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IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued] by Lux_sejin
IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued]by Gabrielle
| Coleen is the daughter of the owner of TIU (Trinidad Immortals University) And is the second richest in the Philippines and there are vampires all their relatives are...
MY WISH UPON THE STARS  by Amyfinity_writes09
MY WISH UPON THE STARS by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
SeBy Sci-Fi Story :)) The worst feeling isn't being lonely , it's being forgotten by someone you've never forget.
SECRET LOVE  by mnloves03
SECRET LOVE by mnloves03
Basahin nyo nalang
AMNESIA by mnloves03
AMNESIAby mnloves03
sana magustohan nyo kahit magulo yung story
someone by mnloves03
someoneby mnloves03
Basahin nyo nalang din
I never go far away from you (COMPLETE) by mnloves03
I never go far away from you ( mnloves03
Kahit anong pag subok ang dumaan sa kanya hindi nya nagawang iwan ang pinaka mahal ng tao
MNL48 Series Book 1:Rewrite the Stars by Chococonutsx
MNL48 Series Book 1:Rewrite the Secret
Gabb (Gabrielle Skribikin), is a famous member of the dance club on their campus but one day she accidentally meet a simple,cute and beautiful girl named Coco (ColeenTr...
There's no destiny on us | Unicoco Fan Fiction by Secret_writer1992
There's no destiny on us | SW17
Coleen Trinidad is a famous and rich girl. One day, she got a dare from her group and that dare is to be Gabrielle Skribikin's girlfriend for 50 days. Coleen Agree to it...
MNL48 One Shots (closed) by gabbskribikin
MNL48 One Shots (closed)by [CLOSED]
•Open for request• Request Form: Ship: Plot: °Highest Story Rankings° #1 on #Dian #1 on #Coleen #1 on #Gabb #1 on #Sheki #1 on #Yzabel #1 on #Brei
Is Marriage Mandatory? by jasetamac
Is Marriage Mandatory?by JSeth Bluu
A young adult who's been living a happy-go-lucky life planned to stay single for life. Getting married is just a waste of time for her. However, the day came when fate...
Lifetime (Unicoco Story) by kleinW_loughrey
Lifetime (Unicoco Story)by Klein_Wyatt
"Don't be afraid to express your feelings to your love ones before it is to late" -Gabrielle Skribikin
Summer love by thatchergabb
Summer loveby thatchergabb
Gabriella bumped into a hella sexy fella, could Joe be the one?
Spin the bottle (Uniphant,becka,pikababe) by hamster_writes
Spin the bottle (Uniphant,becka, Hamie
This the game that will show feelings that is being hidden.
Always (MNL48 Uniphant x Giaphant) [SLOW UPDATE] by jeonheekkie
Always (MNL48 Uniphant x Giaphant) jeonheekkie
Ella's entire life revolved around books. As a consistent scholar in MNL High, she always makes sure to work her way up to the top. She was an attentive, diligent and re...
Loving Him Was Red (#1 Red Series) by vmdjzk
Loving Him Was Red (#1 Red Series)by Gabb
Airi and Vince are childhood bestfriends. But then, Airi needed to live in another place. After 10 years of being apart, the two of them met again in Maxxiler University...
To Gabbriel_alli._.riddle  by qt_mione
To Gabbriel_alli._.riddle by Hermione Gagu vers.
this is for alli since she is quitting rp...
Picking for the best This is choosing what is the best for the future or the choice of mistake
Fanfic Connect House by Peggau  by imnotgyovann
Fanfic Connect House by Peggau by imnotgyovann
Oii gente essa fic é do peggau essa é outra conta explicar pra vcs jaja N sei se vai ter hot se tiver teve é isso
Fixed Marriage✓[Republished] by marengkars
Fixed Marriage✓[Republished]by KARINA IBALIK MO PANTY KO
Coleen Trinidad was forced to marry the one and only Gabrielle Skribikin but unfortunately, Gabb has a girlfriend which is Francinne Rifol also known has Rans. Will Col...