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Unexpected (ShinShi Fanfiction) [HIATUS] by Coai69
Unexpected (ShinShi Fanfiction) [ ShinShi ♥️
"I like someone..." She is shocked hearing his words, but she manage not to be obvious. She tries to be cool. "Really?" "Yeah. You know what? I...
Detective Conan: The Impossible Truth [on hold] by frxxckingvaldez
Detective Conan: The Impossible maddie~
FAN FIC: CREDITS TO GOSHO AOYOMA "She didn't die! She shrunk!" Friendship will end. Loyalties will be broken. Lies will be revealed. Ran's life is at stake...
Hanahki (CoAi/Shinshi Fanfic) by KittGirli
Hanahki (CoAi/Shinshi Fanfic)by nya nya meow meow
"It's all my fault..." Haibara Ai, also known as Miyano Shiho, has been blaming herself for quite a long time. Mostly about the APTX 4869. Now that the Black O...
The life I've always wanted  by ShinShiho003
The life I've always wanted by Gio003
A journey through the daily life of Conan and Ai as married couple. Disclaimer: DC and its characters belong to Gosho Aoyama.
So... This Is Love? by Coai69
So... This Is Love?by ShinShi ♥️
coai oneshot for all the coai shippers ❤ gosho may didn't let our ship sailed but here am I doing the gods work lol.
Forgotten Memories [Detective Conan Fanfic] by songgirl119
Forgotten Memories [Detective VVN
It's been 2 years since the black organization got defeated, Ai has finally finished the antidote, yet she is nowhere to be found. Conan later finds Ai but discovers a h...
Forever Yours (AiCon) by SieHan
Forever Yours (AiCon)by Sie
The Book 2 of Confused Feelings More drama and revelations to come. Enjoy. I am so not good at story description haha. Previously NUMBER 1 ON THIS/THESE TAGS #Sonoko #Ko...
(18+/Chuyển ver) Em là của tôi, mãi mãi! by SSfan2019
(18+/Chuyển ver) Em là của tôi, mã SSfan
Cô - Miyano Shiho, là thư kí của tịch tập đoàn Kudo và đồng thời là "bạn giường" của hắn, Kudo Shinichi. Chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra nếu 2 người có tình cảm thật?
Angel of darkness  by 4869sherry_
Angel of darkness by 4869sherry_
:but I destroyed your life. :but I met you, and you're my partner , remember?. The story is about two people who life keeps testing them and testing their love, will th...
To Protect You  by ShinShiho003
To Protect You by Gio003
Shinichi doesn't follow Gin and Vodka that night at Tropical Land, unconsciously avoiding shrinking into the body of a seven-year-old kid. The same can't be said for Shi...
Dream World (ShinShi Fanfiction) by Coai69
Dream World (ShinShi Fanfiction)by ShinShi ♥️
this story might be ooc and different from the anime series because i like it that way XD I do not own DC Characters. It's all belongs to Gosho Aoyoma :) Pair: Shinichi...
Kismet* by hannaberry
Kismet*by hanna.
COMPLETED | ENGLISH | FANFICTION | DETECTIVE CONAN Romance, Drama, Short Story Kismet /kiz-met/ (noun): destiny; fate DISCLAIMER: i do not own Detective Conan. Gosho Ao...
Detective Conan: I'll never let you Go by Arjane_Lee
Detective Conan: I'll never let Arjane Lee
A confession between Haibara and Conan during a dangerous hour?
Married Shrunken Teenager (CoAi ShinShi Story) by SkyDesignS
Married Shrunken Teenager (CoAi KazuKitsune
Story about Kudo Shinichi and Miyano Shiho after being able to go through everything together after defeating the Black Organization,What will Kudo decision be,to be wit...
Almost [HIATUS]  by YourMaaajesty
Almost [HIATUS] by EA.
"This is still not the end." After five years of mourning. Five years of sorrow. Shinichi found himself struggling, still looking for the missing piece that he...
Wines and Flowers by cantperceive
Wines and Flowersby cantperceive
Wines and Flowers (Formerly "Just Realize") Note:Changes in title and chapters are due to the Author getting cringy after re-reading it.😫😂 Also,because of ne...
Ten Years Apart by coai1412
Ten Years Apartby 🥶
Ai creates the antidote but decides to stay in her child form while Shinichi returns back to his old life. The two stop talking for few years after a certain incident. W...
As time goes by (coai) by alexluna19
As time goes by (coai)by alexluna19
Han pasado 11 años desde que Conan Edogawa apareció en escena. Ahora, muchos los personajes se reúnen pare celebrar la Navidad todos juntos. Descubre cómo han cambiado s...
Detective Conan: The Fate by Ellysa29
Detective Conan: The Fateby IKami-sama
Detective Conan: The Fate This is just a Fanfic Made by Ellysa29, me. Best Ranking: #1 in Coai |¹²/¹8/¹8| (I know its hard to believe!) Things like Fate are things that...
Coai Oneshots by songgirl119
Coai Oneshotsby VVN