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In A Heartbeat  by Outcasted_Light
In A Heartbeat by Outcasted_Light
In every love story,everything began in a heartbeat,the hearbeat when you first meet them,when you first talk to them,when you first bond with them, That's how Marshall...
A Hot Case (Chase X Marshall) / Original \ by Curstic
A Hot Case (Chase X Marshall) / Mystical
Yeah I know this is weird but I don't care I like it. *Ahem* and yes this is real The PAW Patrol have had it's fair shared of ups and downs but when a new pup shows up i...
The Opposite Attract by TheycallmeNatttt
The Opposite Attractby Nati
Chase is the toughest guy in school, he was a popular guy among the students due to his athletic skills and quick reflexes. Marshall, on the other hand, was the resident...
Puppy Love ❤️💙 Charshall Lemon by IcyFreeze1610
Puppy Love ❤️💙 Charshall Lemonby IcyFreeze1610
Skye and Chase had broken up recently. And Chase is heartbroken and deppresed. But he has his best friend Marshall to help him. Marshall had always had a crush on Chase...
A Side Story  by Looney_wastaken
A Side Story by Looney
Down in Adveture Bay, Fall has begun, and while everything start to wither away, A new relationship starts to blossom between two pups. Marshall, in love with chase, but...
Loving You Between Life And Death (Chase And Marshall)  by 54John
Loving You Between Life And 54John
This is the story of MARSHALL (the spirit with an unfinished business) and CHASE (the kind hearted Teen pup) . What will happen if their worlds collide? (In this story...
Cómo los encontré Pawpatrol 🐾 by Deyla_XD
Cómo los encontré Pawpatrol 🐾by Snow 🍓❄️
Pawpatrol, Es un poco de como encontró a los pawpatrol:) Les recomiendo leer esta historia y luego el pasado de Marshall, para q le entiendan 🐾Gracias por el apoyo🐾
My Dalmatian's Secret  by Chandlerloud
My Dalmatian's Secret by Chandlerloud
Charshall Marshall is secretly an ABDL. What happens when Chase catches Marshall and reveals his interest in being an ABDL's papa.
❥ ʟᴜᴄɪғᴇʀ's sᴏɴ.  by SakemaSan
❥ ʟᴜᴄɪғᴇʀ's sᴏɴ. by SakemaSan
"Wait! Do you know about Lucifer's son?" Marshall laughed. "I am Lucifer's son."
Chase X Marsha Season 1 by Robertglyn19
Chase X Marsha Season 1by Robert Williams
Series 1: Based of 'Falling for my best friend' by HavocHound off FanFiction.Net... This story is about Chase and a female version of Marshall named Marsha!
PAW Patrol: A Wrinkle in Time (Book 1 in the Time Series) by Chasemypup089
PAW Patrol: A Wrinkle in Time ( Charshall Fan
The Echthroi had you. So I loved you. As a mate. The only way. Love. Conquers all. Even Echthroi. So I'll try to love. But it will be hard. Because I cannot love the Ech...
the one behind the radio. a marshall and chase friendship story by SchumiFanBoy
the one behind the radio. a 🏎️ giant f1 fan 🏎️
"They told me. I was the one to blame" The chequered flag drops as Marshall bows his head in despair. "They told me. I couldn't do it. " A gigantic...
One Last Problem (Charshall)  by RecyclingPup
One Last Problem (Charshall) by 💚 Rocky 💚
Marshall is in a relationship with Everest, but he is hiding a secret he is gay and he is in love with the police pup himself Chase, but doesn't know how to tell him bec...
Chase X Marsha: Season 2 by Robertglyn19
Chase X Marsha: Season 2by Robert Williams
Series 2: After Marsha get pupnapped by Ken and Sweetie, Chase and the Paw Patrol are taken through the portal to the kingdom of barkingberg, where Chase will discover h...
Heavens loving by FuzzyThePup
Heavens lovingby Fuzzballs
My first ever chase x Marshall book Enjoy
Charshall by Unicorns_are_real58
Charshallby Marsh_is_my_fav_pup_4_ever
Chase and Marshall have a crush on eachother and Skye and Eve have a crush on eachother
chas savs the day wit a new lov??!!?!?!?!?!?!? by Aurixita
chas savs the day wit a new Robyn
chas adn marhal ned to sav rydr cuz his in dagner!!!11!11! btu wil unxpeted lov hapen??? fidn ot! (incudles roky x zoma)
A Paw Patrol Fanfic: Jurassic World by Robertglyn19
A Paw Patrol Fanfic: Jurassic Worldby Robert Williams
Book 1 of 3! A Paw Patrol crossover Fanfic! My Biggest (Bigger than 'A Paw Patrol Fanfic: Godzilla') most exiting project ever!!! Join Ryder and the pups as they attempt...
Upcoming stories by Four_Pups_Six_Ships
Upcoming storiesby 🐾FourPupsSixShips🐾
The place to be to see what stories for Skase, Skarshall, Evershall, Cheverest, Skeverest, and Charshall there will be. There will be the same amount of stories for each...