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A 'Divergent' Escape by emesley12
A 'Divergent' Escapeby E. K. Palleryn
*Sequel to 'A Divergent Turn of Events* (this doesn't have to be read first, but it would help) Tris and Four are trying to make a go of their new found relationship, al...
Tooth and Claw by credsjulia
Tooth and Clawby credsjulia
Shadow is a rogue cat, and enjoys her independent life, even though there are pro's and con's. But when a she-cat asks Shadow to join a Tribe and experience life as a gr...
Heavenly Refuge by _SkySailor
Heavenly Refugeby _SkySailor
She's told she would die. A disease that takes away every breath. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Luna Moon, a girl who's fate is to die by cancer's hands, i...
THE SIREN OF THE SHADOWS [on hold] by Deep4141
THE SIREN OF THE SHADOWS [on hold]by The_Deep
What happens when reality takes a hike and seemingly impossible things happen when they aren’t supposed to? What happens when the fabric of reality is torn asunder to un...
Fighting Electricity- Stopped uploading chapters by 07goibaa
Fighting Electricity- Stopped OTT
I mean seriously don’t vampires get bored of the taste of blood... I mean come on Ribena all the timeee. Borring!!! Okay let’s skip this part and go to the main point. ...
Story Of A Teenage Girl [ON HOLD]  by Beacon_in_oblivion
Story Of A Teenage Girl [ON HOLD] by Beacon In Oblivion
This is the story of a teenage girl who struggles to make her life easy but being in the middle of every life problem she seems it impossible to make it. Let us see wh...