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Your Loyal Servant by MadisonYuresko
Your Loyal Servantby Madison Yuresko
-in which a girl doesn't want a servant, and a boy only wants to serve. [highest rank: #1 in servant] [ #6 in genius] [...
"Mi Vida~" camillo madrigal x female reader by wwriterscove
"Mi Vida~" camillo madrigal x Estrella
this takes place after the movie, your name is y/n and your 15 you've recently moved into encanto from Arizona because you and your family needed a change of pace. you l...
america's secrets by andraerawr
america's secretsby andraerawr
The allies and the axis are staying at America's house for a month
Love Knows No Colour by DaliaEllz
Love Knows No Colourby Dalia Ellz
"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it." "No" "Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're...
My Highschool bully's my Boss!? by chocolep
My Highschool bully's my Boss!?by chocolep
so I'm in my late 20's now and I really needed a job so I decided to get a maid job in this rich neighborhood near by and I got the job before I knew that my boss was ac...
You're Still Loved, I Swear *One Direction* by HopefullyMsDeppSoon
You're Still Loved, I Swear *One HopefullyMsDeppSoon
Read as the famous international boy band, One Direction, desperately turns to spanking to keep each other in line. *WARNING: spanking, self harm, cursing*
Cinderella And Her Stepbrother by lovelittlelynn
Cinderella And Her Stepbrotherby amalyn
What if Cinderella had a stepbrother instead of stepsisters? What difference would it make? Well, try not to imagine. That's how Orchidella's story was told. Orchidella...
Maid For Lovato by film-nerd
Maid For Lovatoby nash
Her lips quirk up in a smile, her brown eyes filled with utter amusement. "You are the most annoying, noisiest, sarcastic, craziest maid I ever had." I smirk a...
Farmer's Daughter (Spanking story) by Carlygirlygirl1
Farmer's Daughter (Spanking story)by Carlygirlygirl1
(Chapter 3 is out now! I'll be making Chapter 4 when I get ideas!) A farmer/father name John is 42 and has a daughter name Isabella/Bella who is 14. Isabella is a girl w...
The Boy Who Fell Off a Lawn Mower | Watty's '18 by gymnast17
The Boy Who Fell Off a Lawn Nickie
"I told you, I try not to associate with anyone at school," he repeated. Dismay washed over Aida after being lumped in with everyone else, but she decided to b...
The Baron's Daughter. by Prettylittlestorm
The Baron's Awesome people
Lies. Betrayal. Loss. Innocence. Fear. Florence never really knew the meaning of these words, truly, until that day when her father got arrested. That was the day e...
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The Secret of being a good housewife by Skulduggery Pleasant by Your_typical_psycho
The Secret of being a good PSYCHO
Skulduggery Pleasant humour fic full of domestic fluff and ridiculousness for my favourite ridiculous series PS: Skulduggery is wifey material
Josh is a 16-year-old boy, he goes to an all-boys school. He is also picked on at school by the fearsome and strict teacher, Mr. Desmond, who dislikes Josh and takes a s...
Wash the Windows Before you Go! by CheeseTheIvyUnicorn
Wash the Windows Before you Go!by Cheeseeeeee
We all know the story... Cinderella goes to the ball, meets the prince, they fall in love, and eventually get married, so Cinderella leaves. What a happy ending... *Trem...
Another cinderella story (Raura) by lishalauriee
Another cinderella story (Raura)by Bishhh
Thank u guys for all the views on my last book now I'm gonna make this story just as amazing This story is similar to the movie with Selena Gomez but different and wi...
The Humdrum Life of a Hero by MarieBurns
The Humdrum Life of a Heroby Marie Burns
Life is full of ups and downs, and Sarah O'Henry has had her fair share of those. After her mother left in the middle of the night, Sarah became responsible for her twi...
Swimming with the dishes by lulu_lillian
Swimming with the dishesby Lulu Slavoski
You ever had that one chore that you just hates so much? That one chore that you would just try to avoid to no avail? That one chore that makes you dread coming home, kn...
The Sock by Gwaflol
The Sockby Gwaflol
There once was a sock. The sock was dirty. It smelled bad. The End.
Chores and Fantasies by Nutmaeg17
Chores and Fantasiesby MaegannNichole
You remember as a child fantasizing the chore you were given to make the time pass more quickly? This is a short, humorous fantasy a child dreams up while doing a chore.