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A Submissive Neko by abbiexcx14
A Submissive Nekoby Abbie x
Voldemort is dead. People normally get their creature inheritance at the age of 19. Harry is 17 and comes into an early inheritance, forcing his mate into theirs. Who h...
Connections ~ Y/n Potter x Bellatrix Lestrange x Narcissa Malfoy by LE_books03
Connections ~ Y/n Potter x Stories
100.282 Words The Marauders juniors. Harry James Potter, Y/n Lily Potter, Hermione Jeanine Granger and Ronald Weasley, Harry and Y/n are the chosen ones, Hermione is the...
The little Malfoy  by JadeynToth
The little Malfoy by Minerva is my mother
The life of the young daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Told in third person and doesn't specifically focus on one character, throughout this book you get to see e...
Malfoy by Love_Spencer
Malfoyby Spencer
MATURE CONTENT. DETAILED CONTENT. violence, smut, kinks, blood, foul language. LUCIUS MALFOY STORY. "Lucky for you, I got all these daddy issues." "You...
signed anonymous by ElizebethYates
signed anonymousby Elizebeth Yates
Harry wants answers and is tired of not getting them. So he writes to the only one who might give him those answers. None other then the dark lord. But he gets more then...
A Christmas Miracle by Danihilism
A Christmas Miracleby Danihilism
Recently divorced Hermione Granger needed a fresh start. Away from all the tabloids, paparazzi, and some space to come to terms with the possibility she may never have c...
Torn Apart (Bellatrix, Narcissa X Reader) [Book 1] by sevsnapesbabe
Torn Apart (Bellatrix, Narcissa sevsnapesbabe
For almost six years you've been friends with Draco, never once you went to the Malfoy Manor. Before the christmas break, Narcissa Malfoy had written a letter to Draco a...
After The War by GabbyAddison1
After The Warby GabbyAddison1
After her sister's death in the second wizarding war, Narcissa Malfoy became distant from her family, even though, they were the reason she lied to the most evil villain...
Helen mccrory one shots by Sam535520
Helen mccrory one shotsby Sam/bee
one shots stories of a bunch of helen characters; narcissa, polly, julie, emma...etc
Fixing the Future by hollyb84
Fixing the Futureby Harrypotterfanfic
Alyssa Granger lost a lot during the war and so when her and Luna Lovegood are thrown back in time, it may just be a blessing in disguise. The two girls find themselves...
The Black sisters x Reader One Shots by TheBlackSistersPet
The Black sisters x Reader One
One shots of the 2 Black sisters with the female reader. Requests are open!
This is the Part 2 to my first book, HP CHARACTERS REACT TO OUR WORLD. I would recommend reading the first part or else you could get lost at where we are at or referenc...
Bellatrix Lestrange's Ships by helena_b_carter
Bellatrix Lestrange's Shipsby helena_b_carter
The Black Family and others reacting to Bellatrix Lestrange's ships! (Does mention sex but never performs it) This story is for Bellatrix lovers (especially Chapter 5) S...
The Malfoy Betrayal by mmsweet20
The Malfoy Betrayalby mmsweet20
You're Harry Potter's twin sister. Voldemort died when Lily and James killed him with Dumbledore by your side. What if Draco is sorted into Gryffindor? What sort of adve...
Her by GabbyAddison1
Herby GabbyAddison1
Narcissa Malfoy x Reader I only on Y/N no one else. (No I'm not saying that I own you😑) ALTERNATIVE REALITY
~ DIFFERENT ~ A Narcissa Malfoy Fanfiction by thefemaleskelleton
~ DIFFERENT ~ A Narcissa Malfoy thefemaleskelleton
Gwendolyn is an ordinary 21 y.o. Witch working at the ministry of magic. She falls in love with a married woman, almost 20 years older than her. Their love story is near...
marauders instagram by rubeejulieta
marauders instagramby rubeejulieta
! this story is a joke. it is meant to be taken lightly ! crackfic /j marauders with phones and top tier comedy [gay gay and more gay]
Bloodlines || A Draco Malfoy Romance Fanfiction by SlytherClaw93
Bloodlines || A Draco Malfoy SlytherClaw93
The Malfoys and Cytherias have been friends for forever, it seems. But only a few know that an unbreakable vow has tied their families, generation to generation. Aphrodi...
Alohomora {Theodore Nott} by Kyalongbottom
Alohomora {Theodore Nott}by 💕Kya Reddings💕
"You see Mel, I'm a wizard. I don't need the key to your heart. I don't need anything to unlock your secrets." Mélanie Augustine hadn't known there was a lick...
My Sunshine, Her Stars (Re Upload) by CissasBraincell
My Sunshine, Her Stars (Re Upload)by Em
Re uploaded Narcissa x Female OC story that wattpad deleted... sorry it took so long. I hope I can make up with it with extra chapters I've written since it was taken do...