscular, sexy, godly like JADE-Beautiful...
White wolf. by Cendrillon1996
White Cinderella
Seth have just came of age and it's time for him to be sent off to the alphas home to train. Everything was normal until he shifted... White wolves are rare, only five o...
HIS by _wayward_
HISby Wolf
Shielded by her best friends who are more like brothers to her all her life, she couldn't imagine the day she would be without them and that is of course is until the ni...
The rogue king and the alpha (malexmale) by InfamousLove
The rogue king and the alpha ( Skylar
Ziathe , the leader of all rogues. Not a wolf to mess with and a cold hearted murderer with his mind set on taking over the werewolf packs. Aspen , the king of all alpha...
Daddy, am I your princess? by 0wonism
Daddy, am I your princess?by Onism
'PUNISH ME?' WHAT'S HE GONNA DO BEND ME OVER AND SPANK ME?!" I said out loud again by accident. He chuckled. "Yes babydoll that's exactly what we will do and i...
My 10 alpha mates by chibichara
My 10 alpha matesby chibichara
What will you do if you have 10 mates and they are all alphas from all over in the world considering them they are powerful,possessive,and territorial? yup not easy, thi...
The Rejected Mate's Children by mmacdonald22
The Rejected Mate's Childrenby Morgann McDonald
Highest Ranking: #1 in triplets Meeting your mate, or as the case may be, mates at a party drunk is not the best way to get to know each other. Them leaving you in bed a...
A Servant for a Mate - Book #1 (Completed) by TessaT
A Servant for a Mate - Book #1 ( TessaT
Book #1 in the Royal Secret Trilogy It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running and hiding became a natural fo...
Rejected Lovers by WYLD_ROSE
Rejected Loversby R O S E ♡
Atticus and Olivia have a past...and share the same fate. But as they're trying to move on from the cruel cards they've been dealt with in life a presence with evil inte...
Moon Child by thefeelsofbooks
Moon Childby 🍍Alyssa🍍
Book one Estrella had always been different from the other moon children. Whilst the others would fawn over the mates falling in love below them, she was falling in love...
The undying witch- A Mother by valdaral
The undying witch- A Motherby Darla Alya Valmont
Arson had been warned and then, was refused a proper welcome. Wolfs didn't waste their time greeting them with their sharp fangs and gorgeous fur. Though despite his Mo...
To Love a Demon by Lauren_Sophie_
To Love a Demonby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED. Avery was best friends with the soon to be alpha of the pack, she was so sure they'd be mates. But her world is abruptly ripped apart when her pack is attacke...
The Guardian Wolf and Her Alpha by FriendlyMenace98
The Guardian Wolf and Her Alphaby Mikayla Lawler
Tessa Parker is on the run. She has the strength and speed that is greater than any werewolf even an Alpha. She is a Guardian Wolf. Once respected protecters of packs ev...