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deliver your love ㅡ jenlisa by camrenhearteu
deliver your love ㅡ jenlisaby yana
lisa was about to go home one night after her shift at the restaurant. she got one unexpected delivery and it happened to be an order for the kims. the kims were the thr...
Revenge Love by Park_Chaera_Kim
Revenge Loveby Chaera_Park
Penceraian terjadi gara gara orang ketiga dan sudah saatnya pembalasan dendam dilakukan. "Menikahlah denganku,dan kita akan membalas semua perbuatan mereka" ...
the 1 | chaennie by kjnpcy
the 1 | chaennieby kjnpcy
Thirteen years into her successful career as a global superstar, Roseanne Park's got a lot of explaining to do. Everyone thinks that they know her, or has an opinion on...
Forget me, not (Chaennie) by hackerlocker
Forget me, not (Chaennie)by Hank of Rosie <3
Jennie Kim has been in love with her childhood friend, Kim Jisoo since they were kids, and she just recently become her girlfriend. What if one day, Jennie loses her mem...
Don't Say Goodbye II Chaennie by xaviestoopid
Don't Say Goodbye II Chaennieby 𝕄 𝕀 𝕃 𝕂 ℂ 𝕆 ℝ ℕ 𝔼 ℝ
Wherein Jennie loses her memories and Chaeyoung loses everything. Chaennie ex-wives
Gone (Chaennie x Chaehyun) by hackerlocker
Gone (Chaennie x Chaehyun)by Hank of Rosie <3
What if the person you beg for love before but rejected you several times suddenly asked you to come back and love her again. Jennie Kim and Park Chaeyoung are exes and...
The Alpha's Sister (Chaennie) by superiorblackpink4
The Alpha's Sister (Chaennie)by superiorblackpink4
Rosé a unnoticed shy wolf hasn't said a word to anyone besides her dad since her mom died. And she finds her mate is the Alpha's sister Jennie.
return (chaennie) by yejislady
return (chaennie)by sarah
"i've drowned in all my mistakes." a few months have passed since jennie left roseanne at the restaurant. they had no contact with each other since then. as f...
Arranged Marriage with You || Chaennie by chaesbaee
Arranged Marriage with You || chaesbaee
In order to advance her career, Jennie married Roseanne, a girl who not only recently became a woman, but was also younger than her by ten years. Since she didn't want t...
Everything I Lost | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Everything I Lost | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Jennie lost everything.. Her life changed over a night.. At the end when we lose something we gain something else.. What would it be? ©ilovemyself26
When There Was Me and You || chaennie✔️ by chaeinlove
When There Was Me and You || chaeinlove
"I thought you were my fairytale, a dream, when I'm not sleeping." ••• Roseanne Park, a freshman at the University of Melbourne, is very passionate about food...
D.E.B.S (Chaelisa) by Dreamofshadows
D.E.B.S (Chaelisa)by MMC
The star of a team of college crime fighters falls for the alluring villainess she must bring to justice. ***** Four years ago, Park Chaeyoung received a perfect score i...
Falling All In You by lipfeatjennie
Falling All In Youby lipfeatjennie
Wherein Roseanne Park had to transfer to the most prestigious university in South Korea, not expecting to bump into the trio of the richest and most powerful students ca...
Babysitting the Unnies by Lisayaya
Babysitting the Unniesby Lisayaya
When Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo all turn into kids, it's Lisa's turn to take care of them. Sequel to Babysitting the Maknae
Chaennie one shots  by CHAENNIE_HOE
Chaennie one shots by Jennie Kim-Park
Y'all hungry for Chaennie shots? Then your own the right book.... Just kidding I'm actually just a beginner so please support this book.
Blur (Chaennie) by hackerlocker
Blur (Chaennie)by Hank of Rosie <3
"break up with me,"Rosie said. "why can't you?" Jennie choked as Rosie looked away. "I.. I can't do it. Aren't you tired?" "You will r...
Keeping You A Secret •CHAENNIE• by rainey_winters
Keeping You A Secret •CHAENNIE•by Raine
With a steady boyfriend, the position of Student Council President, and a chance to go to an Seoul National University, high school life is just fine for Jennie Kim. At...
The unknown number /CHAENNIE/ by InFiReMaN1903
The unknown number /CHAENNIE/by I_AM_GaY_BITCH
Rosé has left BLACKPINK for some unexplainable reasons but what happens if she starts to chat with Jennie AKA her wifey through an unknown number?
I MARRIED JENNIE KIM by iheartchaennie
Park Chaeyoung knows that being married to a global kpop royalty isn't easy. However, Jennie Kim also knows that being married to a secret Korean heiress isn't easier.
Dirty Liar [Chaennie] by BP_Sh1ps
Dirty Liar [Chaennie]by JD
Where Jennie is scared of coming out because she's in a homophobic all girls school. The whole school knows Chaeyoung is a lesbian and bullies her for it. Jennie may be...