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Final Fantasy 7 remake Fanfiction: Luna Havillande x Cloud Strife by Vanitaswife20
Final Fantasy 7 remake Fanfiction:...by Vanitaswife🌙✨
As the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake progresses, Luna Havillande emerges as an outstanding fighter and ally. She stands out with her striking blue hair and brown eyes...
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Book 2: Aftermath by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Bo...by Jairus
Sector 7 is gone, destroyed in Shinra's terrible act of retaliation. Cloud and the others, having barely escaped, struggle to come to grips with the loss of their home a...
CloTi Remake by LumineAether
CloTi Remakeby LumineAether
Follow Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red on their journey after saving the world from Sephiroth's first attack. This fanfic is based upon the ending of Final Fantasy...
Cloud x Tifa - Better Than A Ring (A Holiday Promise) FFVII by somebodyznightmare
Cloud x Tifa - Better Than A Ring...by SomebdysNightmre
Cloud gets stuck in a snowstorm on Yule Eve, and a little push from old friends and the emergence of cherished memories help him make a bold decision when he finds the p...
Creep (FFVII Biggs x Reader) by dreamingsolitaire
Creep (FFVII Biggs x Reader)by Never speak of this
You get on the bad side of one of Don Corneo's men and now you have a target on your back.
The Chosen One: Moribund by MoonlightEpiphany
The Chosen One: Moribundby Moonlight Epiphany
Moribund (n): on the point of death; breathing your last; not growing or changing; without force or vitality After the tragic end the reader had come up with to save the...
Becoming Cloud Strife (FFVII) by Mrs_Strife
Becoming Cloud Strife (FFVII)by FF Fanatic
The story of Cloud Strife's struggle to become who he was meant to be
The Light Through Out The Darkness (FF7Remake x reader) by Starlightfudo
The Light Through Out The Darkness...by Karina Estrada
When Y/n a sweet girl, meet cold Ex-Solider Cloud Stife, her life turn upside down. She go on a big adventure with her sister and the EX-Solider. She then discover a pow...
Final Fantasy VII: Reflections - Book 2: Ascent by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Reflections - B...by Jairus
After spending the last two years in the slums, Jessie has a home, friends, and a cause to fight for. Then, one fateful night, she's rescued by a brooding young ex-SOLDI...
"Are you still in there?" by foggyevenings
"Are you still in there?"by Fog!
Yo, this is a Cloud (FF7) fanfic that's centered around a derealization episode from my experiences. If anything relating to the following may upset you, I suggest you...
Cloud Strife (One Shot Compilation) by InkyFics
Cloud Strife (One Shot Compilation)by Mind Diary
Just random ideas that pops in mind, if there are any requests please feel free to message me
Love+Fear by gooeyclouds
Love+Fearby 🤍
Final Fantasy VII remake fanfic. This book is the first of the Chained to Gaia series All rights go to Square enix but this is my own plot and idea. Thank you for read...
My Hero by __Tyki__
My Heroby __Tyki__
"One day, when you're a famous SOLDIER..promise me, if I'm ever trapped or in trouble, you'll come and save me." • • • "..Fine..I promise." • • • &q...
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Book 1: Arrival by JairusTLS
Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Bo...by Jairus
A novelization of Final Fantasy VII, based on the original but with elements of the remake added in as well as new content not seen in either to create another version o...