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30 DAYS WITH YOU  by Amyfinity_writes09
30 DAYS WITH YOU by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
Frances has a terminal illness and she wanted to spend her remaining days with the person that she really loves the most and it is jaydee.
Miss Popular Meet Miss Nobody  by Amyfinity_writes09
Miss Popular Meet Miss Nobody by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
Coleen was a nerd and an ugly one , her friends are Ella , Brei and Gabb. She was crying in the cr when she met Frances which is one of the popular ladies in her dream s...
IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS  by Amyfinity_writes09
IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
How can I let go the person that i love the most 💔 -IASWAK AMY Im lost and I don't know what is the way back to you 💔 - IASWAK COLEEN I will do everything to make you...
SHE'S MINE  by Amyfinity_writes09
SHE'S MINE by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
Gabrielle Skribikin also known as the most bully person in St. Walter University meet the transferee Ella Amat who is the only Child of the President of the America.
Last Thursday Night {hiatus} by luvlettersx
Last Thursday Night {hiatus}by girl in pink
After an eventful house party, nine very different yet similar kids find themselves tied to one another as an anonymous texter learns their secrets in a 'harmless' game...
Inlove with my gbf by kashi_18
Inlove with my gbfby kashi
This is a story between Gabb and Coleen, Coleen's friend, named Gabb, Gabb likes her but coleendoesnt know, this is all about giving space or boundaries to a person, and...