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Earth, After ✔️ by talia-v
Earth, After ✔️by T
Some fates are worse than death--survival is one of them. In the two hundred years since humanity left the Earth's surface to live in the sky, life on the ground faded...
Road to Arcadia by DreamerCail
Road to Arcadiaby Cailin
Kai Gilling, a transgender wanderer traversing the American West, has to trek hundreds of miles in his beat up Jeep, in order to reach an urban legend rumored to be the...
𝐏𝐄𝐎𝐏𝐋𝐄 ✧ ragnarok by honeykenobi
𝐏𝐄𝐎𝐏𝐋𝐄 ✧ ragnarokby s on hiatus
❝ GET ME OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE! ❞ cassandra renier hates people, pollution and pretentious teens. her father's new workplace has all. - on hold - ❪ RA...
The Last Scarecrow by Neiljhart
The Last Scarecrowby Neil J Hart
Wattys 2021 Winner | "...adorable and heartbreaking..." Erin loved to build scarecrows. She made a dozen in all. Her Pa showed her how. But he's dead now. Ever...
The GreenHouse by JoWatson_101
The GreenHouseby Jo Watson
It's been 99 years since Yellowstone park erupted, causing a mass extinction and plunging the world into an ice age. Survivors are living in a structure dubbed the Green...
Memoirs of a Middle Child by Butterflies1980
Memoirs of a Middle Childby Beatrice Severien
You first met Borys Leszczyński in the science fiction novel Twilight, also available on my Wattpad profile; Borys was then over 90 years-old and he was a member of parl...
Atlantis Rising by LadyVirgo20
Atlantis Risingby Virgo
King Orm was raised to put duty to his people above all else. When the Surface Dwellers continue to pollute the once pure and majestic oceans, King Orm decides on war. V...
The Big Book Of Debates!  by writing_slowly
The Big Book Of Debates! by Nina ❤
On your marks, Get Set, DEBATE. •||Highest Ratings No. 1 #debates No.3 #solutions PLEASE VOTE !!!!
Our Gray World by Changing-the-World
Our Gray Worldby ~Ava~
When in year 2080 they finally need to evacuate earth due to the drastic effects of climate change, Zyla rescues two young kids and takes them with her on her journey to...
...And We Will Have Snow by JimHeter
...And We Will Have Snowby Jim Heter
Global warming, global cooling, what if all the predictions are right? Or worse, what if all the predictions are wrong? Can humans truly hope to understa...
When It Rains by LeaStorry
When It Rainsby LeaStorry
Book Two of the Nature Rules series I"ll be adding 200 words every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Climate action - a guide on how to act by Smoothistory
Climate action - a guide on how Smoothistory
Don't be fooled, the content of this book will be a lot less peaceful than the book cover. Do you often feel hopeless about the situation? Do you want to make a change...
flora - environmental awareness by aesthetecommittee
flora - environmental awarenessby 𝚊𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚎.
twenty seven thousand trees are cut down each day so we can have toilet paper. landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution. about 80% of the items bur...
[#2] 1-800-WEREWOLF | ✓ by lakin_marie
[#2] 1-800-WEREWOLF | ✓by ✨ a mess ✨
"You know climate change is a real thing and I don't understand why people don't believe scientists." "Sir, this isn't the right hotline." "This...
Alluvium by CanesVenatici333
In a near future society, a group of wildlife photographers travel to an island, Alluvium, off the coast of Australia. When they traveled to the island to photograph the...
               Roop-Goon by JesmineAraLaskar
Roop-Goonby JesmineAraLaskar
A bunch of poems written down by J Laskar.
Daughter of the Sea by Chrysantha_Carlson
Daughter of the Seaby Chrysantha
When Amaya boarded a plane to Puerto Rico, she expected to reconnect with her island homeland and explore her family history. Instead, she finds herself in a series of...
A Race to New World // ATEEZ Dystopia AU by nerdygiraffee
A Race to New World // ATEEZ Nerdy Giraffe
Earth is dying. People are boarding spaceships, getting ready to escape into a New World. But when they find out that there are only enough seats for one-third of the po...
Kalopsia by Rainbow_Indigo02
Kalopsiaby Rainbow_Indigo02
The Current is both keeping them alive and killing them. Lacuna lives in a metal dome encompassing her city-and therefore protecting her from the vicious radiation of th...
The World that Revolves Around Us by jmysticdreams
The World that Revolves Around Usby jmysticdreams
An inspired story from the truth that may seen around us. The naked truth that slowly poison our planet that some of us just ignore what's the truth and just live as our...