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Talk, please? by ykhvocal
Talk, please?by ㅤ
"Changkyun?" "Changkyun, talk to us... please?" "We don't want to lose you... Baby not now."
During the Night by cursedwolfpuphybrid
During the Nightby cursedwolfpuphybrid
Changkyun receives lots of affection from his hyungs.
His Queen//Showki by lilmeowing
His Queen//Showkiby lilnothing
Everybody keep calling Minhyuk princess including hyunwoo. Kihyun wonder what if he could get hyunwoo to call him his queen.... Side ships: - hyungwonho - changhyuk/mink...
So Cute~ [MONSTA X Little Space] by rainylilcloud
So Cute~ [MONSTA X Little Space]by lilly
Monsta X and Monsta X x Reader little space stories! I take requests~ Also, I mainly use she/her pronouns when writing using the reader as a character but if requested...
Monsta X Imagines by kookiebugarjam
Monsta X Imaginesby KrémeS' not Bræd
Hey guys we decided to write more imagines. This time with Monsta X enjoy!
all about luv || monsta x by fallingforrenjun
all about luv || monsta xby fallingforrenjun
☼ monsta x one shots ☼ english ☼ ot7 ☼ related to lyrics from the "all about luv" album 11.05.2020 - #20 jookyun 16.05.2020 - #18 wonkyun 20.07.2020 - #1 ki...
MONSTA X ➼ One Shots by huwatism_
MONSTA X ➼ One Shotsby Huwatism
「 Antología de one shots de MONSTA X. 」 ➼ No se permiten copias ni adaptaciones. ➼ Historias completamente de mi autoría. ➼ Advertencias y especificaciones individuales...
it's a date ; changhyuk by hyukisk
it's a date ; changhyukby INACTIVE!
Minhyuk was bored one day and decided to play around with a dating app but he definitely didn't expect to get a boyfriend from it. ©hyukisk2020 All Rights Reserved.
Chance to start over // showki by lilmeowing
Chance to start over // showkiby lilnothing
"Just a reminder, the person never meant to hurt you"
BROKEN MIRROR  by slenderkyun
BROKEN MIRROR by 🌸 tam tam 🌸
minhyuk is a social worker. He loves to make people happy, that's why he spends most of the time in sanatoriums - he wants to make them smile. But this one patient isn't...
Thoughts on Welcome To My Baverse | ep. 2 | I.M by FaceBombAzzTight
Thoughts on Welcome To My FaceBombAzzTight
Im Changkyun, by sharing this documentary, has given me and others who are similarly misunderstood the gift of feeling seen, heard, and knowing we are not alone. A true...
[ Imagine I.M] Tổng tài quan tâm người yêu , cảm giác ? by hyuknam
[ Imagine I.M] Tổng tài quan tâm MyHoshi
Tổng tài với những người khác thì lạnh băng , nhưng với bạn chỉ cần một Vết thương nhỏ cũng khiến tâm trạng rối bời :">> Cô gái vô tư như bạn rất lâu mới hiểu...
Eclipse - a MinhKyun fanfic by AudreyPh18
Eclipse - a MinhKyun fanficby AudreyPh18
Changkyun is lost, he always feels a big hole inside his chest every second of every day. The fact that he's in love with his best friend Hoseok doesn't make it easier...
Monsta X Imagines by Kihyunkay
Monsta X Imaginesby ~Kay~
A random compilation of Monsta X imagines/x Readers Enjoy!~
Tell Me Why [#TEENTOPWEEK] by TeenTopArg
Tell Me Why [#TEENTOPWEEK]by TeenTopArg
Nombre del autor: MyAngelDays. Categoría: One-shoot. Tipo: Yaoi. Género: AU, Romántico Advertencias: ATP. Parejas: ChangRick (Jonghyun x Changhyun). Notas del autor: On...
as the time flew by | changki by mrsgebread
as the time flew by | changkiby krissi
"Even though the years passed by, you have always been the one." [coming soon]
Momentos incómodos [#BATTLECHALLENGE] by TeenTopArg
Momentos incómodos [ TeenTopArg
Resumen: Tres pequeños y difíciles momentos para una joven pareja que solo desea tiempo a solas. Nombre del autor: Nuriko Hamilton//Tipo: Drabble//Género: Romántico//Rat...