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CAVITIES! {Willy Wonka x Reader} by SHE11YWITHAM
CAVITIES! {Willy Wonka x Reader}by Has3Manz
Y/n is the daughter of the only dentist in Whimsical city, she's lost her way but she's been taken in by the 'good' hands of Mrs Scrubbit! But it was all a trick and now...
Grace Meets Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by PrincessRose97
Grace Meets Willy Wonka and the PrincessRose97
Grace was watching the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" until she was magically appeared in it and when she met Charlie Bucket. Willy Wonka decide...
The Chocolatier | Willy Wonka x Reader (Wonka 2023) by WikaGv
The Chocolatier | Willy Wonka x Wika
Y/N Y/l/N (your last name) is a 21 year old girl who was forced to work at scrubitt & bleachers after not reading through the contract 3 years ago when she was kicked o...
Orphan syndrome? || wonka  by tokzyo
Orphan syndrome? || wonka by tokzyo
A beautiful woman, a little child , a magician Chocolate making man, and a hat full of dreams
『Wonka Preferences』 by MWAHAUBSS
『Wonka Preferences』by Aubs
This isn't the actual story, this is just a type of cover up until the movie gets out. These are just preferences for now.
Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 Squidtcyc
"Sorry, Sir! I'm really sorry!" The small figure apologised repeatedly as he stood frozen in his spot. "It's alright. Are you okay?" I stared down in...
♡ꜱᴛᴀʏ ʙʏ ᴍʏ ꜱɪᴅᴇ♡ by RomanticFeminist
♡ꜱᴛᴀʏ ʙʏ ᴍʏ ꜱɪᴅᴇ♡by ꜱɪᴍɪ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ♡
He is a Soldier She is a doctor. He is rude. She is sweet. He finds solace in peace. She loves talking. He is terribly hott...
His Beats Of Heart ✓ by Anne_Iryx
His Beats Of Heart ✓by ✨Anne✨
Previously known as "Melting The Ice King". ~•~ Meet Annie Evans, a sweet, innocent and beautiful girl. Meet Nicholas C...
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka x Reader) by -TheLittleWriter-
Charlie and the Chocolate The Little Writer
Young Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Joe join a small group of contest winners who get to tour the magical and mysterious factory of eccentric candy maker Willy Wonka. A...
La vecina by user08463439
La vecinaby Víctor Hugo Rotaheche
- Soy tu vecina-me dijo-Te vi hoy cuando sacaste la basura. - ¡Oh no! Qué vergüenza... yo, no estaba en mis cabales. - Ni yo-dijo-Salí anoche, y bueno... al despertar n...
Willy Wonka imagines [2023] by oompa_loempa
Willy Wonka imagines [2023]by 💋💋
Willy Wonka imagines [2023] The title says it all!! Enjoy :) ----- 💋💋
 Hazel Meets Chocolate- An Arshi Fanfiction by springoceania
Hazel Meets Chocolate- An Arshi springoceania
The entire family looked dumbstruck at the unlikely pair covered in flour from head to toe. After a pregnant pause, the whole family erupted in laughter. Glaring at her...
A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 Squidtcyc
Honestly, this book is my very first bxb book so it sucks. I suggest yall read my 2nd or 3rd one instead of the same series which are much more well liked loll. Trust me...
Connections by jaystoriess
Connectionsby Jay
When two lost connect as one, anything is possible.
The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
AGIZA - Lost Moon  by glimmering_nav21
AGIZA - Lost Moon by Glimmering_nav
Story of Agastya Raisinghania who has to marry his cousin's fiance Shiza Malik a carefree girl who wants to be a singer. They both are completely opposite to each other...
My Sexy Next Door Neighbor by Vanillaaa___
My Sexy Next Door Neighborby Tiara 😁
"Chocolate.. happens to be my favorite." He licks the chocolate icing off his fingers while his eyes were still on me. *** It all started when my new neighbor...
Brave Love (Larry Stylinson) by angelichl
Brave Love (Larry Stylinson)by larry stylinson <3
Harry breaks up with his boyfriend a day before Valentine's Day and Louis tries to cheer him up.
Golden heart ~ Willy Wonka ✔️ by its_yadisneygirl
Golden heart ~ Willy Wonka ✔️by Disney Girl
Meet Skylar Bucket a loving individual that is selfless and is passionate. She may act a little weird and to others it may seem strange but to her family it's just who s...