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HIS UNFORGETFUL WIFE ✅ [Unedited] by YsabelleMonte2
She has it all except his heart. She had done both amazing and ridiculous things but was still treated as a wallflower. She's been a good wife. But now, she can no lo...
Black Diaries by RobThier
Black Diariesby Robert Thier
INGREDIENTS FOR A HAPPILY EVER AFTER: One feisty heroine (That would be me. Hi, I'm Cassy.) One deliciously hot hero (I prefer them fresh, not frozen.) Passionate...
Honeydew (BWWM) by JasmynTailor
Honeydew (BWWM)by Jasmyn
Book two of the 1 Peter 4:8 series🦋✨ - In Perkinston, Mississippi love comes softly, but at the cost of everyone knowing your business. When twenty-four year old Honey...
Glory(BWWM) by JasmynTailor
Glory(BWWM)by Jasmyn
Book four of the 1 Peter 4:8 series🦋♥️ - "And what of the name, Glory? You are known by all as Adelia." Adelia's lips curled to a refined smile. "For the...
Masked Girls by maskedst
Masked Girlsby masked / este (maskedst)
Rifton Girls' High School is the most elite all-girls school in the city. With a strict scholarship-only admission, a grand school campus and plentiful funding from its...
The Annihilation Code by Firekittens27
The Annihilation Codeby Olivia Soffey
They took everything from him. Today he will take something back... In a not too distant future, delinquents are sentenced to serve their communities by becoming part ma...
AMARUS by WildNightWind13
AMARUSby WildNightWind13
After running afoul of a vengeful former lover, an 18th century aristocratic artist finds himself on the receiving end of a cruel and never ending curse.
HEART OF THE STORM *Ongoing* by AngelineGallant1
HEART OF THE STORM *Ongoing*by Angeline Gallant
Erika has made mistakes - disastrous mistakes - and is now paying the price. Not all is lost, however, when she discovers a network she can trust. More than just allies...
Tales Of Magic, Blood And Blade: Celestial Awakening by VadimAMD
Tales Of Magic, Blood And Blade: A.M.Dominic
"Sanity has gone to the wind. The laws that maintained order are void. A new generation with a lust for power and no thirst for peace has risen. Yet the ones sancti...
We the Cursed Ones by Fantasy_Lovergirl
We the Cursed Onesby Kimberly Crawford
Athen has grown up being below average, with a talent only in running and reading. Coward. Then he is blessed, or cursed, with an opportunity to fight. To try and save w...
Hotel 2~ by kayidol
Hotel 2~by kayidol
sequel to Hotel 1 💞 By the end of Hotel 1, a shocking truth was revealed that explained to Samantha the genealogy that is behind her having twins. It gets more interest...
A year to live and die by SaymyAli
A year to live and dieby Saymy Ali
Known as Sianna finch. Once upon a time, In 1995 I was born in a fairyland where I was the princess. Fairy tales don't last and besides that happy sky, a clouded sky ra...
A Second Chance by silverlightdragon
A Second Chanceby silverlightdragon
It has been ten years since Hiccup disappeared. Dragons have gone and Berk lies in ruins. Searching for a new home Astrid faces a chance encounter that will change her a...
His Serendipity[BWWM] by JasmynTailor
His Serendipity[BWWM]by Jasmyn
"I didn't know that I needed you until I met you. Clover Blossom, you're my serendipity." •••• ser·en·dip·i·ty ...
Longing Hearts 2  by Writerbyheart01
Longing Hearts 2 by 𝒩𝒶𝒶𝓏 𝒥𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓁
False Expectations - First 14 Chapters by ARIADNI_SA
False Expectations - First 14 Ariadni
Maximus Drako is a 30 years old werewolf and also the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world. He became Alpha from the age of 18. His blood is pure lycan and he i...
Tales of the Pearly City (Pearly Tales Vol.1) [Completed] by NathanielWilhelm
Tales of the Pearly City (Pearly NathanielWilhelm
After being reincarnated in his favorite game Jasper Toledo, otherwise known as Calloway Calphius, finds himself in the city he created 250 years after he logged out for...
Gunnar's Redemption(BWWM) by JasmynTailor
Gunnar's Redemption(BWWM)by Jasmyn
Book three of the 1 Peter 4:8 series🦋♥️ This book is a sequel to Honeydew. Can be read alone, but it does have references explained in Honeydew. Read as you wish - Love...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Tales of the Pearly Kingdom (Pearly Tales Vol. 2) by NathanielWilhelm
Tales of the Pearly Kingdom ( NathanielWilhelm
Jasper Toledo is a college student who died and was reincarnated into his favorite video game. Calloway Calphius is an elf hero turned deity after he dissappeared from t...