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adore her by leechluvr
adore herby I ♡ edward cullen
After learning her tragic backstory after a dnd game Eddie Munson takes it into his own hands to care for a girl he just met. Band and party scenes Smoking Takes place...
Trouble Maker  by CGV_taetae
Trouble Maker by LilLoki
Taehyung suffers a terrible injury to his head and comes back different. How will the members deal with the new Taehyung. (Little Space) Started:2/2/18 Ended:
Good Girls Get Lollipops🍭 by Unsharpenedcrayon
Good Girls Get Lollipops🍭by Erin madinley
Mae, a 18 year old struggling to get by runs into Christopher in a embarrassing encounter. He introduces her to Abdl. Will this help her discover what shes been missing...
Little Oliver by Angrytomato566
Little Oliverby Angrytomato566
Everyone has to get tested and classified at 17. But when Oliver finds out he is a little his dad is furious and kicks him out, he gets taken and put into an adoption ce...
Severus x reader one shots by sips___tea
Severus x reader one shotsby sips
A collection of one shots about Severus! Both fluff and lemons
Owning the beastars by user36715413
Owning the beastarsby Carmen-chan
What happen if you adopt a beastars as your pet ?
Little Leo  by Imissyou420
Little Leo by Imissyou420
In this world you get classified as either a Master , pet , Mommy/Daddy , Little or Neutral Leo finds out he is a Little and quickly gets kicked out of his household an...
RUHANI RISHTA🤱 by Ruchihere
RUHANI RISHTA🤱by Ruchihere
SIDNAAZ STORY ❤️ Starting day:- 29 July 2022✨ Har rishta khoon ka nahi hota..kuch rishte rooh se hote hai! Ek soul ka connection dusre soul se..Soul connection 💫 Ye Kah...
what it takes (horror x mother reader) by 23schristensen3
what it takes (horror x mother Victoria Von pink
you're a girl how heard a knock on the door and what you see is...... something that will change your life for ever. I will not edit it because i am lazy and don't want...
Daddy's babygirl by SabrinaRose069
Daddy's babygirlby Sabrina Rose
A girl who lives a horrible life but changes, after something or someone fixes it for her.
Mommy and Emily  by kal_baby
Mommy and Emily by Baby.kali
This is a story about Emily and her mommy, Lana. This is an age regression story. There is NO actual "mother" and "daughter." If you don't like it...
The Little's Tutor by kal_baby
The Little's Tutorby Baby.kali
Avani was an 18 year old high school senior. She was always a good student, but she suddenly started to not care. The only thing that gave her comfort was age regression...
Steven Universe x corrupt gemling reader  by sammytheskitty33
Steven Universe x corrupt Samantha Szyperski
Your mother has been destabilized suddenly by none other than the crystal gems! Of course they can't destabilize you, you're just a little gemmy; destabilization is as g...
Idyllic  by Roshaan2000
Idyllic by Rosa🌹
Short story Boys can be princesses too Girls can be the knight in shining armor too Break the stereotypes and you'll find a love so beautiful and idyllic. ( message me w...
Cookies n Cream ༝ ⋆ 𝆺𝅥 by wonderteez
Cookies n Cream ༝ ⋆ 𝆺𝅥by ayumu
A book full of wild fantasies <3.
🧸 Lovely Littlespace 🧸 [♡] by _lxving_stuffies_
🧸 Lovely Littlespace 🧸 [♡]by •° SAVANNAH °•
This book includes: 💛 Me fooling around while in headspace . 💛 Littlespace memes . 💛 Tips for secret littles . 💛 Songs and other things to help you slip . 💛 Stuff f...
My life by LITTLEMARMAR2005
My lifeby Seriah Bartram
This is where I will just be posting about my day/life. You don't gotta read if you don't want to. This is mostly just for me to vent about my life. there will be spelli...
Queen!!! by background21
Queen!!!by Neetha Sai
I am a Queen! I am a Queen of two kingdoms whose names are enough to make anyone tremble with fear. I am a Queen who had done nothing but what everyone asked me to do...
MY HIDDEN LOVE🧚🏻‍♀️✨✔️ by introvertwriter999
MY HIDDEN LOVE🧚🏻‍♀️✨✔️by introvertwriter999
When a normal girl's fairytales & fantasies becomes true. A hidden love story🧚🏻‍♀️✨ A short story with 10 chapters🧚🏻‍♀️✨
John is in a pretty dark spot. Having been forced back into the hierarchy and losing his only friend in Wellston, John is alone. Looking for an answer to this terrible...
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