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ℬℯ𝓁𝓁𝒶 by always_a_book_away
ℬℯ𝓁𝓁𝒶by always_a_book_away
Bella Parker, a sweet and innocent girl. But she was hurt through her while life, first her father left her mother for his secretary and left nothing for them, then her...
Alone by B00kL0ver_345
Aloneby A Random Muggle
"So your parents are leaving you alone to fight this battle?" "I guess so" In which a young girl finds trust in 4 doctors, whilst fighting for her li...
Zodiac scenarios ^^ by Blue_BlackOOF666
Zodiac scenarios ^^by 𝓔𝓻𝓲/𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 💖
Zodiac scenarios, zodiacs as blank, etc! Please keep in mind that these might not be accurate to you! Most of this is from the internet(mainly google) and some might be...
The Twelve Realms (A Zodiac Story) by SilverRose244
The Twelve Realms (A Zodiac Story)by Silver
The twelve Zodiacs all live together at a boarding school, but all that changes when Gemini claims she saw a magical airship hovering over the school. The other eleven p...
Zodiac Signs💫 by hxppierthaneverr
Zodiac Signs💫by ☽
*Frequent Posting? -Maybe. ♈︎ • ♉︎ • ♊︎ • ♋︎ • ♌︎ • ♍︎ • ♎︎ • ♏︎ • ♐︎ • ♑︎ • ♒︎ • ♓︎ zodiac (n.) an imaginary belt of the heavens, extending about 8° on each side of...
A technoblade Memorial by Coaladude
A technoblade Memorialby Coaladude
Disclaimer. This story is based on Technoblades backstory but there will be parts added that have not actually happened and every part of his backstory and time on the d...
Characters By Zodiacs 💜 by CelestiaMalfoy88
Characters By Zodiacs 💜by Celestè
Types of Characters Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Start: 4/07/2022)
Global Metastatic Cancer Drug MarketValue by Datainbound
Global Metastatic Cancer Drug
Global Metastatic Cancer Drug MarketValue Chain, Drivers and Restraints Impact Analysis
Zodaic Sign Story [Request Open For Short Ships] by Bookworm438
Zodaic Sign Story [Request Open Queen Constellations
this will have a zodaic story and what they would do in bad situations.The cover art is not mine credit to those who made it. Thank you for the idea I will also includ...
Zodiacs by angel24987
Zodiacsby angel24987
Just a few zodiac situations ♐️♉️♈️♍️♏️♓️♎️♋️♑️♌️♒️♊️ (Cover made by me) (Don't hate on me these are just for fun/based of my experiences. If they offend you i'm sorry)
A zodiac story by katedemon1234
A zodiac storyby ._k@tiie_.
Basically the zodiacs lived there lives not knowing they were zodiacs until men in black suit came a took them. You'll have to read more to find out. Also this is based...
Harry Potter Zodiacs by Lxveyou3
Harry Potter Zodiacsby Popsicle
This is some simple harry potter things based off the zodiacs :) Enjoy potterheads
Zodiac Mystery | book one by hann0117
Zodiac Mystery | book oneby hann
Half of the zodiac signs were separated from the real word since the day they were born. They live at the moon where they stay majority of their life. A tragedy forces t...
Two Weeks Ago by DeniskaTen
Two Weeks Agoby super tuna !
[Completed] [Rewriting] It was uncharacteristic of Jin, but nowadays, he found himself to be more tired after practice. He was known as one of the most athletic members...
The act of favoritism (EDITING) by misssspretttyyy
The act of favoritism (EDITING)by Drea.
WARNING: This may contains some suicidal and brutal scenes if you can't take it just skip the part I'll put some warning for you to be aware
ZODIAC HIGH PART 2 by pokeiman1994
I reached my maximum with the other book, so I have to finish the rest of the chapters in this book.
The mother she never knew) fighting the battle by NIkkiSimmons5
The mother she never knew) NIkki Simmons
Lena Adams Foster a devoted wife, mother of two she's always been in perfect health. until she is face with a life altering disease, that turns her world upside down. sh...
Zodiac High by pokeiman1994
Zodiac Highby Iman Peden
Drama, humor, betrayal and heartbreaks! Welcome to senior year at Zodiac High! From fall to graduation, this is going to be unforgettable year for the 12 zodiacs.
Warmth.  by l17laa
Warmth. by l17la
"She was my only true love." "Those words, broke me. I don't break." ~ Juliette Pierce is a gorgeous 17 year old girl, who is in love with...
I'm Sorry ( Dadzawa ) by PerseveranceTurtle
I'm Sorry ( Dadzawa )by
Deku has had a bad past. He was abused and depressed, and he was like this until his High school teacher Mr. Aizawa finds out and decides to help him. But after getting...