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Different Twins  by RonnyBonny4
Different Twins by RonnyBonny4
At the age of one, Lilliana and Lily were taken away from their eight brothers and father by their mother.They were the only two girls after 10 generations. Lilliana Ro...
The Guardian by scarletraven23
The Guardianby 𝒞𝒽ℯ𝓁𝓈ℯ𝓎 ℳ𝒾𝓃𝓉ℴ𝓃
Cadence has no memory beyond when she woke in No Man's land two years ago. Her only option is to survive. As hard as it is to fend for herself, she finds a lone pup who...
Mistake || The Maze Runner || Y/n x Newt  by Iain62
Mistake || The Maze Runner || Y/ Eowyn
(Y/n), the first girl in group A. She was also the first one in the Glade. Everything was normal and the same for 3 years till a boy named Thomas, a boy that happens to...
The Alphas Girl by SliceOfSerendipity
The Alphas Girlby S.S.Stories
I was almost to the door when I remembered the leather jacket I brought. I turned back to the room and just as I entered the most wonderful smell hit my nose. My wolf st...
Wei Ying....I'm Here  by HarukiUsagi46
Wei Ying....I'm Here by Rika
When Wei Wuxian fall from the cliff Lan Wangji decided to follow him. He know that Jiang Cheng is gone, so he pull out his Bichen and jump on it. He ride Bichen very fas...
Unforgiven __  °Avatrice AU° by elmax_madmage_011
Unforgiven __ °Avatrice AU°by elmax_madmage011
Ava is new in town, having moved in with her mother's new partner. In her new school, she gets to meet some new people. A nice little group of girls befriend Ava. Howeve...
My Hero Academia : Lust Hero by SaikuKusu
My Hero Academia : Lust Heroby SaikuKusu
Reborn into the world of My Hero Academia and being adopted by Midnight, Yugen pledges to prevent tragedy from befalling both his cherished ones and beloved characters...
I'm in Tokyo Revengers?! (Completed) by BungeeGumconsistsof
I'm in Tokyo Revengers?! ( 𝒱𝒶𝓃𝒾
Basically the name .... Info... Y/n is 15... grows up along the way She is a weeb Also an antisocial bean Hope u enjoyyy If it has manga spoilers I will put a warning ...
Hope | ✔ by EthrealPrincess
Hope | ✔by EthrealPrincess
In which a girl saves a boy after getting hit by a car; and the boy saves the girl from her own mind ?W A R N I N G? CONTAINS Triggers • Some cursing (even though i don'...
Brothers I Never Knew ✔ by Destiny-Addams
Brothers I Never Knew ✔by Destiny-Addams
18-years-old Cameron Dyers; sarcastic, hardworking and fed up with the world. Raised as an only child, it comes as a shock when she is shoved face first into the lies wo...
Meet me in the Afterglow [MMITA] by _xeroOxt
Meet me in the Afterglow [MMITA]by _xeroOxt
| Professor x Student | don't judge the book by it's cover | ------ MEET ME IN THE AFTERGLOW - Life Story of Elle Riley Gomez. ------- On Going ...... (every Saturday u...
His Little One (Book 1) by esthersteel_
His Little One (Book 1)by Esther Steel
~ 5k words per chapter. And I let it happen. I closed my eyes, turned my back, and gave in to the sunlight. And for the first time, I've experienced a sunburn. It was...
To Be Claimed by Monstreph
To Be Claimedby Monstreph
(Book #2) "I'm capable of many things, but love isn't one of them - monsters are incapable of love." Just when Emma thought she knew the worst of werewolves, s...
You'll never have me by ShatteredKiss
You'll never have meby ShatteredKiss
Mira Prasad, a woman in her early twenties works as a secretary for a construction company. One day she meets Max Woods after another night out. Max owns his own company...
Mr Popular Is Keeping Me A Secret by silviaaxox
Mr Popular Is Keeping Me A Secretby Slivia
When Lucy wakes up in the hospital after a fight with her ex turned to violence she has no clue who her saviour was. But when Liam Hamilton, the high school hottie walks...
Unforgettable Memories | Xiao x Reader by HLycoris
Unforgettable Memories | Xiao x Lyc0ris
Two souls that were supposed to be separated for eternity. Two hearts that yearn to be together. ~~~~~ Xiao, an adeptus with the title of Conquer of Demons had always be...
The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
The Girl is Mine {A Michael Jackson love story} by TeamJacobLuvsMj
The Girl is Mine {A Michael Ivana
Kelly Thesian is lucky enough to become a back-up singer for the world-famous King of Pop: Michael Jackson. during his Bad world tour between 1987 and 1989. A lot happen...
Power Rangers Dino Thunder|Green Ranger by chocolatelover_111
Power Rangers Dino Thunder|Green chocolatelover_111
[completed] Seven years after Tommy Oliver left the Turbo Rangers, he comes to Reefside, California as a high school paleontology professor where he leads four detention...
Part of the Plan (Book 2 in the 'part of' series) by NadineMcgee
Part of the Plan (Book 2 in the ' NadineMcgee
-COMPLETE-(Book 2) It's time to hear a different part of the story. We know the tale of Aiden Forst and how he was saved by a wolf pack who lived within the forest. Now...