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IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS ( Amy_finitywrites
How can I let go the person that i love the most 💔 -IASWAK AMY Im lost and I don't know what is the way back to you 💔 - IASWAK COLEEN I will do everything to make you...
Miss Popular Meet Miss Nobody (COCES) by Amyfinity_writes09
Miss Popular Meet Miss Nobody ( Amy_finitywrites
Coleen was a nerd and an ugly one , her friends are Ella , Brei and Gabb. She was crying in the cr when she met Frances which is one of the popular ladies in her dream s...
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL) by Amyfinity_writes09
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL)by Amy_finitywrites
Frances has a terminal illness and she wanted to spend her remaining days with the person that she really loves the most and it is jaydee.
MY DEAR AMANDA S1 (JAYMY) by Amyfinity_writes09
MY DEAR AMANDA S1 (JAYMY)by Amy_finitywrites
Kaya kayang putulin ni jaydee ang sumpa sa apat na henerasyon , na bunga ng pagkamatay ng mga minamahal ng unang anak , unang apo , unang apo sa tuhod at unang apo sa ta...
FOOL FOR YOU by rainbowsinmind
"One of the hardest things to deal with is being secretly inlove with your bestfriend." A Frandeesal ft. Uniphant and Lamy Fanfiction
Fix You by SleepyPanda95
Fix Youby MinasDaddy
Two souls, two broken souls. Will they be able to fix each other or be broken even more?
Nobody Can Stop Us | Jaymy  by MNLOVES_17
Nobody Can Stop Us | Jaymy by Tiffany
Jaydee is a daughter of one of the richest person in the Philippines. Her family has a great enemy which is the family of Amy. This is my first time to make a story. Sor...
Until Your Last Breath (FRANDEESAL) by bdth_xv
Until Your Last Breath (FRANDEESAL)by >>
what if the person you love the most suddenly disappears, the person you consider the world, will you still fight? or will you give up? well I? I'll fight even more beca...
Until I Fall Inlove Again || FranDeeSal by Deiyn_L
Until I Fall Inlove Again || D E I Y N
I met you in a bad situation. You changed me until I fall inlove with you "Wipe her tears when I'm gone"-Frances "Nag pahinga na ang pahinga ko"-Jayd...
Unexpected love by JewelNics48
Unexpected loveby JewelNics48
What if a bully fell in love? A bully fell in love with her enemy. End Game BreiSil or LaBrei?
Coces Loverby Cocotyang❤😭
Sana Supportahan nyoko kahit hindi ko alam story HAHAHA Pansensya Huhuhu Goodbless stay safe always😘☺❤
COULD BE US (frandeesal) by _haizpriv
COULD BE US (frandeesal)by qwerty48
you can read if you want!
Falling For My Best Friend  by WilsonTrinidad
Falling For My Best Friend by Coleen
2 Best Friends Falling Inlove // CoCes
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT) by Amyfinity_writes09
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT)by Amy_finitywrites
Gabrielle Skribikin also known as the most bully person in St. Walter University meet the transferee Ella Amat who is the only Child of the President of the America.
Unang Sayaw by gnvrfth
Unang Sayawby cj
Jaydee and Frances are both surviving on their illnesses, both have no will to live. Will they let their sickness kill them or they will be each others reason to live?
This is One shot story that Gabb likes Coleen and she can't confess to Coleen because they're friends since elementary. Let's find out their story.
The Chance by dongxdong14
The Chanceby xxyanjul
Hey.. Comeback plss I hate you You leave me first Cheating secret Angel man Old angel Sucrifice Angel
CLASS 12-01 by chaengcubror
CLASS 12-01by Son Chaeyoung<33
Frandeesal, Uniphant, Seby, Labrei, Shelice, Colaney, Cocotyang, Becka, Pikababe and many more.
It was just a dream by Llyssa88
It was just a dreamby Lytta|Lyssa
have you ever dreamed and then when you wake up you still remember it? dreams do come true, Imaginations can happen ©️alright reserved