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Lost Illusions (ZORUA READER X POKEMON JOURNEYS) by mapleglazee
Lost Illusions (ZORUA READER X Daze!!
Goh stumbles into a strange forest, a forest of illusions where a strange Zorua with an unknown ability lies, sleeping. Will he escape, or will he stay trapped in said f...
  💙 Getting Along ❤                      (Lucario x Cinderace) by Sumbra05
💙 Getting Along ❤ clarisa Torres
Hello I am back with a pokemon story and it will be a bit similar like the last one but this time it is lucario x cinderace and it has yaoi so I hope you enjoy it.
A Trail we Blaze - A Trainer X Cinderace story by HylianGuard
A Trail we Blaze - A Trainer X Silver the Nightwing
"They're gone." Max bent down and tenderly picked up the shaking Pokémon. Her eyes were the prettiest shade of red, like she had jewels for irises. "You'r...
Cinderace X Reader Oneshots - Fire Burns Bright  by RinkuX_X
Cinderace X Reader Oneshots - RinkuX
Sweet Oneshots that will make your heart melt and your face warm from this wholesome bunny Pokémon. -Cinderace X Reader Oneshots Cover is not mine
Water and Fire,Loyalty or Love? by Phoenix_Ace
Water and Fire,Loyalty or Love?by Ace/Jayden
Conrad Intereon,the worlds most well known secret agent.Phoenix Eesu,a well known professional soccer player.Ekon Randaaboom,a powerful businessman. Conrad,or codename W...
Cinderace & Lucario's Love Story by MrElijahIV
Cinderace & Lucario's Love Storyby Eli
Lucario and Cinderace became fast friends when they were little kids, and still are forming a stronger bond together.
Secrets of Galar (Ash x reader) by -lunarose
Secrets of Galar (Ash x reader)by Luna Rose
Thanks to @Q-QUACKZZZ for the cover! Y/N L/N has no parents. She doesn't know who they are. She doesn't know why or how they died, or any information on her past whatsoe...
Satogou Oneshots 2022 (discontinued) by zAerophobiaz
Satogou Oneshots 2022 ( That One Raven
These are oneshots made by me and my friend chatting. Hope you enjoy! (all art in this book is not by me. They belong to their respective owners!) (Cover art by ShuujiCh...
The Journey || Goh x OC by ievieofspring
The Journey || Goh x OCby 𝑬𝒗𝒊𝒆
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ 𝑻𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒂 𝒋𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝒕𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕~ ❞ After a wild ride on a legendary Pokémon, Aria Cerise starts the beginning of a new adventure...
🔥❤️Pyro Ball to The Heart♥️🔥 by lileggboy
🔥❤️Pyro Ball to The Heart♥️🔥by lil_boy
A boy gets an egg hatched by his mothers pokemon and begins his love quest with his new loyal best friend.
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x OC) by shadowkaiii
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon shadowkaiii
#1 pokemonfanfic 05 Feb. 2020 | #1 leonxreader 11 Feb. 2020 | #1 pokemonshield 06 Mar. 2020 Adeline spent half of her life in the spotlight, becoming very well-known in...
Take an Extra Step, GOH the Extra Mile by YukiKazeko
Take an Extra Step, GOH the Yuki Kazeko
This book is part of a series. If you have not read the other books, then you won't understand what's going on here at ALL. Please go read 'Not Everyone is a Steal-Type'...
What's Betrayal? (Betrayed Ash x DSMP crossover)) by AlterCreep
What's Betrayal? (Betrayed Ash x AlterCreep
This Betrayed Ash is completely original so it won't have the same plot as the usual Betrayed Ash stories. They are srsly cringe with the plot and grammar.
A Tale of Two Battle-Types - A BFDIxPokemonxPMD Story by NoBetterNameThanThat
A Tale of Two Battle-Types - A NoBetterNameThanThat
This is a reboot of a previous attempt at a story of a similar name and the same concept. Rudy Warner just wants to host a season of BFDI with his friends. Unfortunately...
The Libero Archives by Ion2999
The Libero Archivesby Ion99
Cinder, a half-breed between a unique cat and a Cinderace and official member of the Kek Enforcement Squad, sets out on a very important and treacherous mission. Wieldin...
Sonic & Pokémon and the Black Knight by Lendsey2004
Sonic & Pokémon and the Black Lendsey Thornton
Sonic, along with Pikachu, Ash's Galar Pokémon Team, and Goh's Pokémon Team are sucked into the world of King Arthur where they are tasked with slaying the corrupted kin...
Pokemon Love From Different Regions (AshxOFC) (On Hiatus) by puppuphk
Pokemon Love From Different Hannah
Harmony Sword grew up in Postwick in the Galar region, once she loses in the gym challenge there she goes to other regions. Eventually getting the love of coordinating s...
Not Everyone is a Steal-Type by YukiKazeko
Not Everyone is a Steal-Typeby Yuki Kazeko
This is the first book in an ongoing series of mine. You can continue reading the series either by checking out my page or the Reading List dedicated to this series. ___...
DIBUJOS KAWAIIby The Lucumita Adventures
Aceburn the Mightiest Hero by GamerHero96
Aceburn the Mightiest Heroby GamerHero96
(Male OC x My Hero Academia) Raiden Umagi has only one goal in mind: to become the mightiest hero. A Beacon of hope that everyone can really. As soon as he discovered hi...