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Regaining Trust-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Regaining Trust-A Paw Patrol Storyby ThreadyRumble
Five years ago, Chase had run away from Adventure Bay. He did it to protect the rest of the Paw Patrol after an incident where someone had told him that if he doesn't le...
Skase- Past Memories by Driftin03
Skase- Past Memoriesby Driftin
The Paw Patrol had just gotten back home from Adventure City where they took care of Mayor Humdinger. Chase had some past memory problems, but it was nothing they couldn...
Everything has a beginning by stickykey
Everything has a beginningby stickykey
This story about the PAW Patrol takes place shortly after PAW Patrol: The movie. With Chase's fears of the city resolved the PAW patrol appears to be as best as can be...
Chase x Skye canon moments (season 2) by flygirl2197
Chase x Skye canon moments ( flygirl2197
Canon moments between Chase and Skye as well as other moments that I find adorable! - if you want to see a certain episode included, just comment and I'll try to get to...
Runaway Chase saves the PAW Patrol (HCIC Series Part 1) by G-Reader13
Runaway Chase saves the PAW G-Reader13
Chase is constantly being hated by the rest of the pups. He finally decides to run away where he was taken in by the secret organization, the Human-Canine International...
The Wish by Lone_Wolf_4_Life
The Wishby Dreamer_4_Life
Chase has a crush on Skye, and one night chase is in his pup house looking up at the stars. As he is looking he sees a shooting star and makes a wish. Little dose he kno...
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Fanfiction by CHASEBOII69
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye mildly dead on the inside
AGAIN:NOT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 13 YEARS OF AGE. I GUESS Ayyy. my 6th Fucking Story. if you didn't see the 22nd chapter of my PAW Patrol Truth or Dare, Skye Dared me to Wri...
Christian Skase One-Shots by Get_Birbbed
Christian Skase One-Shotsby Red Birb
Hey everyone! This is my first story so enjoy :) I DON'T OWN PAW PATROL
Chase saves Skye from Sweetie by TheKyleFKZFShow
Chase saves Skye from Sweetieby The Kyle FKZF Show
Sweetie hates Skye a lot, one day. She tries to get rid of her to end Chase's love with her and Chase came to save her.
A pup without rest | Chase x Skye love story by VladMIX87
A pup without rest | Chase x VladMIX0204
Chase is a mature and strong pup who can take care of everything, even look after the Lookout by only himself. But when he does it multiple times in a row, there's only...
An Unbeatable Love by outofworldreader
An Unbeatable Loveby Paw Writer [Retired]
This is my first Anthro story. This is High School story. I really need writing this, I've always like this kind of love stories. So why not write one? So here goes noth...
They Grow Up Too Fast (Paw Patrol) by MirrorHaze
They Grow Up Too Fast (Paw Patrol)by Brian Novack
The pups are getting older, and they're going through changes they don't understand, especially emotionally, that keep becoming more prevalent than ever before. Will the...
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Skase Paw Patrol by justimagine-
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Skase The Best
Chase and Skye from paw patrol starts having Sneaky Crushes on each other. They didn't pay much attention to this weird feeling and let it go. They thought everything wa...
Paw Patrol AU (Skase ver.) SuperVerse S1 by marshallskyePAW
Paw Patrol AU (Skase ver.) MarshallSkyePAW
Skye has always been having feelings with Chase ever since they first met. That led her to liking Chase a lot, but she's too afraid to admit her crush, and so does Chase...
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Fallout by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Falloutby Andrew Gamer GL
It has been a while, since the PAW Patrol Pups have been on a Mighty Mission, and the Pups were used to doing their Normal Rescues, but what Happens, When all of the Vil...
Paw Patrol Truth or Dare by Da297350
Paw Patrol Truth or Dareby DaWrath
This is my first story ever so enjoy and please follow!!! Also tell me how y'all think of the ending.
Paw Patrol AU: Shattered Bonds by Antonio_leSha
Paw Patrol AU: Shattered Bondsby Antonio_leSha
This is a side story for Book 1 of my series (A Journey Never to Forget) Marshall's clumsiness has been causing trouble around Adventure Bay. The citizens don't seem too...
The Apocalypse ~ PAW Patrol by bruhHEHHEH
The Apocalypse ~ PAW Patrolby Hmm
A great zombie plague has occurred causing many to shelter and go into hiding, but the military will do their best to avenge and end the war between zombie and human. Ma...
Switcharoo by HiImScrappy
Switcharooby HiImScrappy
Chase has always wanted to know how Skye really felt, but switching bodies? Not exactly what he had in mind.
Skye X Chase: The Story by peashooterzombie
Skye X Chase: The Storyby Rémon
How did they end up loving each other? Love at first sight, after a mission together or something else? Find out in "Skye X Chase: The Story"!