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Don't leave me broken hearted by klutzyinwonderland
Don't leave me broken heartedby Klutzy
Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction~! Yuki was Shuu's girlfriend.But what happens when Yui comes along? I remembered the day he told me he loved me..... It was the happiest day o...
The Quiet One (Diabolik Lovers) by Kp0p_K1ller
The Quiet One (Diabolik Lovers)by Kpop_Killer
Yuki is a 17 year old girl who is extremely shy and hasn't spoken in many years due to a traumatic moment in her past, but what will happen when she is sent to the Sakam...
Real Bride~ {Diabolik Lovers} by secret_amour
Real Bride~ {Diabolik Lovers}by asdfghjkl
Murakami Himeko is the descent of Japanese royalty and the "real" Eve. Turns out, Yui was only a sub for Eve. Himeko has more blood power running in her veins...
Opposed Sisters by sweetcinnamontonight
Opposed Sistersby sweetcinnamontonight
It's been three months since Yui has come to live at the Sakamaki mansion, now Yui sister has been sent to join her sister. Lila and Yui are two opposite souls in appea...
Mine [Sakamaki x reader x Mukumi] by AreumNaeil
Mine [Sakamaki x reader x Mukumi]by Rose
They love you. They'd die for you. But they're afraid to lose you. Afraid you'll be taken by someone else. But you have no idea. You love them but you don't know if it's...
Another Awakening {Diabolik Lovers} by iiTriciaa
Another Awakening {Diabolik Lovers}by Tricia
What if not only Komori Yui gets sent to the Sakamaki Mansion? Meet Komori Kiyoshi , Yui's adoptive sister who's personality isn't quite like Yui's. Kiyoshi or as she li...
Deep》Diabolik lovers x male oc  by SpideyHackerBby
Deep》Diabolik lovers x male oc by SpideyHackerBby
This is not edited do pls go easy on me ;-; Arius is sent to accompany yui to the sakamaki mansion. yui dislikes Arius greatly for him being partly demon. though it wasn...
Reborn in a beast world novel by rikaaa54
Reborn in a beast world novelby ʝó
After a sudden death, Xu Ming finds herself reborn in the world of a novel she read... as a cannon fodder Full Summary is in the first chapter. Mc starts as a cub. Imp...
A Beautiful Mage in the Beast World  by Raisha_Ipi
A Beautiful Mage in the Beast Raisha
Alina DeCosta a girl from the 21st century somehow transports into a novel that she hates the most so didn't finish the novel. She somehow remembered her past life and g...
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Story!" by Momma1982
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Momma1982
Your, just an ordinary vlogger who made an interesting point but you get invited to an unexplored jungle with a team of archeologists and your the only one the bea...
Wait! I'm a villain now!?  by vira_flame
Wait! I'm a villain now!? by 🤟vira_flame🪼
Lea, a 27-year-old girl is somehow reborn as a character from a beastworld novel she had been reading. not only was she a side character but a villainess! Original-Nove...
On The Side Of The Pitch With You by EinAr_17
On The Side Of The Pitch With Youby EiN Ar
"You are my happiness." All she wanted was to keep him safe. All he wanted was for her to be happy. A lot of things happened in the span of a single year. They...
❞ What's Your Guys Deal. ❞ 「 Shxtou Harem 」 by uwuuki
❞ What's Your Guys Deal. ❞ 「 kiyo
100K READS?!?!? This is a college AU. Ahah okay, okay, so I'm new to the fandom so I might get people's personality mixed up so I apologise in advance, there's not goin...
Diabolik lovers - scenarios by Dia-WHAT
Diabolik lovers - scenariosby Dia-WHAT
Scenarios with your favorite Sakamaki brothers and also a few oneshots. Read to discover a new world of how would they react to certain situations. #1 - Hahaha #2 - Haha...
Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Reader by -angstchild
Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Readerby 50
Waking up in the morning as usual, the sun is shining, music is playing through your headphones and the three complete strangers looming over you. Wait... What? Yes, tha...
Little Photographer (Diabolik Lovers x Reader) by L_A_Studios
Little Photographer (Diabolik L_A_Studios
Meet the Sakamaki's. 6 Vampire males who have lived a pretty luxurious life. But what happens when they are found guilty of killing Yui Komori, who they were told that t...
Another Sacrificial Bride (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by sailormoonjun
Another Sacrificial Bride (A 🌙✨
What if another girl came to live with the Sakamaki? A girl who lived in the exact same church as Yui, but has an attitude the exact opposite of her? Someone with a dark...
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❞ Mr. Class President. ❞ 「 Voxto Fanfic 」 by uwuuki
❞ Mr. Class President. ❞ 「 Voxto kiyo
heheheheh....this fanfic is based of the series 'all of us are dead' but with vtubers 🤔🤔. I will be basing some scenes of the series into this fanfic, so...yeahhhhhh. ...
Dear Soulmate (Laito SakamakiXReader) by Bakamono_dearu
Dear Soulmate (Laito ROI
dear soulmate, for years, I have yearned for you to come and save me from my misery. But never did you come. days continue to pass by and I wonder, will you forgive me i...