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" Every female needs a male to protect her from feral beasts and other dangers , I'm a feral. I could snap your pretty little neck right now " " Try it a...
Reborn Into The Beast World by leyendoyamar
Reborn Into The Beast Worldby LeyendoyAmar
Ever heard of the woman who suddenly appeared in a world filled with beastmen? You know, the place of walking hunky men showing off their bodies, ears, tails, blood, and...
Witch in the Beastworld  by ZaraGreenshields
Witch in the Beastworld by Zara Greenshields
Opheila Potter in one word hated her life, her father James Potter wanted her to he the perfect lady and to do as she was told. her mother Lily went from a some what dow...
Farming in the Beast World: Sticky Troubles with Villainous Cubs by mafia_honey
Farming in the Beast World: 💋
After a bomb bombarded the base, Si Yan passed through the book. When she woke up, there were four cute snake cubs who would kill her in the future. In the original book...
A New Eudora by 01orax
A New Eudoraby 01orax
The story of Eudora if she wasn't as spoilt as she was in the novel. Based of the webtoon - Beauty and the Beasts This is my first story, I thought that some of the char...
Loving My Mates In The Beast World by GalaxyStars833
Loving My Mates In The Beast Worldby Galaxy Stars
Sheea who was so immersed in the sorrow of the untimely end of her favourite novel with the premature deaths of her favourite characters, blamed the author for the lack...
A Beautiful Mage in the Beast World  by Raisha_Ipi
A Beautiful Mage in the Beast Raisha
Alina DeCosta a girl from the 21st century somehow transports into a novel that she hates the most so didn't finish the novel. She somehow remembered her past life and g...
Herculean Strength (Slow Update) by Rodelyn2403
Herculean Strength (Slow Update)by Rodelyn Cuadra
Part of the family with Herculean Strength, running in the women of the family. Yaesoon must prepare herself for an adventure out of this world, as she uses her magnific...
reborn in the beast world by heartsonfirenovel
reborn in the beast worldby heartsonfire
Because of a bracelet that attracted me , I was reborn as a nonexistent character of my favourite novel the beauty and the beasts . How will I survive in this world with...
The Destroyer  by ChastityKarma
The Destroyer by Chastity Karma
A night in the woods turn deadly when unidentified creatures turn up out of nowhere. Savannah and her friends split up and in the process she met another strange being...
Aiara by ChastityKarma
Aiaraby Chastity Karma
~Family is not blood. Family is people who are there for you when you need them.~ --------------------- "Why are you helping me?" "I don't see a monster...
Whispers of the Beast Realm by Shirayuki_Whisterlia
Whispers of the Beast Realmby SA
Shira, a spirited young woman, relishes a rare Friday off only to wake up in a bewildering world of fantastical creatures. Torn between the eager suitors vying for her a...
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The Beast World's Gift : Rewritten by HadesIsTheBest
The Beast World's Gift : Rewrittenby HadesIsTheBest
Adia, a newly 22 year old trying to complete a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology and nursing, ends up in the beast world after tripping, who will she meet? Where wil...
Journey In the Beastworld (On Hiatus) by AliceChen1234
Journey In the Beastworld (On Alice Chen
Evelyn Lin, aged 17, had somehow traveled to the beastworld. Until coming face-to-face with a Leopard beastmen, had she realized her location. Her journey in the beast...
The Human Mate by ChastityKarma
The Human Mateby Chastity Karma
Kallia Herman didn't know what she sign up for when she take the intern job at a prestigious company. The first encounter with her boss pull her into a world she didn't...
Love's Harvest: Taming the Wild, Raising Cubs by Critique_Queen_101
Love's Harvest: Taming the Wild, CritiqueQueen👑
After binding the planting ability, I farmed and raised cubs in the beast world.😍❤️ >───⇌• :🌷: •⇋───<>───⇌• :🌷: •⇋───< Author: 南梨枝 Alternative: 绑定种植异能后我在兽...
Beauty and The Beasts: Rain by ReiFive
Beauty and The Beasts: Rainby Rei
Rain was a beast who desired independence and strength. She was loathe to be pushed around and demanded respect from others. She may be unique, but she will not let ot...
Surviving As A Cannon Fodder by akane_youkai
Surviving As A Cannon Fodderby Akane Akuma
Being a normal college student, Eunseo was reincarnated into a book she barely remembers as a no-name canon fodder. To survive in an unknown world she devises a plan an...
Reincarnated in the Beast World by eunoia_rvssie
Reincarnated in the Beast Worldby Eunoia_Rvssie
Jasmine is reincarnated as the mean side character from a novel she randomly read. it's a beast world novel where females are fewer than males. No problem though as she'...
Tyrant's Heartbeat by ChastityKarma
Tyrant's Heartbeatby Chastity Karma
Two worlds, two people. She's from a world he didn't know existed. He's from from a world she didn't know existed. She's outgoing. He's rude. She's kind. He's nowhere ne...