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Royals: Part 2 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 2by royalkennedylover
*Second Book in the Royals Series* Jacqueline Baker never imagined that being her best friend's maid of honor would lead her to becoming the fiancee of Prince Harry. Be...
Study Girls (girlxgirl) by AsteriS47
Study Girls (girlxgirl)by Bella
Selina Cooper was surprised to get into Cambridge university. However, when she arrives and meets the infamous Lily Everett, she quickly realises that she will be learni...
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Firstborn {British Royals} by thequeenofscotland
Firstborn {British Royals}by Erica Natalie
***An American woman discovers she is the secret child of Prince Charles, making her the heir to the British throne.*** Victoria Clewell is disabled and can't work, so s...
Royals: Part 3 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 3by royalkennedylover
*Third Book in the Royals Series* Jacqueline Baker's life has totally changed since she agreed to be maid of honor at her best friend, Kate Middleton's, wedding. Jackie...
Royals: Part 4 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 4by royalkennedylover
*Fourth Book in the Royals Series* It's been nearly 2 years since Jackie Baker served as maid of honor in her best friend, Kate Middleton's, wedding to Prince William. S...
Royals: Part 6 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 6by royalkennedylover
*Sixth book in the Royals Series* It's been nearly 3 years since Jackie Baker married her long time friend, Prince Harry, with the eyes of the world on her. Now, with a...
A Complex Princess by Iamtheroyalauthor
A Complex Princessby 👑💘🦋
Amelia is the daughter of Prince Harry of England and his ex-wife, Ava. Although not born with the title of princess, she was always the precious girl of the queen and t...
Royals: Part 7 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 7by royalkennedylover
*Seventh book in the Royals Series* Now a seasoned member of the British Royal Family and a mother of three, Jackie Baker's world is almost unrecognizable from what it w...
Royals: Part 5 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 5by royalkennedylover
*Fifth book in the Royals Series* Jackie Baker's life changed when her best friend, Kate Middleton, married her college sweetheart, Prince William. She reunited with an...
•Ruthless• by booksmusicfood4life
•Ruthless•by booksmusicfood4life
Ongoing Tropes: explicit dares/one bed/ fake dating/ cleans wounds/jealousy/ enemies to Lovers and many more tw: rape, bdsm, unconsentual sex, depression, violence, ed...
រឿង សម្រេកស្នេហ៍កម្ម💔 by min_chana
រឿង សម្រេកស្នេហ៍កម្ម💔by min chana
ភាពមិនច្បាស់លាស់និងតណ្ហាដែលគ្មានថ្ងៃសាបរលត់របស់គេបានសន្សល់ទុកត្រឹមសេចក្តីឈឺចាប់ដល់មនុស្សស្រីជាច្រើននាក់ ដែលមិនដឹងរឿងអ្វីសោះ " លោកដឹងទេ ផាក ជីមីន ពាក្យសន្យារបស់លោកពេ...
Cambridge Family Oneshots by thecambridgesss
Cambridge Family Oneshotsby The Cambridges❤️
This is what I think could've happened with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family throughout various times during their marriage and time knowing each other...
IGCSE english by moonlightxtrails
IGCSE englishby moonlightxtrails
This book is a collection of compositions I wrote as a practice for my exam. You may make use of it to get an idea of how your essays should look like, however, I do not...
descriptions and essays by o_izys
descriptions and essaysby o_izys
Short descriptions and essays
Prince Of Wales by ShooqJanahi
Prince Of Walesby Shooq Janahi
Prince George of Wales is the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He's Prince William fraternal twin. Follow his life as he find love an...
IGCSE 1ST LANGUAGE by miniaturequeenz
IGCSE 1ST LANGUAGEby miniaturequeenz
When I did my IGCSE's I found looking at examples helped me a lot so these are a bunch of stories, descriptives letters etc. that I wrote and got me an A. I don't know i...
សម្រែកបេះដូង by sofiya_tk
សម្រែកបេះដូងby Sofiya
ដោយសារតែកត្តិយសរបស់លោកពូធ្វើឲ្យក្មួស្រីម្នាក់នេះឈឺចិត្តស្ទើតែស្លាប់។ ស្រលាញ់តែកត្តិយសមិនយល់ពីចិត្តក្មួយស្រី ដែលប្រគល់ទាំងបេះដូងនិងរាងកាយបរិសុទ្ធទៅឲ្យលោកពូតែម្នាក់សុខចិត្...
Make Her Mine(Tom Hiddleston x Reader) by Prisonersheart
Make Her Mine(Tom Hiddleston x Billie Peter
It's difficult to fly with broken wings, as well as to live with betrayed trust. And what are you going to do if the traitor is your heart?
Secrets Better Left Unsaid by Soapyflowers123
Secrets Better Left Unsaidby Darklilly123
18 year old Alexander finds himself starting his last year of school at Granite Lake College before hopefully heading to Cambridge University. Along the way he realizes...
The ultimate biology resource for O-Level. Notes written in different fonts for effective learning and to make it easy to remember. -Questions ✔️ ALLOWED -Criticism ✔...