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Shinichi Kudo Returns: Confrontation With The Black Organization by DoyleRanpo
Shinichi Kudo Returns: James Rheneas
Japanese title as: 工藤新一の復活! 〜黒の組織との対決(コンフロンティション)〜. My own story adaptation of the second Detective Conan live action special and the novel adaptation of the same name...
A day to remember by FinalVers
A day to rememberby FinalVers
It's been a year since they first knew each other. They are still unable to defeat the black organization. They have overcome many trials together from solving a case, m...
Kismet* by hannaberry
Kismet*by hanna.
COMPLETED | ENGLISH | FANFICTION | DETECTIVE CONAN Romance, Drama, Short Story Kismet /kiz-met/ (noun): destiny; fate DISCLAIMER: i do not own Detective Conan. Gosho Ao...
The life I've always wanted  by ShinShiho003
The life I've always wanted by Gio003
A journey through the daily life of Conan and Ai as married couple. Disclaimer: DC and its characters belong to Gosho Aoyama.
Same Mistake by coai1412
Same Mistakeby 🥶
"Hey, don't worry I went through worse." "Getting shrunk by a drug?" "No, the person I loved and still love flew to Canada without saying anythi...
To Protect You  by ShinShiho003
To Protect You by Gio003
Shinichi doesn't follow Gin and Vodka that night at Tropical Land, unconsciously avoiding shrinking into the body of a seven-year-old kid. The same can't be said for Shi...
Stay! By My Side by anntsr
Stay! By My Sideby anantasari
As shinichi realize that Haibara is more than a special partner, he feels empty inside because she is now nowhere in this world. They never found her body, so Shinichi s...
[ShinShi] Be my wife, Shiho by Shougo_Yumekawa23
[ShinShi] Be my wife, Shihoby Keisha Adrienne Diez link:
The two faces of the same coin. by Zaynab_Awan
The two faces of the same Zaynab
The titles says it all, a bunch of random coai oneshots in both point of views.
Unrequited Feelings [COMPLETED] by YourMaaajesty
Unrequited Feelings [COMPLETED]by EA.
This is a Coai/ShinShi Fanfiction.
Detective Conan [ONE-SHOT] by YourMaaajesty
Detective Conan [ONE-SHOT]by EA.
Shinichi Kudo x Shiho Miyano One-shot story.
APTX 4869: Vaccine 1404 by graythorns
APTX 4869: Vaccine 1404by graythorns
I do not own DC all credits to Gosho Aoyama * since we don't how it will ends and when I'll just give it my own ending*😊😊
So... This Is Love? by Coai69
So... This Is Love?by ShinShi ♥️
coai oneshot for all the coai shippers ❤ gosho may didn't let our ship sailed but here am I doing the gods work lol.
Tổng hợp hình/doujinshi Shinshi by SSfan2019
Tổng hợp hình/doujinshi Shinshiby SSfan
Đây là một số hình/doujinshi lấy đc trên mạng ~
Tổng hợp oneshot Shinshi by SSfan2019
Tổng hợp oneshot Shinshiby SSfan
Chỉ là mấy fic copy trên mạng, mong mn thích ~
Wines and Flowers by cantperceive
Wines and Flowersby cantperceive
Wines and Flowers (Formerly "Just Realize") Note:Changes in title and chapters are due to the Author getting cringy after re-reading it.😫😂 Also,because of ne...
Happy Breakup by Anokata-san
Happy Breakupby Elkan Salumintao
With The Great Detective of the East broke up with his childhood crush. There are unanswered questions concerning the breakup. He explores to unrevealed those. Unexpecte...
Strangers by GINgoldstein
Strangersby GINgoldstein
Although threat from the organization no longer exist, and Shiho Miyano already created the antidote to have their original bodies back, the scientist still accepted the...
Coai Oneshots by songgirl119
Coai Oneshotsby VVN
Ai Love You (CoAi Fanfic) by Coai69
Ai Love You (CoAi Fanfic)by ShinShi ♥️
A book connected to my stick with me fanfic. Ps. I do not own Detective Conan and its characters, it all belongs to Gosho Aoyoma.