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Cheat Sheets by DancingPope
Cheat Sheetsby Kay
Curvy Keira has just been brutally thrown to the curb by her first love, Josh Walters. Best thing is; he has no idea she knows he's cheating. So what's a girl to do to g...
Her Billion Dollar One Night Stand(ON HOLD)  by DreameLover
Her Billion Dollar One Night Jamie-Lee Symons
Camelia Rodriguez thought that Ian Hamilton was her everything until the night he took her virginity a night before his wedding to another woman. What is wrong?" I...
Sold by AuthorWho6487
"Let me go!" I screeched as he dragged me out of the house. And quickly removed his hand from my hair to my arm. "Mom! Dad!" I screamed right before...
Bucky Barnes Imagines by jbbxnr
Bucky Barnes Imaginesby Crystal Martinez
Fluff, angst, anger, sadness, a liitle bit of smut and other stuff. 🤗 Enjoy.
Lost Love by TheShieldImagine
Lost Loveby The Shield Imagine
Ava thought she had found her Mr. right in her long time boyfriend Roman until she caught him cheating on her. Now her whole world's been turned upside down. She finds c...
Supernatural gif series by MaximoffAddict
Supernatural gif seriesby ROMANOFF WINCHESTER
It's supernatural gif series I hope you like them
The Bad Boy's Heart: When The Dust Settles...  by highonrandomness
The Bad Boy's Heart: When The highonrandomness
Cover by @abuswriter . . . With Angelo, Aimee thought she had found 'the one.' Life was looking great. She'd gotten into her dream college. She had more freedo...
ARMANI|UNDECIDED by Bretaughtyou
Spinoff Novel of FINDING AZURE. (Spoilers inside) Armani Lovell is what you call a 'hand full'. After moving to Philly from Jersey to live with her father 'Big Muh', in...
Hold on to your heart by iluvney
Hold on to your heartby neymars babe 🫶🏻
After being cheated on by her now ex,Pedri - whom she loves- she wanted to get her pay back. She convinces his best friend to be her fake boyfriend but the last thing sh...
Cheater Wedgie Slave by quietwriter1686
Cheater Wedgie Slaveby quietwriter1686
Emily and Jordan had been dating for 4 years, but Emily soon received word that Jordan was cheating. She was heartbroken and wanted payback.
The Hidden Reason by Hazel_072409
The Hidden Reasonby Hazel_0724
Claire Love Brock just finished college and was going to spend time with her boyfriend Brennen. It doesn't go as planned when she sees him kissing her childhood best fri...
Toxic - Vinnie Hacker  by wetpussy3000
Toxic - Vinnie Hacker by WETassPUSSY
The rough road of y/n and Vinnie Where will they end up? Together forever or will Vinnie's actions finally tear them apart. Sex, Lies Breakups and Makeups
the Quiet & the popular by loveswriterr
the Quiet & the popularby fem<3
the 𝑄𝑢𝑖𝑒𝑡 girl anastesia;the girl nobody notices only her friends Harry, Thomas, Veronica but one day she gets noticed by someone else.. the 𝑝𝑜𝑝𝘶𝑙𝑎𝑟 boy enzo...
Fuck You Guys! I'm Part of 1-B Now! by PaleKittenVoid
Fuck You Guys! I'm Part of 1-B Now!by On Hiatus
"Izuku, he barely has time to spend with you." Shinsou broke in, "If he doesn't have time for you don't you think you guys should take a break or somethin...
Affair With JXDN by tripfalcon
Affair With JXDNby tripfalcon
1st #jxdnsmutt 1st #jadenhosslerdirty 1st #jadenhosslersmutt 1st #secretaffair **ADULT THEMES** Working on his film and photography crew, meant slowly falling for a tale...
adopted by trey songz by chantellewinchester
adopted by trey songzby chantellewinchester
this is a story about a 17 year old girl named chantelle who has been moved from foster home to foster home. until one day april tucker come to adopt a Granddaughter for...
Rivals [BXB] by ivxnte
Rivals [BXB]by van ♡
Two Boys , One Summer , & A Big Mistake . Tyler Parrish and Gregory White have never been friends, they've always had to compete with each other for everything. But...
Akatsuki: I Believe In You  by Mxnique_-
Akatsuki: I Believe In You by 🔪мοиιգυє🔪
When Sakura, Tenten, Ino and Hinata realize their long time boyfriend's have been cheating on them because they considered the girls to be "Useless" they meet...
WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU?!  by klee_cute_boom
WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU?! by r0TT3n.c!0WN(Ichika)
sanegiyu angst///giyu angst//uzugiyu I'm not sorry I've been have the worst day so ya
The Pastor's Son by prinxess_keke
The Pastor's Sonby ❤️K€K€😘
Who would've thought that you can find your soulmate in church? Melody sure didn't. She fell in love with the pastor's son Archer Knight. Join Melody and Archer on their...