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Diabolik Lovers Parent Scenarios by mint_bubble_tea606
Diabolik Lovers Parent Scenariosby 【Near】
The Diabolik Lovers characters are pushed into situations of pregnancy and childrearing. FEM READER SUGGESTIVE
Diabolik Lovers x Reader Oneshots, Scenarios & Stuff by asterixtar
Diabolik Lovers x Reader Marzette
A collection of my Diabolik Lovers Scenarios, oneshots and stuff. Please comment or message me if you want to request. Enjoy~! ☆ Book Cover by: animeanne-
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios by aft0nsboyfriend
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenariosby Aspin
Boyfriend scenarios for Diabolik Lovers, including the Sakamaki Family and Mukami Family. Slight NSFW in some
Cherry Kiss (A Diabolik Lovers Collection Confection) by alexydeschanel
Cherry Kiss (A Diabolik Lovers Lexyana
Featuring one shots of: Yuma Mukami 🦁😍 Kou Mukami💎💕 Laito Sakamaki 😏💍 Ayato Sakamaki 🔥✨ Subaru Sakamaki☺️ 🖤 Carla Tsukinami🤤 🤞🏾 Shuu Sakamaki 😚💋 Kanato Sa...
Cordelia's Younger Sister {DISCONTINUED} by ShuzikoSakamaki
Cordelia's Younger Sister { Kiara Takami
What if Yui Komori was Cordelia Sakamaki's younger sister? What if she was Yui Kōderia, the Demon Lord's second daughter and child? What if she was the triplet's aunt? A...
Diabolik Lovers One Shots and Scenarios by LizzyMeadow
Diabolik Lovers One Shots and 6421SophieSakamaki
One Shots and scenarios will include all the boys if I can. This is my first book so please try not to expect anything amazing but I will do my best. :). All boys will i...
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios by Strawberry-Doll
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenariosby Strawberry Doll
Just another one of these stories, and just the author having fun. This is gonna operate on requests, so if there's anything you want to see, leave a comment! Enjoy the...
❝Tainted Fate❞ ╏Diabolik Lovers Zodiacs by -dreamingnights
❝Tainted Fate❞ ╏Diabolik Lovers -
"Your fate now lies in the stars~" Read to find out more and yes, I did get bored ^^
The Ones I Love by AniMalanie
The Ones I Loveby Malanie
I met them at the orphanage and knew that it was fate. They helped me, and I did my best to return the favor. I trusted them with my life and let them trust me with thei...
❝ Blood and Roses ❞ ╏ [ Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios ] by -dreamingnights
❝ Blood and Roses ❞ ╏ [ Diabolik -
"Every part of you belongs to me now, your blood, your beating heart, your body and soul, say that you're mine completely. Give your blood to me alone, and devote y...
Diabolik Lovers x Brave! Idol! Tomboy! Reader by ninakomori7
Diabolik Lovers x Brave! Idol! MY NAME IS IJ
Your parents had spoilt you with lots of love and affection. You were living happily with your parents. When you were 15 years old and soon to be 16 in few months you ha...
Broken Promises (Diabolik lovers Ff) by Idol_Airashii
Broken Promises (Diabolik lovers Idol_Airashii
He promise.. She believe.. He promise that he'll never leave her and she believe him.. How could he promise her such lies while she keep believing in him? Shuu and Yui w...
Diabolik Lovers || Zodiacs by xxnxcxlx
Diabolik Lovers || Zodiacsby 𝓝𝓲𝔁
BACK WITH ANOTHER BOOK I MAY REGRET XD But putting that aside, hope yall enjoy this :) Copyright masteroffxre Started》9th March 2019 Completed》-
Diabolik Lovers x Reader Oneshots by Gay_Lord_0273
Diabolik Lovers x Reader Oneshotsby Echo
Diabolik Lovers x Reader Oneshots I do; Boy x Boy Girl x Girl Boy x Girl Female Reader Insert Male Reader Insert OC Reader Insert I do Characters; Yui (Only if requested...
Music Box by 21_wishes_in_a_dream
Music Boxby 21_wishes_in_a_dream
Even though she tricked me and I hated it, I had somehow ended up seeing her every day. The way she moved. The way she sang. Even when she looked at me, She hooked m...
Forgotten by RimaAizawa_0317
Forgottenby Rima Aizawa
Yami Komori is the little sister of while growing up she was ignored by her father and everyone in the church. When her father ask her and Yui to go to the Sakamaki hous...
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❝ Under the moonlight ❞ ╏  [ Diabolik lovers one-shots ] by -dreamingnights
❝ Under the moonlight ❞ ╏ [ -
" Will you accept your destiny and give up everything to us? If you are capable of doing that, I will take you with me into an eternal dream. Whether that dream is...
Diabolik Lovers One-shots & Scenarios by BFAuthor-chan
Diabolik Lovers One-shots & BFAuthor-chan
Includes every character from every family. I can do side characters as well. You can decide who's next and what type of a one-shot it's gonna be.
Crimson Blood (Diabolik Lovers x Fem. reader) by Dawn105
Crimson Blood (Diabolik Lovers x Dawn Willabye
"My dear, we can't let you leave!" "Don't think you can escape punishment!" "Teddy is mad at you and so am I." . . . "You will rais...