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little!luke oneshots  by sweetangelsmuke
little!luke oneshots by m <3
in which luke is always little and will either be accompanied by michael, calum, ashton, or a combination of the three little!luke caregivers!ashton/michael/calum cglre...
Then that happened |Jolby| by _NYC_Wallcrawler_
Then that happened |Jolby|by Peter
Jake and Colby have liked eachother since they met, but when Jake slips up what will he do?
Red Riding Hood ||Jolby|| by fanfiction_1456
Red Riding Hood ||Jolby||by fanfiction_1456
A boy in red who is about to get raped is on the run from his bullies...... A hellhound on his nightly run finds his mates scent...... Is it love at first sight or love...
Royalty | Cake✔ by eomma-ash
Royalty | Cake✔by ur mom(my)
"Go talk to him." "W-What? No." "Dude, you're a prince; you can swoon anybody." || fem!luke
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4 by calumsnuts
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4by Ihatelife
Calum wears 'girly' clothes and likes to tease his band members a lot, his body becomes the prize to a bet. Girly!Calum Bottom!Calum boyxboy
5SOS SHIT by nobodyislistenin
big book of 5sos bullshit ----- contains ships
🍥🍥  Red Velvet Crush 🍥🍥.... zhanyi fan fiction ( ongoing ) by Rukshikakalhari
🍥🍥 Red Velvet Crush 🍥🍥.... Ru shi
💚💚 මගෙ හිතට ඔයාව දැනෙන්න ගත්තත් කෝ ඔයාගෙන් ඒකට ඉඩක්....... මේ කාලකණ්නි පවුල් බැදීම නිසාද ඔයා මේ විදිහට ගලක් වගේ ඉන්නෙ....... කවදාවත් ඔය හිත මං වෙනුවෙන් නැතත් වෙන කෙනෙ...
Lucky by wazzupcake
Luckyby SailTheShip
Cara Delevingne, one of the famous and in demand actress in the world, also known as Queen D, the life of a party, best friends with almost everyone, she's simply amazin...
15 Days Locked In (Mashton) by StellClifford
15 Days Locked In (Mashton)by StellClifford
"That's enough!" I look up to see Luke and Calum glaring at Michael and I. "You've been acting like jerks for too long now. We don't care that you can't g...
VLIVE LOVE | P.JM ✔️ by kkookteokki
Can a stupid comment on Park Jimin's VLive lead to something more? | short story | idol au | social media au Disclaimer - None of the names or places used in this story...
Coffee Beans by HJ_Harvey
Coffee Beansby Henry J Harvey
Highest Ranks: #1 in wattpride (17/05/21) #1 in unlimitedpride (17/05/21) #10 in lesbian (27/02/19) #4 in girlXgirl (27/03/19) #10 in LGBT (07/02/19) #75 in Romance (...
Death Defier: (Adventure Time Harem x Male Beheaded Reader) by MetalSmasherNTT
Death Defier: (Adventure Time MetalSmasherNTT
In the land of Aaa, there are many creatures and strange beings, there's magic and odd powers. And you are no exception, you are just a head, a head with ability to poss...
Woven Fates by OneArtsyGamer03
Woven Fatesby OneArtsyGamer03
OneArtsyGamer03 here, lovelies... ... Republishing of my book since Wattpad deleted my account. ... When Merrick's mother decides to force him into a marriage, he takes...
Diaperhog day - The "Make Your Own Adventure" Style by DiaperedRoman
Diaperhog day - The "Make Your diapered roman
Do you want to spend a day as a little girl on her birthday, trying to avoid as many diaper changes as possible? Do you like making decision such as eating extra piece o...
Surviving The Land of Aaa by Colorful_DyeJob
Surviving The Land of Aaaby Wannabe Dragon
Fiona and (Y/n) are the last humans left in the Land of Aaa. With their sister, Cake the Cat, they go on adventures saving princes and protecting the innocent.
5SOS b×b smut  by usernameistakenUwU
5SOS b×b smut by Bella lockett
The ultimate collection of kinky 5sos B×B & OT4 smut I hope y'all enjoy, please give me validation 😳 ~currently editing the next smut~
|Black-Eyed Vampires| Ashton-Centric✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|Black-Eyed Vampires| 💎
Where Ashton has been followed by three strange creatures since he was a child and all they want is him. |EDITING|
All I Want ♡ Marshall Lee x Reader  by padfootrouble
All I Want ♡ Marshall Lee x Reader by marshmallow
This is a story about you, the lovely reader and everyone's favourite Vampire King, Marshall Lee! What happens when he catches your eye? When two men, a vampire and a ce...
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️ by trishcatfish
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️by catfish
The fifth half that fell in love with her best friend. (social media x pov) #1 in LUKEHEMMINGS (06/29/19)