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𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐂𝐊𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐄 • 𝐩.𝐩 by cruelladevil11
"Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree," Where Catherine Vanessa McCoy ends up falling for an irritating speedster who keeps getting in the way...
Say Hello to the Past (CSI fanfiction) by itsbrandirose
Say Hello to the Past (CSI Brandi
Nick Stokes works for the CSI in Las Vegas, Nevada. His team is his family, and he loves his family back home in Texas. Everyone says that Nick is a ladies' man, but wha...
Royals: Part 2 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 2by royalkennedylover
*Second Book in the Royals Series* Jacqueline Baker never imagined that being her best friend's maid of honor would lead her to becoming the fiancee of Prince Harry. Be...
A Tale of Basherine by ElizabethKayee
A Tale of Basherineby ElizabethKayee
This is set about halfway ish through season 2 just because this is as far as I am at the beginning of writing this. This is a Basherine story so if you hate the idea of...
No Longer Heartless by BrendaDaaeDestler
No Longer Heartlessby BrendaDaaeDestler
In this sequel to Marissa Meyer's Heartless, Catherine Pinkerton, now the Queen of Hearts, has become a cold and angry person, not at all how she used to be. The young g...
Calliette/First Kill Texts and One shots by laurmani_otp
Calliette/First Kill Texts and laurmani_otp
Calliette ones shots, Imagines and texts
Flatline (J.A.) by Gerlithequeen
Flatline (J.A.)by Gerli
Greys Anatomy Season 4 - "Glad to see you again, little Shepherd " - Mark Sloan I don't owe Greys Anatomy or the photo's i post. i only own my OC.
Can't Say No *Hawaii Five-0* by HaileyMChase
Can't Say No *Hawaii Five-0*by Hailey
Called back home, after her mother was killed in a mugging gone bad, Amelia Waters doesn't expect much from her two week stay on in Paradise. Finalize preparations for t...
Spy School: British Invasion by SpySchool13
Spy School: British Invasionby moonroses
After the fiasco in Mexico, Ben and the gang fly to Britain to follow a lead from Murray. They stay in a fancy hotel, eat good food, and, oh yeah, have multiple encounte...
Royals: Part 6 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 6by royalkennedylover
*Sixth book in the Royals Series* It's been nearly 3 years since Jackie Baker married her long time friend, Prince Harry, with the eyes of the world on her. Now, with a...
The Phoenix Princess by TashaAmy1803
The Phoenix Princessby Tasha Amy
I was neither the heir or the spare but a surprise in a turmoil of a rocky marriage. Separation and arguments between mother and father are all I've really known. After...
Part of Me -- Jasper Hale by TheEmmysShow
Part of Me -- Jasper Haleby TheEmmysShow
Carlisle Cullen has a younger sister in New York?! These are the twisted tales of what happens when Alice has visions of Jasper’s new fate with her. Violence, rape, and...
D' Arc || The King by Silver_Rogue
D' Arc || The Kingby HIATUS
The girl in the sky blue dress had her father's heart and her mother's brain. She lived in a place where the sun shown and snow fell. Helping her brother on the farm the...
Long May She Reign by jerseystyles
Long May She Reignby S O M E B O D Y
Since Mary, Queen of Scotland was a child, she dreamed of finding the true love. She is sent to France to wed its next king and for a time she thought she found it. But...
Love Island Summer 2023 by forbesfever
Love Island Summer 2023by forbesfever
Angelina is just an Italian school teacher, living in Wales. When she gets scouted for a popular summer show about love, she wonders what she has to loose? Maybe she'll...
Heartfull (Sequel to Heartless by Marissa Meyers) -COMPLETE- by Dotsybooo
Heartfull (Sequel to Heartless Dotsybooo
WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ HEARTLESS BY MARISSA MEYERS Some time ago, I finished the book Heartless by Marissa Meyer. It is now my favorite book, but I hav...
Spy School: Broken Bonds by spyschoolagent
Spy School: Broken Bondsby Spy school insider
(SEQUEL to Spy School: Time Off) Ben and Erica just got back from there "trip" and are happily living together in a bigger dorm. Or are they? They are hiding s...
NOBLESSE ♔The Beginning after the end ♚ by Nanarigina9
NOBLESSE ♔The Beginning after Leyla
In this story, where roads are intertwined, predestination is connected, and truth is revealed. Now is the time to know everything, about Raizel and the others, but tje...
Roseless (A Heartless Sequel) Hiatus by PandaPhoenix05
Roseless (A Heartless Sequel) Moon
The Queen of Hearts has had a child who is now 15, when a ball is thrown in her favor, she starts thinking rebellious thoughts. Join the Princess in her quest for restor...
That Boleyn girl | millie o'connell  by whoopsitsmax
That Boleyn girl | millie o' ★ yuh ★
[!!COVER IS NOT MINE, I DID NOT MAKE IT ALL RIGHTS TO THE COVER GO TO @haus-of-holbein ON TUMBLR!!] In which an alternative actress for SIX the musical starts to fall fo...