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Dragons Rising: The Merge: The Rewrite by jucypup67
Dragons Rising: The Merge: The GotMeowlk?
Hours passed, and Lloyd searched every single inch of the monastery for a single clue of where the others could've been. Even the totally wrecked library! It appeared...
The Way Tom Is by ChatDies
The Way Tom Isby Chat
Chamille Rhodes has had it rough, and nothing will ever be the same again once she's gotten her letter from Hogwarts. From meeting Tom Marvolo Riddle in their first yea...
Ninjago Sapphic One-shots! by RandomzStuffz
Ninjago Sapphic One-shots!by Randomz :D
Enjoy some one-shots with your favourite sapphic ninjago couples! (I don't own the cover art btw!) Will include: -Amberphoenix/Whirlpool (Nya x Skylor) -Samurai/Sprinkle...
Enmity | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Enmity | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
"I hate them so much! Don't they realize they're going to unleash an evil psychopath onto all of Ninjago?" "I'm not sure, but we need to stop them at all...
Waiting (Ninjago fanfiction) by PurpleCherryUwU
Waiting (Ninjago fanfiction)by Purple Cherry
Bolobo wakes up after being hit by a motorcycle and doesn't remember anything about his life, his friends or his powers. While everyone tries to help him get back his me...
Turner and Jay pranks Ninja's and EMS's by PurpleCherryUwU
Turner and Jay pranks Ninja's Purple Cherry
Jay: Hello everyone! This is Jay the blue ninja talking and I'm here today with- Turner: The master of speed! Griffin Turner and we're going to prank all our friends! Ja...
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Ninjago: Legacy of The Ninja About The Series by Majoratron
Ninjago: Legacy of The Ninja Majoratron
A heads up on this new Ninjago series I'm making based on my own Au.
Elemental Master Antics [NINJAGO] TTH AU by TotallyTinyTotoro
Elemental Master Antics [NINJAGO] Odd/Oddii/Enzo
Probs gonna call this the Tournament Turned Home AU or smth ▪︎ After Season 4 (Tournament of Elements.) The other Elemental Masters (More specifically the ones at the To...
Ninjago: Oneshots by nightflower101
Ninjago: Oneshotsby Nightflower101
This book is dedicated to Ninjago characters. I am not going to except any Character X Readers, or Characters X OC. I do romantic ships, and friendships. I also do gen...
Ninjago: Royal Charms by Sunnyninja13
Ninjago: Royal Charmsby Sunny(Mina)
3 girls were close friends and often are quite odd to many people. Especially with their charms they have. 3 Prince of different kingdoms struggle to find their love unt...
Elemental Invitations by FireCloud3
Elemental Invitationsby FireCloud3
We all know why Lloyd, Kai, Jay, and Cole competed in the Tournament of Elements. But do we know why the Elemental Masters competed so fiercely? Not all their intentions...
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And now it's time for Ridiculous Parodies with Jay Walker... by CaptainSteve1
And now it's time for Ridiculous No one out pizza's the Hut
...The part of the show where Jay comes out and sings a ridiculous parody. Most recent: Jay orders a pizza, but things seem to go terribly wrong. Later, Sensei Garmadon...
Acid Eyes and Bad Disguise by MonstrifraMinerva
Acid Eyes and Bad Disguiseby minerva
Ever wonder why Chamille wasn't with her girlfriend in s9? :)))))
Next Generation Of Ninja by Gabby_Garmadon
Next Generation Of Ninjaby Gabby_Garmadon
All of the ninja had kids but they couldn't support all of them so they sent some of the kids to other Elemental families. Gabby is one of the couple kids sent away and...
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Ninjago : The Second Generation (DISCONTINUED!) by WTFanfiction
Ninjago : The Second Generation ( WTFanfiction
The daughter of Lloyd. The son of Kai. The daughter of Nya. The sons of Jay. The daughter of Skylor. The son of Zane. The son of Morro. What could go wrong? Better quest...