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Yui and the Six Brothers by sweet_yui_455
Yui and the Six Brothersby Yui Komori
Yui is a normal kind and sweet girl. She gets sent to live in the sakamaki household by her father. Yui is the only person who could change each vampires hearts. But whe...
The Sakamaki Roses  by princess_pavni
The Sakamaki Roses by Pavni
What if Yui escaped from the vampire brothers and then one day Karl Heinz finds her but........................
Yui's younger brother by Lucian_ZK
Yui's younger brotherby Layton ZVernon
Yui Komori is a 17 year old girl Mika komori is a 16 year old male They are both sent away by their "father" to live with distant "cousins" but some...
They Can't Bite. (A Diabolik Lovers X M!OC)  by JustAGhostyGhost
They Can't Bite. (A Diabolik Lover...by Ghosty
Anim, A boy that came along as a two package deal with Yui Komori to a mansion that has some THIRSTY (literally) vampire brothers. Will the boy survive the night, or w...
Broken Family - Diabolik Lovers fanfiction by Diabolikfan608
Broken Family - Diabolik Lovers fa...by Diabolikfan608
Yui Komori ran away 10 years ago after having sexual intercourse with all of the boys (don't ask how just go along with it) and she gave birth to a baby who had the bloo...
The Little Brother by silver-stories93
The Little Brotherby Nisa Silver
Meet Yui's little brother who's a lazy vampire, Rin. Let's follow his journey living with his sister at the Sakamaki Mansion as he uncovers various secrets along the way...
Lily: The Mad One by Zecha13
Lily: The Mad Oneby Zecha
[HIATUS] Highest rank= #19 in diabolik lovers (7/19/2019) What happens when the Sakamaki gets a new housemate that is hard to handle? That is the exact definition of Lil...
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Water Bound [Diabolik Lovers] by Evie1107
Water Bound [Diabolik Lovers]by Evie
Sirena Komori is Yui's younger sister who was adopted by Seiji at the age of six. Back then she was just a normal human child who enjoyed the ocean a bit too much. One d...
Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers x Male Oc by Sleepy_Dove
Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers x...by Eyeliza
After Yui was sent to the Sakamaki brothers and things unfolded in less than a school year, her younger brother was also sent by the church. To get rid of him. Two main...
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers × Male! OC]  by Arichli
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers ×...by Ari Richli
OFFICIALLY COMPLETED!! {As a child grows there are bound to be phases that they enter and then leave. With our particular main character, that was a fascination with the...
Diabolik Daughters by unikitty455
Diabolik Daughtersby unikitty455
What if Yui managed to escaped the grasps of the Sakamaki Vampires? What if she got married to another man? But, there is a catch, she is pregnant with 8 Sakamaki babies...
Our Daughter - Diabolik Lovers - OC by lovalicious58
Our Daughter - Diabolik Lovers - OCby Love Lovely
It's been four years since Yui had a child from the Sakamakis and ran away but what happens when the child appears at their doorstep four years later I will be using ima...
Yui's brother (diabolik lovers) by F34r733squ3n
Yui's brother (diabolik lovers)by Redflower
What if Yui Komori had a brother and they were both sent to a house full of vampires? Will he find happiness, or will misfortune strike?Minori Komori used to get bullied...
Please Be Mine (Sakamaki Brothers x Sick! Male Reader) by flame-rxse
Please Be Mine (Sakamaki Brothers...by Flamerose
After your dad got into an accident, you were sent to live with the Sakamakis. You were excited to finally meet some new people in your life, but with your deadly sickne...
Beautiful Temptation [Diabolik Lovers] by DawnLicht
Beautiful Temptation [Diabolik Lov...by Enka
Carys Shirato, is sent together with Yui Komori to live in a manor with 6 boys, by the father of the church, in which she lived since the day, she was found in front of...
Eve [Diabolik Lovers] by Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
Eve [Diabolik Lovers]by Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
Yui has been having weird dreams lately where she encounters a sad, lonely girl. The Mukami Brothers are convinced that Yui is the Eve that they're looking for. But this...
Diabolik Lovers: Vampire Yui by Amari_LoK
Diabolik Lovers: Vampire Yuiby Ari
This story is after yui stabbed herself. What will happen if yui become a vampire but a different type. Yui will have Twilight and Vampire Diaries types and some seens. ...
Diabolik Lovers x Chinese!Male ocs by Jkyolo265
Diabolik Lovers x Chinese!Male ocsby OkamiH
Xian Xu is a 17 year old teenage boy, who has fire power, along with his pet Cockatoo, Shiro They are now living with the Sakamaki brother in the mansion, stay there for...
[The Youngest Sakamaki] by Suicidal_Bastards
[The Youngest Sakamaki]by suicidal_bastards
hello it's nice it meet you all this is my first time writing Wattpad so i may not be the best and kinda sloppy I have never written a novel before but i will try my be...
Diabolik Lovers (Yui's Sister) Fanfic :3 by AestheticReadxWrites
Diabolik Lovers (Yui's Sister) Fan...by i.magine.
Yuruki Komori and her sister Yui Komori was sent to to the sakamaki's house to leave there since their father is going somewhere far away to do "something"...Y...