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LOVE , LIES WITHIN YOU (FRANDEESAL) by Amyfinity_writes09
Into You  by Potatoseby_
Into You by Dynasty
I love you but you can't love me back.
DARKNESS [Republished] by marengkars
Will Jemimah Caldejon be the light in Dana Brual's dark world? A PikaBabe story!!
Nobody Can Stop Us | Jaymy  by MNLOVES_17
Nobody Can Stop Us | Jaymy by Tiffany
Jaydee is a daughter of one of the richest person in the Philippines. Her family has a great enemy which is the family of Amy. This is my first time to make a story. Sor...
Until I Fall Inlove Again || FranDeeSal by Deiyn_L
Until I Fall Inlove Again || D E I Y N
I met you in a bad situation. You changed me until I fall inlove with you "Wipe her tears when I'm gone"-Frances "Nag pahinga na ang pahinga ko"-Jayd...
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL) by Amyfinity_writes09
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL)by Amy_finitywrites
Frances has a terminal illness and she wanted to spend her remaining days with the person that she really loves the most and it is jaydee.
YES OR NO ft. YzaCole  by Gatasowshie
YES OR NO ft. YzaCole by Gatasowshie
~YES OR NO~ This is inspired by Thai movie. I made the version from the movie I fell in love with but with some changes just to have a different plot with what the origi...
ICYMI: A History of the First Generation by Dairanto
ICYMI: A History of the First James Clifford Dalogdog
Alternate Title: MNL48 - The Ever-Sparkling Diamond The sixth official installment of the MNL48 - Manuel Novicio Lacuesta University high school series, it is a P-Pop-th...
She Changed Me || SeBy by Deiyn_L
She Changed Me || SeByby D E I Y N
What if you fall in love with a play girl. Is she willing to change for you? (A SeBy story) Date started: August 20, 2021 Date ended: May 21, 2022
Fixed Marriage✓[Republished] by marengkars
Fixed Marriage✓[Republished]by KARINA IBALIK MO PANTY KO
Coleen Trinidad was forced to marry the one and only Gabrielle Skribikin but unfortunately, Gabb has a girlfriend which is Francinne Rifol also known has Rans. Will Col...
COULD BE US (frandeesal) by _haizpriv
COULD BE US (frandeesal)by qwerty48
you can read if you want!
Kalopsia  by bubmopagodna48
Kalopsia by shyntll
Kalopsia English- As a combination of the Greek roots "kallos", meaning beauty, and "opsis", meaning sight (or "opos", meaning eyes), in E...
Shelice One Shots by milkfish_patronus
Shelice One Shotsby Alexis
Alice and Sheki both said their good nights, I love yous and goodbyes. Tomorrow is another day.
Blue Rabbits by dearlunaysol
Blue Rabbitsby Luna Y Sol
Charm is a member of the idol girl group, Cherry, managed by the Japanese company, Make It Entertainment (MINT). A chance encounter with her co-member, Lily, opens a Pan...
Your, Engineer. by GlebLeo
Your, ArsenyLeoooo
Pakibasa kung gusto mo hindi naman kita pinipilit.
School Council President is MINE by blue_catnicorn
School Council President is MINEby Gabgabwiyel
Random PikaBabe ft EMENEL CRACKS by Pressuredme
Random PikaBabe ft EMENEL CRACKSby Maki Little
Like seriously random, fake convos, oneshots (maybe) and whatnots.
So Inlove (FranDeesal Story) by ReginaArevaloCaraan
So Inlove (FranDeesal Story)by NeoCam_118
Is love enough? Can love conquer anything?
11:11, Make A Wish by kingharii
11:11, Make A Wishby
Everybody has its own wishes. Some wishes are those possible to happen, some are impossible. Amanda is a senior high student who's into a two-year relationship with his...
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT) by Amyfinity_writes09
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT)by Amy_finitywrites
Gabrielle Skribikin also known as the most bully person in St. Walter University meet the transferee Ella Amat who is the only Child of the President of the America.