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Hope We Can Be Together by mackeerights
Hope We Can Be Togetherby mackee
I don't know what to write here but let's just say na this is a product of my playful mind haha. The story will just revolve around the life of Abby and Sela. They're b...
FATED TO LOVE YOU (COCORANS) by Amyfinity_writes19
Rans was a billionaire's daughter while coleen is a poor woman who does something illegal just to earn for a living.
My bestfriend who became my lover(Seby) by MNL_SUPPORTER
My bestfriend who became my lover( Xy Skribikin
Should i say what i feel about her or should i hide this forever....
Playful Kiss by ranshiself
Playful Kissby ʀᴀɴsHi
Replaying is tiring, Can we play something new? Seby ff. xx Kelsie Selene. [Replays of a Dissentient book 2]
Manila | Coleen MNL48 (Fanfiction) by BRK_LSS
Manila | Coleen MNL48 (Fanfiction)by BRK_LSS
Cold hearted Malcolm Rivera falls for Coleen Trinidad of MNL48. Will he be able to fight for their love? taglish includes badwords
Falling For My Best Friend  by WilsonTrinidad
Falling For My Best Friend by Coleen
2 Best Friends Falling Inlove // CoCes
Generation : 48 by Rei_Ryuu
Generation : 48by Rei_Ryuu
Two Rival schools Two Rival Group. How will they upheld each other's role and honor without compromising their feelings? Credits to @Meryl_Nine2Hayt for the poster
Francinne by katiwasayan
Francinneby Charmander Mae
Gabb stays by Rans' side as the latter chases for her dreams.
Unexpected love by JewelNics48
Unexpected loveby JewelNics48
What if a bully fell in love? A bully fell in love with her enemy. End Game BreiSil or LaBrei?
Blue Neighborhood by ranshiself
Blue Neighborhoodby ʀᴀɴsHi
Never knew loving could hurt this good.
Star-Crossed by cookiesandcream0913
Star-Crossedby cookies and cream
Sela hated her life. She hated her life so much that she wishes to die and just be reincarnated. But not until she experienced being in the verge of death. 'I don't want...
MY WISH UPON THE STARS (SEBY) by Amyfinity_writes19
SeBy Sci-Fi Story :)) The worst feeling isn't being lonely , it's being forgotten by someone you've never forget.