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Until I Fall Inlove Again || FranDeeSal by Deiyn_L
Until I Fall Inlove Again || D E I Y N
I met you in a bad situation. You changed me until I fall inlove with you "Wipe her tears when I'm gone"-Frances "Nag pahinga na ang pahinga ko"-Jayd...
Hope We Can Be Together by mackeerights
Hope We Can Be Togetherby mackee
I don't know what to write here but let's just say na this is a product of my playful mind haha. The story will just revolve around the life of Abby and Sela. They're b...
My bestfriend who became my lover(Seby) by MNL_SUPPORTER
My bestfriend who became my lover( Xy Skribikin
Should i say what i feel about her or should i hide this forever....
Double Maker Become Lover ( Cocotyang / Frandeesal )  by COCOTYANG
Double Maker Become Lover ( Mj GAMING Vlogs
Follow my First Account dito @ESTELAOLIVEROS
𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑴𝑶𝑹𝑬 𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑪𝑬 ✓ (𝘜 hwang bils
She lost a childhood friend, and they vowed to visit at the park whenever they wanted for whatever many days she didn't show up. The girl who lost his buddy's name is Ga...
Coces Loverby Cocotyang❤😭
Sana Supportahan nyoko kahit hindi ko alam story HAHAHA Pansensya Huhuhu Goodbless stay safe always😘☺❤
This is One shot story that Gabb likes Coleen and she can't confess to Coleen because they're friends since elementary. Let's find out their story.
#RealityHigh by taeyeon__jjang
#RealityHighby Taeyeon Jjang
Do you want to be popular? What does being famous mean to you? Fame, Money or Love? Take your pick. Witness how social media affects how people socialize and treat other...
The Chance by dongxdong14
The Chanceby xxyanjul
Hey.. Comeback plss I hate you You leave me first Cheating secret Angel man Old angel Sucrifice Angel
MAKATA [MAhal KAng TApat] // UniCoco (ft. FD) by _Namii19
MAKATA [MAhal KAng TApat] //
Basahin niyo nalang po😁
Rainbow Series: RED (GiaPhant) by eminel_48
Rainbow Series: RED (GiaPhant)by SelaTin Shipper
Love isn't always sunshine and rainbows, most of the time it's like rain and thunder. "I do", words that I was dreading to hear in to our wedding day. Now here...
Manila | Coleen MNL48 (Fanfiction) by BRK_LSS
Manila | Coleen MNL48 (Fanfiction)by BRK_LSS
Cold hearted Malcolm Rivera falls for Coleen Trinidad of MNL48. Will he be able to fight for their love? taglish includes badwords
FADED by JeVanoy48
FADEDby JeVanoy fortieyt
Give love and to be loved is the greatest feeling ever not unless you feel one sided
us(uniphant) by hutaru600
us(uniphant)by hutaru600
gabbrielle skribikin x Ella Amat..hope you enjoy minna san~~
Our Playlist by user192798
Our Playlistby lei
What happens when the popular girl catches feelings for the new student? giaphant au :)
Always (MNL48 Uniphant x Giaphant) [SLOW UPDATE] by jeonheekkie
Always (MNL48 Uniphant x Giaphant) jeonheekkie
Ella's entire life revolved around books. As a consistent scholar in MNL High, she always makes sure to work her way up to the top. She was an attentive, diligent and re...
Will you still love the person even if she broke your heart many times? A/N: Give this story a try, please hehe.
Falling For My Best Friend  by WilsonTrinidad
Falling For My Best Friend by Coleen
2 Best Friends Falling Inlove // CoCes
LET GO by JeVanoy48
LET GOby JeVanoy fortieyt
A one shot au starring mnl48 jem, mnl48 dana and mnl48 ella. Hanggang kailan mo kayang di bumitaw, sa isang taong nakakulong pa sa nakaraan? Paano kung napagod ka na? Su...