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Dominic by jacquelinehl
Dominicby Jacqueline
Scarlett is all the things her sister isn't. Shy, quiet and private. When her pack hosts the annual mating ceremony, where Alphas and Betas go to choose a mate. She hope...
Mated Human by mooniebright
Mated Humanby mooniebright
Brielle West and Grayson Hart are best friends. They've been friends for ten years and have been through it all together. There is never one without the other. They tel...
true mates (a bella and carlisle love story) by VictoriaBurr1
true mates (a bella and carlisle Victoria Burr
Carlisle come back to forks to find bella half died and he felt a connect to each other
Rejected Hybrid by XxxGraysonxxX
Rejected Hybridby Grayson
Kat Adams lived in the Dark moon pack the second strongest in the world. She is the omega because she did not shift at 16. At 17 she still hasn't shifted and she is supp...
Taking the Leap by RegularMisanthrope
Taking the Leapby RegularMisanthrope
Achilles is used to a life with rules and structure. Being attracted to men doesn't fit into what he considers structured. But he's used to burying things deep down, and...
Moonstruck by Musicmelis
Moonstruckby Musicmelis
All seventeen-year-old Liana Lachey wanted was to get through her senior year at her new school, graduate, and go to college to get away from her Aunt. But everything c...
The Ex-Alpha by AngelaLayton8594
The Ex-Alphaby AngelaLayton8594
My friend and I have been sexual, but when I visited him it all turned into a rollercoaster. His grandfather was the alpha until he gave it to his son. So if you dare, f...
A Rogue's Heart by SouthernRose94
A Rogue's Heartby SouthernRose94
At the age of ten Jenny becomes a rouge: a wolf without a family and without a pack. Everyone she ever knew had been killed by hunters. Will Jenny come out of hiding and...
True Mates | Teen Wolf Fanfiction - Stiles/Jackson | by uponxfallingxstars
True Mates | Teen Wolf 👑 tori
With Jackson finally finishing his transformation into a werewolf, he thought that all he had to deal with were his new senses and learning how to control his instincts...
Forbidden Alpha by EmmieLouiseAuthor
Forbidden Alphaby Emmie Louise
"Tell me you can't feel this. Tell me can't feel the connection zapping through us," he whispers as he rests his forehead on mine. "I'm your mate, Bells...
Awakening Bonds by trose69
Awakening Bondsby TaylorXXX
This is a sequel to Awakening Alya and Jebediah have faced many trials on their way to a happy ending but after being blessed by a Goddess they're about to start another...
Edward's True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Edward's True Mateby Sgb1011-QOD
Edward and the Cullen's arrived at another location. Ready to begin their life again. His marriage with Bella has been rocky. She found out she was his blood singer/Mate...
The Alpha's Reluctant Mate by koolbee22
The Alpha's Reluctant Mateby koolbee22
Highest Rank #5 Alpha King After years of longing to be with her mate, Riona finally woke to his manipulative ways. After rejecting the mating bond she ran from her pack...
The Alpha's Hybrid Mate by XOXO_Binti
The Alpha's Hybrid Mateby XOXO_Binti
This is so shitty. Read at your own risk. -I'm bad at summaries, so I not even going to try -Some of the storylines are from season 6 of teen wolf, so credit to Jeff D...
The Der-Bear-Est of Them All by SapphireGinger
The Der-Bear-Est of Them Allby Michaela
True Mates Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale are as close as close can be. Derek is very protective of his little mate who is only three while he himself is only seven.
Edward Cullens True Mate (Really slow updates. Sorry.) by AlexRomanoff456
Edward Cullens True Mate (Really Alexandra Romanoff😎
You've heard of the Bella and Edward story haven't you? Of course you have. But you haven't heard of Alexandra Nightingale and Edward Cullen. But what happens when Bella...
To The Brim  by neo103
To The Brim by neo103
The Theerapanyakun Name was feared by all, For the King was the cruelest man to have ever sat on the throne, he reigned in tyranny till he took his last breath after tak...
Caius's True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Caius's True Mateby Sgb1011-QOD
Caius is one of three King's who rule the Vampire world. Already having the reputation of being ruthless, and a foul disposition not many cross him. He finds out while h...
Theodicy (Steter fic - Smutfree version) by madsmeetsmisha
Theodicy (Steter fic - Smutfree Patrizia
It was a shock for Peter to find out that the seventeen-year-old teen was his true mate. It seemed like another cruel joke to Peter because Stiles was off-limits. Not on...
Wrath of the Moon (Sample) by Crystalline0702
Wrath of the Moon (Sample)by Deepali
As a werewolf, loving your mate and being loved by them is a given. So what happens when your mate hates you? Maya - a carefree, loving and beautiful daughter of the Alp...