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My Evil Cinderella (Kaitou Kid x Reader x Conan) by ChoiHyeonah
My Evil Cinderella (Kaitou Kid x R...by Alpheus
A foul mouthed lady who lacks socializing skills, somehow fascinated both the famouse highschool detective and the phantom thief who surprises everyone with magic.
Transport Into Detective Conan (OC Reader Insert) by Mklone8
Transport Into Detective Conan (OC...by
Kaiya Matsuki finds herself in the Detective Conan world! Join her as she journeys through the world.
Behind the Scenes with Detective Conan by KokoroRin
Behind the Scenes with Detective C...by Reias
A request-based one-shot fiction. What does the team that put Detective Conan together do after each episode? Do they hang out or go straight home? Failed humour, I tri...
Brothers Adventures by Shinichi2504
Brothers Adventuresby Shinichi2504
Alternate Universe where Kudou Shinichi and Edogawa Conan are not the same person but instead are brothers by blood. The big brother is the famous high school detective...
Little Detectives by Aesthetic_ghorl
Little Detectivesby Nadira
Shimizu Daitan (Nakano Kana), the other childhood friend of Ran and Shinichi. A kind and sarcastic teenage girl, just don't make her mad. But she's not weak. She's stron...
More Than A Gemstone (Kaishin) by NoraHanson1
More Than A Gemstone (Kaishin)by NoraHanson1
"D-did you just-?!" KID stared at the pieces of the statue before him and... the boy that appeared from within. Startled, the green eyed male stared back at KI...
Withered Away by GhostPikachu
Withered Awayby GhostPikachu
It seems like ages since the serial bomber case and the incident in the elevator at Tokyo Tower. It had been the day that Takagi learned that Edogawa Conan was something...
Raising the Stakes by Sawada_21
Raising the Stakesby FinalxFantasy91
Edogawa Conan, a.k.a. Kudo Shinichi, has unfortunately run into a problem concerning a certain Phantom Thief. What do you do with a now shrunken jewel thief, especially...
The lonely bird (Shinkai) by NoraHanson1
The lonely bird (Shinkai)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* Thanks to a slip up of his, Kaito was forced to take the APTX 4869, yet just like the famous Kudo Shinichi shrunk into a child of merely 7 years. His mother...
From The Bottom Of My Heart [ Detective Conan Fanfiction ] by CielTenth
From The Bottom Of My Heart [ Dete...by CielTenth
Conan met with someone who was very mysterious. He is an unapproachable person that Conan himself cannot see through. Elias Hutton, a person who worked behind the scene...
Gosho Boys x Reader -fanfic- by DawnDaSunrise
Gosho Boys x Reader -fanfic-by Angie Da Dawn
This is just random out of boredom while writing another story- so this will be very lazy (or not, you never know) I take requests too! I will try my best ahahaha.. It i...
Magic Kaito 1412: Under the Moonlight by Lorelei_Midnight
Magic Kaito 1412: Under the Moonli...by popcorn boy
This is a Magic Kaito (Kuroba Kaito/Kaito Kid X Male Reader) fanfiction. If you have any requests, I will publish them as side chapters. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the char...
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito-Revealed by -EccentricPanda-
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito-Reveal...by Crowned Panda Captain
Warning: Will never be completed. When best friends Ran Mouri and Aoko Nakamori start to discover their childhood friends' secrets, they become involved in more complic...
Kaito Kid VS Joker (Kaito Kid X Reader) by SitiSakura
Kaito Kid VS Joker (Kaito Kid X Re...by Siti Sakura
Sakura : Hello, minna! Ohayou! This is my first time I make a fanfiction so, I hope you like it! ^-^ Synopsis (Updated) : This story is about you, (Y/N) Kudo sister of S...
Truth Revealed [Detective Conan](ON HOLD) by Maymthiri03
Truth Revealed [Detective Conan](O...by Maymthiri03
This author here is from the future and is gonna reveal Conan's identity. What will the others do?
[KaiShin] The Detective Who Just Can't Remember by IfLifeWasAGame
[KaiShin] The Detective Who Just C...by Life
It had been several months since the Black Organization had been taken down, and several months since Conan left the agency claiming that he had to go back to his family...
Our Little Home (Kaishin) by _LIAN_ZAVALA_
Our Little Home (Kaishin)by LOZIE HOODIE
An 'accident' that will change everything. To make this clear, I don't know where I'm going with this but I'll make it work. A fanfic where Kaito also gets a second chan...
So I Shoved Me And My Friends Into Detective Conan by Strawberry_The_One
So I Shoved Me And My Friends Into...by Strawberry _TheOne
So I was just watching Detective Conan and I was wondering what would happen if me and my friends, or who I refer to, "our friend group" were in Detective Cona...
Reincarnated into Detective Conan by Strawberry_The_One
Reincarnated into Detective Conanby Strawberry _TheOne
Come on and join me on my new life in Detective Conan. Disclaimer: I don't own basically anything, expect my own characters.
"Fragile Flower" {Detective Conan x Reader} by SnowlightLily
"Fragile Flower" {Detective Conan...by ARMY_Forever 13
Your actual image and name will be presented throughout the story. I will apologize early if it wasn't what you actually hope. I just get a little annoyed everytime I pu...