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Escape Room by grayscool
Escape Roomby graysonscool
Mia is an ordinary girl. One day she gets a letter in the mail. She is invited to go to a new escape room for free. She goes and to her horror she is stuck and if her an...
Random Stories! by emomileno
Random Stories!by Kitkat
These are blurbs of stories I've thought about starting but was unsure. So hey! Why not give them a try and tell me if I should make them into stories?? More chapters...
Close Call by lianeeeeeeeee_
Close Callby Liane
The two has always been a rival and will always be. Not until one of them falls inlove with the other causing a downfall between their rivalry. Might listen to what othe...
Will you survive forever? by MevinLyra
Will you survive forever?by Mevin Jafar
Two friends, Satori Blue and Siyana Grey always become in danger whenever they get close. They have no clue why this is happening and this causes them to have the urge t...
Ride On by rylienoland17
Ride Onby rylienoland17
Sequel to Ride It comes down to a matter of opinion. You either give effort and make it work, or you give up. Evangeline wasn't one to do the latter, until the day that...
Senpai's Online Adventure by SK_DizzyPanda
Senpai's Online Adventureby SK_DizzyPanda
This is gonna be a story fallowing my path. It'll update as new things appear. All the names of these people close to me will be changed. But if they read, they will kno...
A Darrow and Darrow Mystery: Danger Close by Meckenize
A Darrow and Darrow Mystery: Meckenize
After realizing their feelings for one another in the middle of a murder trial, Claire and Miles have been dating for several months. Joanne is pleased to see her daught...
Shadowhunters (Lock Down Short Story) by FandomWoman_626
Shadowhunters (Lock Down Short FandomWoman_626
The last day of school is finally here, and people are anticipating to be out for the summer break but something was going to arrive. Nothing was compared to what would...
The UN Happy New Year by aaronwood068
The UN Happy New Yearby aaron wood
half based on a recent break up I had you follow threw the life a man (not yet known) threw interactions and diary entries this book is Manley a way for me to cope and i...
-Orgarnia:The World Of Taken Friends- by MajesticMikayla16
-Orgarnia:The World Of Taken MajesticMikayla16
Three girls in a fantasy filled adventure searching for their friend in the land of Orgarnia. A land of danger, fantasy and monsters.They use teamwork to stay alive and...
The King's Daughter by Riki_The_Author
The King's Daughterby Riki
this is a short story for now, I will add more eventually. this story is about a girl named Nina and how her father hates the use of magic. when her father bans the use...
🧛‍♂️MY FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE ( Sarah & Callie
🎃What I thought would be a great evening of trick-or-treating with a new friend soon turned into my biggest nightmare.🎃 🧛‍♂️ 1172 words
Perfect Life on Hold by epicdinocorn
Perfect Life on Holdby epicdinocorn
My name is Andy. Love me or hate me, you'll have to deal with my imperfections. Every school has a "emo" kid, and I guess you could say that kid is me. I live...
There's a FUCKING bear in your truck! by Lemmclemuts
There's a FUCKING bear in your steve reilly
The first of my many adventures hitchhiking across the US in the summer of 1972
I see you by lilyivone17
I see youby LilAndVil
A story I made in five minutes on a zoom call for school. No one got the reference at it was really awkward. I now regret that so bad I'm so sad no one is cool.
Survival. by BrokenFrost45
#16 Ryver
In A World Where Humanity Has Lost All Hope, Human Population Has Went Down Severely, A Normal Day Is A Fight For Survival And Trust Isn't A Thing You Just Give Away. Ry...
WORK WIFE by RaeWhite
WORK WIFEby Rae White
Ruth Parker is a talented graphic artist working at a major advertising firm in Atlanta. Ryan Stevens is a copywriter at that same firm and her frequent collaborator...
Last Resort by DakotaC22
Last Resortby The Game Maker
I'll constantly put new chapters out there and keep it updated so keep checking in. :P. This is an action packed zombie thriller where one man is on his journey through...
Jacklin's Promise by SpiritTheWolf100
Jacklin's Promiseby TheWhiteCrow
Jacklin Merry is a Australian girl who deals with everything she or others around her hate about life but after a promise to her bestfriend everything she touches dies o...