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Life is Strange - One Shots by bread_gun
Life is Strange - One Shotsby M E G A N
here i'll be writing a selection of one shots based on the game life is strange ships included~ ✩ pricefield ✩ grahamfield ✩ caulscott ✩ chasescott ✩ chasefield
Quroscuro by Inactiveac
Quroscuroby Inactiveac
He was the last person Max thought would save her. Maybe she had judged him too quickly, overlooked some crucial details. But one thing was for certain he wasn't who she...
Memento Mori by Eleanorramroka
Memento Moriby Eleanorramroka
Cover art: By me Everyone has to die one day. Nathan feels like he already has.
Jane by sleglady
Janeby NLM
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this story. They are the legal property of DONTNOD Entertainment. The storyline is original, and mine alone...
Psychic || Nathan Prescott x Max Caulfield by -GakuenAlice-
Psychic || Nathan Prescott x Max astro
"the drugs limit my power." in which a new development has been made. max isn't the only one who knows about powers. max isn't the only one with a power. and m...
Nathans Chrush by kawaiimikaasa
Nathans Chrushby ✨UwU ✨
Max caufield just moved to arcadia Bay, After 5 years. Nathan prescott hapends to be with his friends the first Day he sees her, and damn Does he want to talk to her...
Red Jacket// caulscott fanfiction by wisedreamer01
Red Jacket// caulscott fanfictionby Charlotte Sjöström
Two people in different worlds have never been more similar. Nathan Prescott and his family have taken Arcadia Bay, but Nate is not very interesting about this kind of l...
happiest memory by softacoustics
happiest memoryby eve larssen
he was ready to let them take him. he had no happy memories anyway. what he didn't know was that his happiest memory was awaiting him just round the corner in the form o...
Manipulated Love  - A Caulscott FanFic by Theres_no_otheruser
Manipulated Love - A Caulscott xXIisafatmanXx
Altering Crossfire by Mysterous951
Altering Crossfireby Mysterous951
Life is Strange Fanfic What could possibly happen if an inaccurate occurrence advance to an unlucky mishap amidst two teens who are complete opposites? One being seen as...
Caulscott oneshots|fanfic by Theres_no_otheruser
Caulscott oneshots|fanficby xXIisafatmanXx
I may turn some of these into actual storys. Just tell me which ones-- and yes, I will fix them up into real storys. Enjoy <3
Aberration by caulscottpunks
Aberrationby Brooklyn
1. Aberration-Failing in the ability of a lens to produce a true image. 2. Aberration-Nathan Prescott failed in the ability of Max's eyes to produce a true image [of him...
It Can't Get Any Stranger Than This ~|Life Is Strange Fanfiction|~ by -GakuenAlice-
It Can't Get Any Stranger Than astro
Max Caulfield is your average 18 year old senior of high school. Well at least she was, it all started when her long lost best friend got plunged in the stomach by a bul...
Can't We Just Start Over? by Hella_Awkward_88
Can't We Just Start Over?by Hella_Awkward_88
Max and Nathan starting over and falling for each other. Hella fluffy fanfic where the life is strange story isn't a factor.
one shots. | multifandom by -onlyhatake
one shots. | multifandomby (♡´౪`♡)
One shots. Request any couple and I'll write them! :)
A Future To Look Forward To (Caulscott) by tillycornwallis
A Future To Look Forward To ( tillycornwallis
A few years after Max miraculously figures a way to save Arcadia Bay and Chloe, she is stuck in a predicament. She gets a call from none other than Nathan Prescott, and...
Obstacles by xGoingNowherex
Obstaclesby Tori
(LIFE IS STRANGE SPOILERS) |Life is strange au story| This story takes place in the Dark Room reality, in which Max has been kidnapped by Mark Jefferson alongside Victor...