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He Would Do Anything by SongbirdNightingale
He Would Do Anythingby Octavia Nightingale
Corey's biggest fangirl has been pestering him way to much lately. All she wants to do is go on a date with him. When she finds out he has a crush on Laney, she kidnaps...
my keeper | ashtray by idkwhatthisis3451
my keeper | ashtrayby 💌💌
maybe it had always been him.
The Monster (My Best Friend Eminem, My Husband Marshall Mathers) by VictorioushopesUCC
The Monster (My Best Friend Victoria
The Mathers Family is back! Marshall (Eminem) and Natalia are happily married and raising their kids together, Hailie, Laney, Whitney and Ronnie...but with the sweet com...
My Brothers Possessive  Best Friend  by Caitlinleanne48
My Brothers Possessive Best Caitlin
Finally we pulled up as my hand went to reach the handle the locks where clicked so it was useless."What the fuck Ryder" I snapped "look at me" he de...
Grojband | Reader Insert by I_Am_Heere_Sadly
Grojband | Reader Insertby Kamikaze
+Gender neutral pronouns used +Gendered chapters as well +Memes after chapter 1, but better stuff at chapter 3 and through out +Memes stop after One Plant Band because t...
Grojband Season 2!!!! by Nomie132
Grojband Season 2!!!!by °•☆Naomi☆•°
[Written: 2021 - 2023] What do you do when you're bored out of your mind and regret deleting an old book? Welp, that's the reason this book exists. I'm redoing my take...
Pan [Lost Boy Series #2] by Lightning_Stryker
Pan [Lost Boy Series #2]by Jay 👑
~*He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe, Believe in him and believe in me*~ ═════════════════════════════════════ A few years have passed and Laney R...
Grojband - The Movie by laneypennrules
Grojband - The Movieby Daisy✨
This not an official movie, if there was a movie I think it should be like this. Summary- This takes place after 'Hear Us Rock.' Everything goes fine until Laney starts...
Drunk Truth by Freelance360
Drunk Truthby Keem Scott
Laney finally decides to try to moove on from her crush, but something changes when they go to a party. Warning! contains Suggestive themes, ok, underage drinking, And C...
The Red Strokes by TheQuietHufflepuff
The Red Strokesby TheQuietHufflepuff
A hunt to a California town brings three together, reuniting two friends. But then tragedy strikes. Four people, two who are veterans of the life and two who are newco...
Grojband; Lost Memory by MayDreamer1
Grojband; Lost Memoryby What was my old name??
Corey and Trina are left shocked as their older brother, Kenton, returns. Memories return to Corey, as they turn from great to.. Horrible. Find out Corey's abusive pas...
Opposites Attract by MayDreamer1
Opposites Attractby What was my old name??
Kin Kujira has fallen. No.. Not that kind of fallen. He's fallen.. In love. With who you may ask? With his band's own bassist! Is it wrong to like her? Kin knows perfec...
Grojband: The Prequel  by epicbigs2004
Grojband: The Prequel by rip
Just a fanfic I wrote about what (in my imagination) happened before the show was shown. None of this is true, except for stuff like Corey's hair is naturally blue, blah...
MNL48 One Shots (closed) by gabbskribikin
MNL48 One Shots (closed)by [CLOSED]
•Open for request• Request Form: Ship: Plot: °Highest Story Rankings° #1 on #Dian #1 on #Coleen #1 on #Gabb #1 on #Sheki #1 on #Yzabel #1 on #Brei
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a Dash of blue by Deh_Computer_Twins
a Dash of blueby Screw & BooBooLeFoo
core is stuck in a deep sleep and everyone thinks he's dead. but when Laney tries out kins new device and it sends her to Corey's sleep land will she be able to save him...
grojband: three is a crowd! by _Stony_Spideypool_
grojband: three is a crowd!by Everlark'in_Joshifer
**very slow updates sorry** What happens when laney has news for Corey will it be good or bad? (Corey x Laney) Btw there are 4 chapters for now and chapter 3 I need a so...
(Grojband Corey X OC) Rock On Ruby by SniperDreemurr-_-
(Grojband Corey X OC) Rock On Rubyby Author-chan-_-ll
Ruby Syren, an amazing camera girl, and a tambourine player. Joining Grojband was the greatest thing that happened to her. (I will be writing things like in the episode...
Willingly Kidnapped {Discontinued} by inspiredby13
Willingly Kidnapped {Discontinued}by Sage Alysse
Emmalie is just a normal Directioner, that is, until a certain popstar falls for her. What will happen when him and his four bandmates capture her? Will she go along wit...